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Best Boba Places in Baltimore

Anyone a Baltimore Ravens fan here? 

We figured some of our followers and readers might be a fan! 

Anywho, what makes Baltimore special (especially the boba tea side of things)? Well let’s dive right in to find out. We’ll mention all the best boba places in Baltimore here so don’t you worry. Before we begin though, if you didn’t know, Talk Boba is the best resource for all boba related things. We don’t want to boast here, but we have the most engaging boba community ever and it shows on our Instagram! 

To be more specific, we write boba recipes, best boba places (like this article), boba flavors and more. If there’s a question about bubble tea that you have, more than likely we’ve answered it already. 

Enough about us, let’s dive head first into the best boba places in Baltimore together. Continue reading below.

Wow Café 

Located in The Apartments at Charles Plaza Food Court and is owned by a Chinese couple Chang and Yin, who both had a dream of a better future. 

Once they saw an opportunity, they grabbed it and made their dream into reality. Every day, they do their very best in running the business, doing their all with passion and discipline. This very reason is why the food and drinks they serve are of excellent quality. 

Here at Wow Café, not only will you be satisfied with the authentic Chinese-Taiwanese cuisine, but you will get to taste authentic boba bubble tea. Give a try to some of these flavors if you’re around town. Ginger Milk Tea, Sesame Milk Tea, and Matcha (one of our go-to favorites). 


Tastea is one of the most popular boba shops in the US. My goodness, whenever I hear tastea’s bubble tea my cravings start to get the best of us. 

They have a long list of flavors and add-ons. They categorize their drinks by specialteas, seasonal, simpliciteas, premium simpliciteas, and milk teas. Don’t even get us started with the add-ons, they have egg pudding, longan, aloe vera, coconut jelly, boba, honey boba, lychee, jack fruit and so much more to choose from. Because of the long list of drinks, I would just do eenie meenie miney mo, and never do we regret that decision because whatever drink or flavor we land upon, it always tasted delicious.  

Afters Café

Another one of my favorite lists of cafés in the Baltimore area, this café specializes in desserts. They sell pastries, coffee, bubble tea, and frozen yogurt. The service here is really quick, but the seating is minimal, a few couches and a few two people tables. The parking is not that bad either, although the only available space is off-street. 

Anyhow, this café will always be on the list of the best boba shops in Baltimore. If you happen to like boba tea but don’t really have a sweet tooth for it, you can always grab the Earl Gray Milk tea, the taste is spot-on, not too bland and not too sweet!  

Koba Café

Koba café came to be when Adama, a part-time barista as well as a civil engineering student, realized that he has a passion for working with people and making them happy. He decided to start his own café, Koba. His café has been well established in the city and the locals love him and Koba, its friendly, family loving atmosphere is what drives people to this place, a community of food and bubble tea lovers gather here every day. 

Students find this the perfect place where they can kick back, relax and study. Must try teas are Chai Latte, African Elixir, and Pumpkin Spice. If you’re a fan of pumpkin spice, give it a try, we’re sure you’ll find your next go-to flavor. 

Kung Fu Tea

Many cannot get enough of what Kung Fu Tea serves. Especially with their boba pearls or tapioca pearls. The texture here at Kung Fu Tea and their bubbles are consistent, the right chewiness, and of course tasty! 

Literally, if you drop it on the floor it will bounce, they cooked it perfectly, not raw, not overcooked, just right. It’s so soft and chewy, and each bite leaves you that distinct flavor. 

The bubble tea, you asked? 

We love love love Ginger Milk tea, it’s so refreshing, and it provides health benefits. Did you know that ginger improves digestion, reduces the risk of cancer and boosts our immune system?  

Now that we have featured the best bubble tea in the city of Baltimore, why not try boba bubble tea for once and become part of Baltimore’s bubble tea history? For more boba recommendations and suggestions please check us out @talkboba and don’t forget to browse our shop for boba items such as our custom pins.

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