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Boba flavors across the world.

The world has so many bubble tea or boba flavors, browse all the ones we found. See  generic to unique flavors specific to boba shops across the world!

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Find your boba flavor.

Find the right bubble tea or boba flavor that’s right for you and maybe plan your next trip with friends. Nothing’s better than boba with good company!

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Make bubble tea at home.

As you browse the different delicious bubble tea flavors below, find the full recipe and make it from scratch at home. Find some friends and have a boba making party at home!

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

Otherwise known as Lai Cha, Pantyhose Tea or Black Milk Tea. Typically made from brewed black tea & evaporated milk or condensed milk. This creamy milk tea has the perfect balance of subtle flavors and creamy textures. Perfect for the newest bubble tea drinker.

Thai Iced Milk Tea

Ever wondered what that orange milk tea beverage is, this is it. Thai iced milk tea. Bold in flavor and simple to make. Generally has a more fragrant taste compared to traditional black milk tea with milky consistency. Definitely amongst the classics! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed! 

Taro Milk Tea

If you want a sugary bubble tea, this is the one. With flavors similar to vanilla bean, this deep purple bubble tea is great to balance any time you find yourself in a salty situation. With slight hints of taro and a milky consistency, you’ll find yourself snacking a lot with this boba flavor.

Oolong Milk Tea

Full of powerful flavors, milk tea made with freshly brewed oolong tea is one of a kind. Based on the oxidization process of this tea, you may experience floral or earthy flavors. On top of that, you’ll experience sweet after tastes or a robust tea flavor after each sip.

Honeydew Bubble Tea

Elegantly smooth & refreshing, the honey dew bubble tea can be made as a smoothie or a light subtly tasteful drink on a hot summer day. With fresh honeydew & chewy boba pearls at the bottom, you’ll quench your thirst and feel REALLY refreshed as if you bit into a sweet melon.

Mango Bubble Tea

Extremely refreshing and delicious, the mango bubble tea is a staple in the Asian community. Some even think it’s better than the watermelon bubble tea! With it’s rich texture and delicious tangy fruity flavor the mango bubble tea is perfect for a hot summer day. 

Strawberry Bubble Tea

Light. Refreshing. Sweet. Delicious. What more can you ask for in a bubble tea? The strawberry bubble is everything we just said and more. With the right balance of sweetness, tart and flavor, the strawberry bubble tea is strong contender and pairs well with almost any asian cuisine.

Vietnamese Coffee

Full of robust medium roasted coffee, this beverage is typically served with a glass of ice for a refreshing caffeinated quench. Sweetened by condensed milk to provide a delightful taste and texture, Viet coffee is the perfect drink after a big meal. Or if you’re super tired! 

Want to feature one of your new or unique flavors?

This ever growing list of flavors is a chance for any new bubble tea drinker to find out what is the best bubble tea or boba flavor that’s right for them. Or it’s for you boba veterans that want to see if there is anything new in the market you haven’t tried yet! 

With the details in each card, you’re bound to find a flavor that suits you best. In addition to generic flavors of bubble tea, you may find some very unique flavors that may be boba shop specific, holiday specials, seasonal offerings and more. 

Whipped Matcha with Boba Pearls

Everything matcha milk tea has to offer but with fluffy textures. The whipped matcha tastes similar to any matcha milk tea or latte but the fluffiness element makes it fun and definitely pic worthy. 

Whipped Coffee with Boba Pearls

Use any coffee you want and make your drink fluffy. It’s easy to make whipped coffee (Dalgona coffee) but it’s exciting when you can have fluffy cloud-like foam to top it all off. 

Red Bean Milk Tea

Ever have red bean drinks or desserts? This is very similar. With sweet red bean paste you can milk very delicious red bean milk tea. Fair warning it might be your new favorite after you give it a try. Sweet and creamy!

Caramel Milk Tea

Is traditional black milk tea your favorite? Maybe try a slight variation with caramel milk tea instead. It’s all the same except with caramel added. It adds another element and depth of flavor that can be addicting and worth the try. 

Matcha Milk Tea

This green milk tea is full of subtle flavors with a silky consistency. Depending on what boba shop or cafe, you’ll be able to experience authentic matcha tea and what the craze is about. With notes of sweetness and robust flavors, this is a must try if you’re a new boba fanatic.

Lychee Bubble Tea

With it’s perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, adding lychee into a bubble tea or milk tea beverage is a no brainer. Some say that it tastes like a tart grape and we’d have to agree! Few members of the team enjoy this so much they have it almost weekly, if you’re looking for a new flavor to try, this might be the one for you.

Avocado Smoothie with Boba Pearls

Avocado smoothie? Yes. Surprisingly this smoothie is very popular amongst many. You might not think it’d be good but with it’s silky texture and satisfying sweetness you won’t need to think twice about this boba flavor! Typically it’s served without boba pearls but can we be honest for a second? Adding the boba pearls adds that extra element that’s hard to resist!

Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Do we really have to get into this boba flavor? The brown sugar milk tea took the boba industry by storm! With it’s unique sweetness and nutty notes, it’s no wonder that this milk tea flavor gained so much popularity. Plus, the way boba cafes make it looks so cool! It’s the perfect boba flavor for your next instagram photo. 

Earl Grey Milk Tea

If you didn’t know, earl grey tea is infused with some bergamot oils and what this does is give it a great aroma and taste profile. This boba flavor became increasingly popular as it was different than your traditional black milk tea. It has flavors similar to black tea but with a slight floral note to it, making it worth the try for something unique! 

Strawberry Matcha with Boba Pearls

The bitterness from fresh authentic matcha, tartness from the very fresh strawberries and creaminess from the milk all combined together make one beautiful and delicious drink! If you’re a standalone matcha fan, you’ll have to give this a try. There’s no other flavor profile quite like this! It’s actually a very popular boba flavor amongst the team! 

Winter Melon Milk Tea

For those of you that know how amazing and delicious winter melon soup is, you’ll have the same assumption with this boba flavor. With it’s delicate earthy taste and depth of flavor, this is truly a unique boba flavor worth trying! Not many places create this boba flavor with fresh ingredients but if you find one that does, take advantage of that opportunity! 

Blue Matcha Latte

Blue matcha is very similar to your matcha green teas or lattes in your favorite boba cafes or coffee shops, with one slight difference. It’s made from the Clitoria ternatea plant so it has a slightly different flavor profile. Usually more sweet and less earthy than your traditional matcha, this pairs well with salty foods. Try it out for yourself!

Iced Cranberry White Tea

The iced cranberry white tea isn’t one of the most popular types of teas out there but we believe it deserves the recognition like many others. With it’s delightful and refreshing taste, it becomes a fan favorite very fast! Having a linear flavor profile allows the cranberry white tea to pair with tapioca pearls or jelly easily. Have a taste with a full recipe guide here!

Iced Peach Green Tea with Jelly

No flavor is more iconic than a great green tea. How can you possibly better the already great existing flavor of it? What about adding some fruity elements to the robust and depth of flavor? Just imagine on a hot day you’re sipping on an iced peach green tea, sounds great doesn’t it? With the right amount of sweetness and flavor, it’s one of our favorites!

Rose Milk Tea

If you’re into floral teas than this is the bubble tea for you! The rose milk tea has a beautiful and elegant taste that’s perfect for a quiet morning. Made with fresh black tea and rose water, there’s nothing quite like this flavor. The floral and earthy flavor profile makes this bubble tea very satisfying in a delicate manner, try it for yourself! 

Ginger Milk Tea

If you’re looking for a little bit of spice elements in your milk tea, the ginger milk tea might be the right one for you. It’s just like your typical hong kong style milk tea or black milk tea but with a kick! Fresh ginger root is used for making this milk tea and it adds an element of spice that is unique but quite soothing for you. Great for the winter and colder months too.

Almond Milk Tea

Almond milk tea is very similar to your classic Hong Kong style milk tea or black milk tea. The only difference is that you’re adding almond milk to the mix. If you enjoy the flavor and benefits of almond milk, you might like this a lot. 

Hokkaido Milk Tea

Hokkaido milk tea is more rich and creamy milk tea than most. With the use of Hokkaido milk produced in Japan, you will have a mouth-coating experience when sipping on Hokkaido milk tea. Add a spoonful of brown sugar soaked boba pearls and you have a very delicious milk tea.