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How to Make Blue Matcha

There’s such thing as blue matcha? Yes of course!

We’ve been seeing so many blue matcha photos on Instagram that we couldn’t resist making our own recipe for our awesome audience and boba community. After all, we’re here to talk about boba right? 

If you don’t know too much about blue matcha, be sure to check out exactly what blue matcha is here. If you’d rather stick around, that’s okay too! Blue matcha tastes kind of like a sweet green matcha without much of the earthy flavor profile. A lot of people describe the taste similar to green matcha, just less bitter. It goes great with smoothies, acai bowls and matcha lattes (exactly what you’ll be learning how to make today down below). 

Let’s go ahead and learn more about blue matcha and how to make it below shall we? How to make blue matcha at home.👇

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Prep Time

10 Minutes

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Cook Time

10 Minutes

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Total Time

20-25 Minutes

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1-2 Servings

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Blue Matcha

How to Make Blue Matcha Latte

Step 1

Let’s get the exact ingredients and tools we need, shall we? Starting with the ingredients let’s grab ourselves the actual blue matcha powder. There are many brands you can choose from but here are the top 3 brands of blue matcha powder we think taste amazing:, Suncore Foods and Sou Zen. Read more on these brands here! The next ingredient we’ll need is the creamer, you can choose any creamer or milk you prefer but we found that it’s great to have either regular 2% milk or oat milk for this recipe. The next ingredient we’ll need to incorporate is brown sugar syrup or maple syrup (we like to use brown sugar syrup if you were curious). And last but not least, boba pearls or tapioca pearls, it would be a Talk boba recipe without them right? 

Now for the tools, to whisk up the perfect blue matcha you’ll want to grab yourself a bamboo whisk and matcha bowl. We’ve written an in-depth guide on what tools to get for matcha if you’re interested. 

We’ll also need a pot to store our water or you can use an electric kettle if you want this process to be faster! We know, time is of the essence sometimes… Oh, we can’t forget about the measuring cups too, unless you have them already, in that case, we’re set to begin! 

Step 2

We’ll be using an electric water kettle for this because we believe the majority of our readers will rather use this approach. Start by pouring 4-6 cups of water into your water kettle and press that button for it to boil! (It’s so simple we love it!) 

While your water is getting ready to boil, on the side we’re going to get a pot of water ready to boil for our tapioca pearls actually, yes on the stove. Grab a pot like this, and pour 4-6 cups of water into it as well, bringing it to a rumbling boil. 

Now it’s all about the waiting game. While you wait, you can whisk up for your blue matcha from any of the brands we’ve mentioned. You should have a good froth of blue matcha just like normal green matcha when you’re done whisking. 

By now your water should be done boiling in the kettle and your water should be ready to go for your tapioca pearls. Place 1/4 cup of tapioca pearls into the pot and let it boil for 10-15 minutes or until your preferred chewiness. 

Step 3

While your tapioca pearls are boiling for its delicious softness, we can make our brown sugar syrup. Making brown sugar syrup is very simple, all you need is water and brown sugar. That’s it! Typically we like doing a 1:1 ratio with brown sugar to water if you want your sugar to be more concentrated feel free to decrease the amount of water you use. 

Grab your favorite small pot and bring the heat to medium, pour both the ingredients (water and brown sugar) and keep mixing thoroughly until you get a syrup like texture. The best part about this is that you begin to smell the molasses, it’s very soothing! 

Step 4

Once everything is cooked up and ready to go, we can begin assembling the blue matcha and all its goodness! Starting with the tapioca pearls, mix it up with the brown sugar you’ve made from scratch and add 1/4 cup of tapioca pearls into your favorite boba cup. After this, you can simply add your whisked up 1/2 cup blue matcha into the cup as well. 

Last but not least, you just have to top it off with 1.5/4 cup of your favorite milk or creamer, like we mentioned before we’re adding oat milk here. If you want to get fancy here you can add your own cheese foam on top but if not, you’re all done! 

Give it a good mix and drink up the beautiful blue matcha. Yum! Share this recipe with your friends and make a blue matcha party out of it. Thanks for reading with us and we hope you enjoy our other recipes here too. 

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