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What is Blue Matcha?

You searched blue matcha in google and landed here. We’re here to answer your all of the questions you have about blue matcha.

You might’ve found yourself searching through instagram or even pinterest and stumbled upon an image that suggested it was blue matcha? If you did and you wanted to learn more about what blue matcha is, we’re here to explain it to you in the most digestible way possible. Just as easy as if you were to sip on your favorite boba flavor.

Blue Matcha

Blue matcha is very similar to the ever-popular green matcha tea that you enjoy at your local favorite café or boba shop. There are many similarities between regular green matcha and blue matcha. For one, their fine powder like form is almost identical. Also, they both are made by grinding up loose leaf teas into a very fine powder. What a coincidence! 

Now, the difference between blue matcha and ordinary green matcha only comes down to the tea leaf it is processed from. In your typical matcha tea, camellia sinensis plants are harvested and plucked from high quality matcha farms. For blue matcha, Clitoria ternatea plants are harvested and plucked to create the aesthetic blue matcha powder that we see on in social media and other sites. Check out one of the drinks here if you don’t know what it looks like. 

Is It Safe to Drink Blue Matcha? 


Blue matcha in a nutshell is like any other matcha powder that you find in the tea industry. It’s made from grounded up plant leaves that are harvested and plucked at certain times, just like green matcha. It might not be the same plant used from regular green matcha, but it sure has a very familiar experience to it. 

Blue matcha made from the Clitoria ternatea plant will have its own unique and even similar benefits as to regular matcha tea. Some of the benefits you get from drinking blue matcha include the stabilization of blood sugar levels and even stabilization of your metabolism! So, if you want to consider fixing your metabolism after a long vacation trip, this might be the go-to drink for you! By the way, where would you go for a boba trip outside of your town? 

Butterfly Pea Tea

Some of you might be wondering, isn’t this just butterfly pea tea? Yes, you’re absolutely correct! The thing that makes it blue matcha is the fact that it is grounded up into a powder. Typical teas made with butterfly pea tea will simply use loose leaf teas, which give the same blue effect but it’s not entirely the same. Just like how regular matcha is grounded up green tea leaves, blue matcha is grounded up butterfly pea tea leaves. Makes sense right? 

Other names for blue matcha are: blue tea, butterfly pea tea (obviously), blue pea and Asian pigeon wings tea to name a few. 

Where Can I Buy Blue Matcha?

There are a couple of places where you can buy blue matcha actually. Don’t worry, we’ll help you out! There are only a few companies that actually specialize in this, let’s find out who some of them are below! 

Sou Zen Blue Matcha Powder

Pridefully using only the best and highest quality ingredients, Sou Zen’s blue matcha or butterfly pea tea powder is one to keep at the top of the list. They recommend to use this in more than just your typical tea too! Think smoothies, cookies and more. They really like the idea of versatility in their products, and we can’t argue with that! Try it for yourself by clicking here. 

Matcha.Blue Matcha Powder

This brand highly specializes in blue matcha, it’s actually one of the best products that they sell. Find it here. You’ll learn a lot more about blue matcha or butterfly pea tea by reading about how they process their blue powder and more! We’ve given this a try about 1 month ago and it was definitely delicious. 

Suncore Foods Blue Matcha 

Boasting all organic and no artificial ingredients, Suncore Foods takes the throne in producing a very high quality blue matcha or butterfly pea tea powder. If you’re thinking about giving blue matcha taste soon, try this brand out for sure. We’re looking to get this stocked into our office really soon. 

Thinking about giving this blue matcha or butterfly pea tea powder a try now? Your Instagram feed will definitely enjoy it for sure! Let us know if you end up trying this, maybe we’ll add a full recipe guide on how to make blue matcha or how to make butterfly pea tea boba. Think we should? 

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