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What is Ceremonial Grade Matcha?

Ceremonial grade matcha is a matcha that is of the highest quality grade that you can find. Typically sourced from the most respectable matcha or green tea farms in Japan, ceremonial grade matcha is harvested and plucked for casual or fine drinking without any other additives like milk or sweetener. Being the highest grade of matcha, the flavor profile is slightly bitter and earthy while fully encompassing the matcha essence, mixed with a pleasant sweetness. 

Let’s learn more about ceremonial matcha shall we? 

What is Ceremonial Grade Matcha?

Where does Ceremonial Matcha Come From? 

Ceremonial matcha, and all other grades of matcha, including culinary matcha, come from the same plant known as the camellia sinensis plant. What you’ll find interesting is that this plant is used to make many other favorite teas like black tea, oolong tea, white tea, green tea and a few others. Let’s just say this plant is very popular in the tea world!  

Also, like we mentioned above, ceremonial matcha and many other grades of matcha originate from popular tea farms in Japan. Many high quality matcha brands such as Encha will source their matcha from passionate farmers in provinces like Kyoto and a few others. If you have a chance to ever visit a matcha farm and all its glory, be sure to take that opportunity. These farms are so well kept it’s quite satisfying and interesting to learn how it’s all operated!

What is Ceremonial Grade Used For? 

Ceremonial grade matcha is used like many other grades of matcha, to eventually consume. The difference between this grade of matcha and other grades like culinary matcha, is that when you consume this, it is to be consumed without any other additives. The reason why it’s not advised to add any other ingredients like milk or sweeteners to ceremonial matcha is because the flavor will be diluted greatly. It is great as it is! 

Ceremonial grade matcha does not have the robust bitterness as other matcha grades, it’s actually more subtle in flavor and has a sweeter flavor profile to it. This makes it great to consume as is rather than other types of matcha grades. 

The reason for this mild flavor is due to what part of the camellia sinensis plant is plucked and the maturity of that portion. Usually you’ll find matcha farmers plucking the top portion of the camellia sinensis plant, the younger part of the plant. Sourcing the young part of the plant before a certain time is what provides the subtlety in flavors known as the ceremonial matcha grade. 

Typically you’ll find more bitter grades of matcha to be used with other ingredients like milk and sweeteners. Here’s some popular ceremonial matcha brands we like to drink from time to time: Jade Leaf, Matcha Konomi and Kenko Tea

What is Ceremonial Grade Matcha?

Will You Try Some Ceremonial Matcha Now?

Let us know! We’re curious what you think about ceremonial matcha. If you’re interested in learning what other matcha grades there are, be sure to check out our popular article here. Be sure to share with your friends that are matcha addicts too! We’re all matcha addicts here at Talk Boba. We’ll catch everyone next time, join 40,000+ boba lovers here too! 

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