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9 Different Types of Popular Milk Used in Bubble Tea and Boba

There are a lot of milk and dairy alternatives popularly used in bubble tea or boba. After searching for the most popular types of milk in bubble tea, we’ve decided to write up a list for you.

Generally, bubble tea or boba, (what do you call it actually?) has some sort of milk or creamer in it. It’s an essential ingredient to the delicious Taiwanese drink.

With all the alternatives to milk or dairy nowadays…what tends to be the most popular? You have almond milk, regular milk, oat milk, and more!

Here’s a sneak peek to all the different types of milk or dairy popular in bubble tea we reference below.

  • Whole milk
  • Oat milk
  • Almond milk
  • 2% Milk
  • Skim milk
  • Hokkaido milk
  • Soy milk
  • Organic milk
  • Coconut milk

Maybe this will inspire you to try a new alternative of milk too!

Whole Milk

Whole Milk

We know what you’re thinking, you could’ve of thought of this already… and you’re right! Whole milk is a no brainer when it comes to a milk or creamer base for bubble tea.

Many boba cafes or shops will use this type of milk because of its texture. The high fat content in whole milk provides a nice creamy and soft texture for bubble tea or boba.

We just had to include it. Of course, it’s one of the most popular, especially if it’s one of the most used types of milk in general.

By the way, what is your favorite boba flavor?

Oat Milk

Oat Milk

Now, this.

This is a different and increasingly popular alternative to your go-to boba and bubble tea.

Many modern boba cafes or boba shops will have oat milk as a milk or creamer option. Oat milk is especially in your favorite urban cities like New York City, San Francisco, Toronto, etc.

The taste of oat milk is kind of hard to explain if you haven’t tried it before. To paint the picture, the taste can be described as similar to cow’s milk but noticeably sweeter. It’s also not as thick or creamy as cow’s milk can be. This is due to the lower fat content in oat milk compared to regular dairy or cow’s milk.

With that said, bubble tea with oat milk may or may not have a less creamy texture. Which isn’t that bad actually, if it still tastes amazing (which it does).

Give it a try, some popular oat milk brands are Oatly and Califia Farms. We’ve tried both and can’t decide which one is truly better. If you have trouble choosing which one to try, we recommend reading what we think is the best oat milk.

Almond Milk

Almond Milk

Another great alternative to change up your boba drinking experience, almond milk.

Its flavor profile is nutty and sweet. And you can imagine, almond milk provides such a unique taste to your bubble tea.

With a quality almond milk, you will actually taste the nuttiness between each sip. There’s nothing like it!

The best part about almond milk besides its delicious taste is its health benefits. Almond milk helps with bone strength, is low in calories, and has lots of vitamins!

Here are 3 popular almond milk brands that we enjoy from time to time: Almond Breeze, Silk, and Elmhurst. Read our in-depth article about how almond milk tastes like if you’re curious.

2% Milk

2% Milk

If you don’t like your bubble tea too creamy, 2% milk might be your best friend! Some of us have 2% milk as our go-to creamer for boba.

It has enough fat content to mix with the rest of the ingredients in your favorite bubble tea flavor. But it doesn’t make your bubble tea or boba too dense and creamy.

Some people don’t like how creamy some boba cafes create their boba to be. If you’re that person, like we said, 2% milk is something you should try if you haven’t already.

There’s a big difference in textures between regular whole milk vs 2% milk.

Skim Milk

Skim Milk

If you’re watching your calories or fat intake, this can be the perfect type of milk for your bubble tea.

Otherwise known as non-fat milk. Skim milk retains all the nutrients you’d want from whole milk or 2% milk but removes the fat content.

Unfortunately, it lacks a creamy texture with the absence of fat. But it still has the same yummy flavor when added to your favorite cup of bubble tea or boba.

If you’re addicted to boba but you’re watching your figure for that summer body, this must be your go-to milk alternative.

Hokkaido Milk

Hokkaido milk is famously used around in Japanese regions. If you’re lucky enough to live around the area where it is produced and processed, you’ll know that Hokkaido milk is superior to most.

It is very much your traditional dairy milk or cow’s milk but the texture is noticeably different.

Hokkaido milk is described as more creamy and mouth-coating than other dairies. This is mainly due to the high-fat content but also how the cow’s themselves are raised. Cows typically raised in farms that produce Hokkaido milk are stress-free and the happiest of cows.

Hokkaido milk is also popularly used in chocolate, ice cream, and even cosmetic products. If you ever find yourself near Hokkaido milk, have a go at making some Hokkaido bubble tea!

Soy Milk

Soy Milk

If you’re one to avoid any animal products or dairy, soy milk will be your best bet. This way you can still enjoy a great cup bubble tea!

In fact, soy milk in bubble tea may be 1 of the top 3 different types of milk used in bubble tea. And it’s perfect for vegans!

Even if you’re not vegan or watching your intake for dairy products, soy milk is still a very popular alternative. Soy milk might even be on par with how much oat milk is being ordered nowadays!

Give it a try if you’re interested, here’s a well-known brand if you want to use soy milk for your at-home boba recipes.

Organic Milk

Organic Milk

This is like whole milk but if you’re an advocate of fair animal raising and treatment, you will care deeply about using organic milk.

Being that our view agrees that fair animal treatment is important, we wanted to include this in our article to bring some light on the subject.

Fair animal treatment needs to continue making a step forward and progressing. Let’s not mistreat our precious furry friends and neighbors!

Coconut Milk 

Coconut Milk

Last one we promise.

This is a curveball compared to the other popular types of milk for bubble tea. Coconut milk is different in texture and taste especially if you’ve never tried it. Coconut milk adds a unique profile to your favorite bubble teas that are not like the other types of milk.

Coconut milk is on the sweeter side and will definitely change your boba a bit more than what you might be used too.

With its nutty and sweet flavor, it pairs really well with Thai milk tea or matcha milk teas! Here’s a very popular brand if you’re wondering what coconut milk might look like.

There you have it, 9 different types of milk that are popular in bubble tea and boba. Do you think we missed one that should be mentioned here? Please don’t be shy, let us know about it. We’re here to talk about boba anyways!

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