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Health Benefits of Almond Milk

So you want to learn about the health benefits of almond milk. Well you landed in the right place, we at Talk Boba are going to talk all about it and answer any questions you might have about almond milk benefits. Let us know what more you want to learn after reading this too! 

With the movement for healthier alternatives and non-dairy alternatives in milk or creamers, almond milk sits comfortably at the top. With its rise to fame a couple years back, you can find almond milk as an alternative to traditional dairy products at any boba shop or cafe. If your store doesn’t have one, you might want to consider sourcing some. 

As famous as almond milk is now, what can be the possible benefits as more and more people drink it? Does it have any skin benefits? Is it good for my digestion? Is almond milk better than regular dairy milk? 

Let’s unpack all of this shall we? Here’s health benefits of almond milk from Talk Boba.

Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Almond Milk is Dairy Free and Vegan Friendly 

Depending on your lifestyle choices and whether you care deeply about how you consume dairy products, almond milk can definitely be your friend. Being that almond milk is completely plant based, you are definitely safe from going against your lifestyle choices. Who here is vegan anyways, we just want to take the time to support that lifestyle, you are awesome! 

Also, almond milk is completely lactose free. So if you’re lactose intolerant (like some of the team members here), drinking almond milk is very suitable for you. Blue Diamond & Silk are two of the brands we cycle through almost monthly with the team, they’re really good! 

Other popular alternatives to dairy free or vegan friendly alternatives to cow’s milk are soy milk and oat milk, give them a try if you haven’t already. We personally like a good oat milk sometimes too! 

Almond Milk Has Lower Calories than Dairy Milk

Are you watching your calorie intake like some of us? Almond milk can be your best friend! Typically there are two versions of almond milk, unsweetened and sweetened. With unsweetened almond milk, the range of calories you’ll find in any cup is about 30 to 50 calories. For sweetened almond milk you can expect to consume a bit more calories ranging from 40 to 70 calories. The range of calories really depends on what brand you end up choosing to drink from too! 

How does this compare to dairy milk? In dairy milk or cow’s milk, you’ll often consume twice the amount of calories with a cup of dairy milk. Usually cow’s milk will range from 100 to 130 calories depending on what type of brand you consume. Don’t forget, the amount of fat content also determines how much calories you’ll ultimately have as well! 

Almond Milk is a Great Source of Vitamin D

Growing up we’re sure many of you thought that in order to build strong bones and grow tall you’ll have to drink milk. We know we did but why did we think that way anyways? It’s mostly true because of vitamin D, but not necessarily because of the milk itself. 

Vitamin D helps with building strong bones just like the milk commercials mentioned when we would watch saturday cartoons. It helps with allowing our body to absorb more calcium, which is exactly what our bones need in order to stay strong. No one wants brittle bones right? 

Almond milk is usually enriched with vitamin D which makes it great for your daily suggested vitamin D amount. Many choices of almond milk will provide a bit less or the equivalent amount of vitamin D in your traditional cow’s milk. So, if you still want strong bones but don’t necessarily want to drink dairy milk, almond milk is a great alternative! 

Almond Milk Can Help Your Skin Glow 

Almond milk isn’t only rich with vitamin D, it is also well suited with vitamin E too! If you care deeply about your skin, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to vitamin E. 

Vitamin E helps to protect your skin from any harmful UV rays from the sun. That powerful beam of sunshine can harm your skin but with vitamin E flowing through your beautiful skin, you can protect it

A typical cup of almond milk will provide you with more than ¼ of your daily recommended amount of vitamin E. Now that’s what we call a nutritious cup! Other benefits of vitamin E can include improved brain functionality and even improve your overall immune system, but most of the time vitamin E is used for skin purposes. 

The Best Benefit of All 

Almond milk just tastes really good. If you haven’t tried a cup of almond milk, you’ll be pleased with the taste of it whether it’s unsweetened or not. 

The nutty almond taste actually tastes really good! We love drinking almond milk by itself even without our boba recipes sometimes. It’s not as thick or creamy like dairy milk can be but the taste is definitely more flavorful than traditional cow’s milk. 

If you haven’t tried any almond milk yet we highly recommend this Silk. We tend to drink this a lot with the team when we make our boba cups. Don’t be afraid to try it if you haven’t yet! 

Now that you know about some of the best health benefits when drinking almond milk, do you think you’ll give it a try? We hope we answered many of your questions on the health benefits of almond milk, but if we missed any, please let us know! Take a read on making some oolong milk tea with almond milk here, it’s absolutely delicious! 

We hope you enjoyed the read, like always just talk about boba! 

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