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Best Boba Places in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is so diverse in culture, food, and art. Sometimes it can be hard to find the “best of anything” in LA with the abundance of choices here.
Searching up the best food tacos in Los Angeles can sometimes be difficult. With so much choice, what will satisfy us the best?
Fortunately, this isn’t the case for bubble tea or boba. We have a list of the best boba places in Los Angeles for you to digest. You’ve come to the right place!
After countless hours of reading reviews of the best boba places in Los Angeles, we think we got it. Our team has narrowed the best boba places in Los Angeles to just a few spots.
We hope this helps you!

Best Boba Places in Los Angeles

Pearl’s Finest Teas 

Just by the store’s name, you should be intrigued.
Pearl’s Finest Teas serves up some of the best-tasting boba or bubble tea around the Fair Fax Avenue area. You won’t want to miss this if you’re visiting or shopping.
It’s pretty and pink inside too!
Like any bubble tea shop, you’re able to customize your own drink to your liking with sweetness and the number of toppings (if that’s how you roll).
Some boba flavor favorites here seem to be a toss-up between traditional black milk tea with boba pearls and horchata milk tea!
Side note, be prepared to find street parking. This area is very popular and full of sitting cars. Maybe an Uber or Lyft ride here will suffice. 

Best Boba Places in Los Angeles

Pearl’s Finest Teas

Bubble U

Another one of the best boba places in LA. 
Bubble U has made a name for itself in the boba and bubble tea community of Chinatown Los Angeles since 2016. Bubble U is a boba force to be reckoned with.
With pretty grey wood accents and plants around the boba shop, you’ll find yourself right at home! Order yourself some of their customer’s favorites like matcha milk tea or taro smoothies. Don’t forget to add the boba pearls too!
If you’re interested, go ahead and try some of their specialty drinks as well. The tiramisu iced coffee specialty drink caught our eye. Maybe you can try it and let us know how that tastes! 


We love sweet tea too!
This boba cafe is not just your typical boba shop, it has amazing boba flavors to sip on and the best food pairings to munch on too! We’re talking late-night snack vibes here.
Many people seem to flock over to this place to grab a quick and delicious bite. As we began our search for what foods they have we got hungrier and hungrier. If you’re ever around La Brea Ave in Los Angeles, stop by this boba cafe. They have delicious bites like popcorn chicken, bubble waffles, and even cajun fries!
Ugh, this sounds way too delicious right now. We might just have to take a break for lunch because of this!

I Love Sweetea LA

Bon Bon Tea House

Okay this bubble tea shop in Los Angeles is very impressive and nothing short of greatness. There has to be a great reason why there are over 1200+ reviews averaging 4+ stars.
With a huge selection of boba, some might think that they would give you lesser quality for the number of flavors. But not here.
Their amazing selection of flavors will assure that you’ll have quality tea and boba toppings. Some popular customer favorites here include classic black milk tea (really can’t go wrong with this), green milk tea, and Thai milk tea!
Don’t forget to add boba pearls. The jelly toppings are just as great if that’s your style.


We’re sure you’ve seen this bubble tea cafe a lot on your searches through Instagram or google. They’ve become quite popular since their open and we can understand why.
They’re taking a whole new innovative approach with traditional milk tea. Not only do they step it up a notch with quality ingredients and sourced teas but they also have milk tea floats! Say what? Yes, you read that correctly.
MILK+T has milk tea floats!
You simply choose a flavor of milk tea you want (let’s just say matcha milk tea) and they’ll add a delicious scoop of ice cream on top. That’s what we call next level boba! 


If you’re looking for a place not only for its delicious bubble tea and boba but a place to hang out too, this is the one.
TEAPOP started with the idea of culture and creativity paired with premium tea. Their location in the Nohos Art District of Los Angeles is quite the vibey experience!
With events every so often, you can bring your boba squad here and enjoy musicians, art galleries, and more!
TEAPOP isn’t just boba, it’s an experience.

It’s Boba Time 

First created way back in 2003, It’s Boba Time set the tone for what boba cafes in the future should be.
Boasting “the most famous boba shop in Los Angeles area” they were one of the few to pair great bites with boba and bubble tea at the time. Now it’s almost standard to do this!
It’s Boba Time has over 140 different high-quality flavors to choose from. You won’t be disappointed in what they have to offer.
Plus what’s better than fries and boba? 

Alrighty, that’s our non-exhaustive list of some great boba or bubble tea places in Los Angeles. If you think we’ve missed some other good boba places in LA that should be added to this list, be sure to let us know below.
We’re here to provide the best information about boba possible and it starts with listening to what you have to say. So don’t be shy!
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