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Best Boba Places in Nebraska

Did you know in Nebraska there’s something called Carhenge? Yes, Carhenge like Stonehenge. We were kind of confused at first too but it’s essentially the same thing as Stonehenge just made with upright stacked cars. Some people refer to this as the “modern day Stonehenge” and we now we understand. Read more about Carhenge here.

Aside from upright statues, Nebraska is known for a lot of great tourist attractions like the ever popular Omaha Henry’s Zoo, the Old Market (full of amazing food, shops and events) and it’s even home to one of the richest guys on earth, Warren Buffet. There’s a lot to say about Nebraska to say the least! 

However, Talk Boba is all about bubble tea so what does their boba or bubble tea taste like? We’re here to find out, continue reading on the best boba places in Nebraska. Whether you’re visiting or a native to Nebraska, this list of boba places might encourage you to try something different! 

Let’s continue reading… 

Thirst Tea Cafe

This boba cafe is definitely some of the best we’ve seen that isn’t a franchise. Why you might ask? Thirst Tea Cafe not only has a really open and friendly environment, but the team here knows how to make bubble tea the right way (only premium loose leaf teas are used here) and serves up some delicious food and treats! 

Thirst Tea Cafe in Nebraska serves up your favorite flavors of boba or bubble tea, food like egg rolls or takoyaki balls and even ice cream! With a huge amount of reviews we’re sure you won’t get disappointed when you visit here. The perfect balance of sweet and depth in their milk teas, the right amount of chewy texture from their takoyakis and the creaminess of the ice cream will make you crave more! It sure made us crave a bit too much…

Have you ever tried charcoal vanilla? If the answer is no, then you’ll have to come by and give it a shot! 


We must say…it’s really aesthetic and beautiful here in Qtea boba cafe. The brown and white aesthetics here are quite inviting and soothing, perfect for the right boba flavor! 

Here at Qtea boba cafe you’ll be able to order the boba flavor that you’ve been craving for so long and ice cream! That’s right…Qtea boba cafe also offers Thai rolled ice cream. If you really wanted to you can order a Thai iced milk tea with tapioca pearls and Thai milk tea flavored rolled ice cream. Talk about Thai flavor explosions! 

If you’re thinking about bringing a big group to enjoy some boba tea this is the perfect spot to do that! Once you walk in you’ll see a lot of chairs and space for big parties, so if you have 4 people or more this would definitely fit everyone! Boba is better with a squad anyways right? 

Banhwich Cafe

This is definitely a play on the two words Banh Mi and sandwich hahaha! Very clever though, because we think it works nicely. 

Here at Banhwich Cafe you’ll find great Vietnamese inspired hoagies (Banh Mi Sandwiches) and of course bubble tea. Some amazing Banh Mi sandwiches that we’d recommend you try here are the teriyaki sandwich, spicy thai sandwich or grilled pork sandwich. For bubble tea, go ahead and stick to the classics because that’s what they do best here. Flavors like matcha milk tea or red bean milk tea are great choices. 

Banhwich Cafe is the perfect place to go on your lunch break. The Vietnamese hoagies or sandwiches aren’t too big but they’re big enough to fill you up. And if you order a bubble tea to go or on the side, then you’ll be more than satisfied. Plus, the prices here are very fair! 

Kung Fu Tea 

This boba cafe is franchised all across the United States. They have hundreds of store locations from the west to the east coast. We’re sure you’ve heard of them before… 

Whenever you’re in a pinch and don’t know which boba cafe to satisfy your craving, you can always count on Kung Fu Tea. We at Talk Boba like to order our milk teas with 50% sugar simply because we think Kung Fu Tea can be a bit sweet but we found the perfect ratio! 

Anytime we crave boba Kung Fu Tea is usually one of the boba cafe names that we suggest throughout the team. It’s like a part of our weekly errands and boba runs! 

Tea Vibe 

Small shop but don’t let that stop you from enjoying your favorite boba flavor! What is your favorite boba flavor by the way? Maybe you can learn how to make it at home here with our full boba recipe guides. 

When it comes to vibes and boba this place has got it down! You can expect to find your favorite boba flavor at a very great price here at Tea Vibe, everyone loves a good deal right? They’ve got a lot of boba flavors for you to try too. Plus their tea infusions are super colorful, very vibey if you ask us! 

Drink some boba with and end your day with good vibes from Tea Vibe here in Nebraska! 

Drink Boba and Walk Around The Old Market 

Now that you know the best boba places in Nebraska are you convinced that you have to try some for yourself now? We don’t blame you, there are a lot of great bubble tea shops we included in this list. 

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