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4 Best Loose Leaf Tea Brands

With the power of the internet you’ll find so many tea brands out there and this might make it hard for anyone to decide on what is the best tea brand to buy. We at Talk Boba are here to bring you our experience and understanding of each of the best tea brands out there for loose leaf teas.

Or at least we’ll try our best! 

How many of you at home brewed up some tea but realized that it wasn’t all that tasty? Maybe it was a bit bland. Or maybe it was even a bit too acidic and foul tasting. Lastly, it might’ve even given you a bad aftertaste! If you’ve experienced any of these, we can assure you that with the loose leaf tea brands we’re going to highlight, these situations won’t happen. So long as you understand the process of brewing loose leaf tea correctly, you shouldn’t have any issues!

Everyone loves a good tasting tea right? Let’s be sure we’re on track to having the best tea we can taste here! Have a read below about the best tea brands we came to love as we continue sipping on tea and boba with our team. 

We love our teas here just as much as you’d love your favorite boba flavor. 

Why is Loose Leaf Tea Better than Tea Bags? 

To make a long answer short, loose leaf tea when brewed correctly has a better and fuller taste. It also has more health benefits than your typical tea bags. Being that the full leaf is intact and used during the brewing process, you get all the benefits of the leaf and tea. 

In contrast, tea bags only utilize parts of the leaf, which only gives you partial health benefits. See the difference? Not only is loose leaf tea so much better tasting, it provides more health benefits to you than you think! Thinking about making the switch from quick tea bags to a better experience with loose leaf tea? Check out these brands below, Davidson’s Tea and Tea Forte are our favorite just in case you’re wondering. 

Read more about loose leaf tea vs tea bags here if you’re curious about more differences between the two. 

Davidson’s Tea

4 Best Loose Leaf Tea Brands
English Breakfast — Davidson’s Tea

If you didn’t know already, Davidson’s Tea is one of the most popular tea providers around. With their dedication to quality and innovative tea blends, you’ll find nothing but fine organic teas. They provide their customers with the classic raw blends of tea like black loose leaf teas (english breakfast) but they also have other really amazing blends. One of their unique blends (that is very tasteful might we add) is called earl grey cream. What is this flavor exactly? It’s a blend of their black loose leaf tea and hints of vanilla flavors. The smooth texture is what makes this tea blend stand out, it’s a new tea blend but definitely one of their better blends to date! 

Tea Forte

4 Best Loose Leaf Tea Brands
Tea Forte Collection

Opening shop in 2003 and now expanded to over 35 countries, Tea Forte has made a huge dent in the tea industry. With their specialty blends, they’ve been able to win awards for 12 of their unique tea blends. Isn’t that incredible? From 2011 to 2019 they’ve had an award winning tea blend every year except in 2013, (maybe it’s because they had 4 winning tea blends in 2012 so they gave the rest of the industry a chance to catch up). 

Out of their award winning tea blends we think their jasmine dragon pearl tea blend is one of the best. With it’s slow release caffeine and incredible but subtle green tea flavor, it’s very soothing and great for the morning when you first wake up! Give Tea Forte’s jasmine dragon pearl tea a try here if you’re interested. 

The Tao of Tea

Best loose leaf tea brands
Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

Assuming great pride in no artificial additives or flavorings in their tea, The Tao of Tea produces great tea blends to bridge cultures together. As they continue to build wonderful relationships with tea growers around the world, particularly Asia, they can provide the utmost quality. The Tao of Tea is a symbol of quality, culture and care. We’ve added in care simply because they take the time to test the freshness of their teas very often. They do not find themselves being content and always find ways to improve their tea for customers domestically and internationally. Here’s a few of their top tea blends here: jasmine green tea, mango black tea and earl grey black tea


Best loose leaf tea brands
English Breakfast VAHDAM

We feature this tea brand quite often in our articles. Some of you might be wondering why? Well here’s your answer, we truly think they deserve to be heard. Boasting hundreds of positive reviews across many sales channels, you’ll find that Vahdam is some of the best customer reviewed tea brands out there. If many people take the time out of their day to give a positive review to Vahdam, there must be something great about them right? Try our favorite tea blend english breakfast from them here! 

What Loose Leaf Tea Brand Will You Try?

We spoke a lot about the best tea brands here, specifically loose leaf tea brands. Now Talk Boba wants to know, is there one tea brand that stands out the most to you? Maybe it’s Davidson’s Tea or another one! No matter which one it is, we want to know what you think is the best.

Please join the conversation below and let us know what you think is the best tea brand, all it takes is a simple comment saying “my favorite has to be (insert tea brand)!” Simple enough right? We’ll definitely comment back too, you can test us on this! 

Lastly, feel free to share this with a friend that enjoys drinking tea just as much as you do! We’re positive this can help you both pick out the best tea brand to start brewing tea at home. If you’re still here, you might like this article we wrote about how long you should steep your tea. It’s a great read to ensure you get the best taste each brew! 

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