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How to Make Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

Hong Kong Style milk tea is one of the classics in all flavors of the boba and bubble tea world. Whether you’re a new bubble tea drinker or a veteran boba master (we know you are you can’t hide), this bubble tea flavor is always a great choice. You can never go wrong with the classics right? Or can you..?

Any who, the Hong Kong style milk tea is made up of just freshly brewed black tea and evaporated milk or condensed milk. Depending on the boba shop you attend for your next boba fix, they may or may not use authentic black tea leaves, instead, they will use the black tea bags similar to Lipton black tea. 

In addition, the freshly brewed black tea comes the evaporated milk or condensed milk to give Hong Kong style milk tea the perfect consistency. It’s both milky and smooth but contains subtle flavors of tea for a great overall bubble tea experience. 

If you’re looking for something that isn’t too sweet like Thai Milk Tea, but still want to satisfy your bubble tea cravings, this is the perfect bubble tea to settle with. Add any toppings your boba shop or cafe has and enjoy a refreshing Hong Kong style milk tea on a hot summer day. Take a look below and learn how you can make Hong Kong style milk tea at home.

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15-20 Minutes

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Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

How to Make Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

Step 1

Have all your ingredients ready to rock and roll! Be sure to take a look at the ingredients list above if you kindly skipped that part. (We know, sometimes we just want to get straight to the point). You’ll need your water, authentic black tea leaves (or black tea bags), and condensed or evaporated milk. 

If you’re stuck on finding great black tea leaves you can always go with the tea bags, we recommend getting these black tea bags from Twinnings. They have a very good rating and we tend to use these a lot with the team too when we are pressed with time. 

Step 2

Boil a pot of water or use an electric water kettle at home to make this process even faster (sometimes we’re not patient for our bubble tea, we know we can be antsy sometimes too). Once your water is at a rumbling boil bring it down a notch to a simmering boil. From here, simply add your black tea leaves in and continue to seep your black tea leaves for another 3-5 minutes. 

Be sure to have your favorite teacup or mug to the side too! If you don’t have a favorite, make this cute panda teacup your next favorite, it looks so CUTE! 

Step 3 

Once your black tea is ready to go, be sure to turn down the heat from medium-high to low heat. From here you can begin to add your condensed milk or evaporated milk to get the right consistency. Preferably we will add about 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of condensed milk per cup of black tea, go ahead and try this out as a benchmark if you aren’t sure what portions you would like.

If you want your Hong Kong style milk tea to be a bit sweeter, simply add a little more condensed milk and you’re ready to go! 

That’s it! Super simple Hong Kong style milk tea made at the convenience of your own home. With a regular pot of water, this will take only about 7-10 minutes. If you have an electric kettle at home, this will be even faster. Our record to make this is about 3 minutes tops! See if you can beat that, let us know if you do too, we might just have to have a bubble tea making competition started. 

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