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Best Boba Places in Connecticut

Did you land here because you’re looking for the best boba places in Connecticut? 

Okay good, stick around we’ll be sure to answer your cravings soon. But first, did you know that Connecticut has some really delicious noodles and ramen spots? Check this out. One of the best ramen places in Connecticut is located in Westport, Connecticut. Since it’s opening in 2014, this ramen house has been enjoyed by the likes of many. There’s also a noodle house, Mecha Noodle Bar, that also serves some of the most delicious noodles in the state. 

We thought we’d share our findings on some Asian cuisines around Connecticut given its lack of diversity in cultural foods. Let us know if you know anymore too! 

Onwards to boba or what the east coast likes to call it, bubble tea! 

The Green Tea House

First opened in 2009 and building their brand ever since, many people have come to enjoy their high quality premium teas. The brother and sister duo fantasized about owned their own shop since they grew up drinking quality tea and now they’re living their dream. With more than one location they’ve brought premium teas to more than their local community. They’ve even been voted for “The Top 10 Places to Go On a Date.” How incredible is that? Who’s bringing their significant other here now? If you end up coming here, we suggest getting one of their matcha flavored drinks, it’s very delicious and highly recommended by the customers! 

Tea Break

Highly rated at above 4 stars with over 100 reviews. Tea Break located in Hartford, Connecticut is one of the boba places that you can visit and leave with full satisfaction. Offering premium quality teas and the best part, cooked to perfect boba pearls, you’ll know you’re in for a good treat! Some popular boba or bubble tea flavors here are your traditional black milk tea but also a refreshing mango milk tea. If you’re not a big fan of boba pearls, we highly suggest giving it another shot here. We’ve found that their boba pearls are cooked really nicely, with the right amount of chew. And it’s not grainy! 

Kaliubon Ramen 

We know this place doesn’t have much boba flavors only 7 to be exact. But c’mon, a place that has ramen and bubble tea has to make it to the list right? This place is extremely highly rated at 4+ stars with over 200 reviews. Now that’s a lot of reviews if you ask us! Bring your friends here and grab a bite of short rib ramen with any choice of their bubble teas (black milk tea, taro milk tea, rose milk tea, mango milk tea, lychee milk tea, cappuccino milk tea and Thai iced milk tea). Personally, we’d go with the mango milk tea and a bowl of their truffle shoyu ramen! 

Bubbly’s Bubble Tea

Serving up delicious bubble tea for the local community and giving back. The owner here even mentioned that they want to “serve the most boba flavors and options in the Fairfield County” how amazing is that? They definitely have a vision for growth and great bubble tea if you ask us! With all their options and flavors, don’t get overwhelmed, we’re here to help! If anything, we’d suggest getting one of the classic flavors or maybe a passion fruit bubble tea, everyone loves this!

Mei Tea

Before we get to the bubble tea, let’s talk about their hand made dough used for dumplings, steamed buns and perogies. Say what? Yeah! Mei Tea is a family owned business that serves up traditional hand made food to snack on with your boba or bubble tea. Nothing beats handmade (daily) food like this! Oh and their bubble tea is good too obviously. Mei Tea will be glad to serve you some milk teas, fruit teas, slushies, milkshakes, smoothies and more! 

Connecticut Has Some Hidden Bubble Tea Gems 

Now that you know some of the best boba or bubble tea spots in Connecticut, which one will you try? We’re thinking about taking a trip to one of the ramen places here and sipping on some boba afterwards! 

Join the conversation below and let us know where you end up going. If you know of other places to get boba that we haven’t thought of, be sure to let us know that too! We’ll simply add it to the best boba places list. 

That’ll be it for us on this best boba places in Connecticut article, until next time boba lovers! What’s that? You want to read more? Sure, here’s common questions about boba that you didn’t know just click here! 

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