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Best Boba Places in Delaware

Delaware is known for some very awesome things. One, it’s one of the smallest states in the United States. And two, it’s zero tax on goods is too great to pass up! We know of people in neighboring states that drive to Delaware to buy more expensive goods like computers or TVs in order to save on the sales tax! How cost effective is that!? (We wonder if any of you do this haha). 

Besides those two things, Delaware also has a great food scene. You might find yourself eating some very delicious seafood or a great culturally infused cuisine! Pair that with a great bubble tea or cup of boba and you’ve found yourself a great day well spent! 

Speaking of bubble tea and boba, we should probably let you know the best boba places in Delaware while you’re here right? Keep reading to find out the best boba places in Delaware state! 


This bubble tea house or cafe serves up more than just fresh and delicious tasting boba for its guests. The slogan, mantra or motto followed here at this corporation is “Make life fresh.” Now if that’s not a motto to live by we don’t know what is! With over 20 locations across the US (mainly in the northeast region of the US) Tbaar has served delicious milk teas, smoothies and more to many. Our favorites here are the mango smoothies, matcha lattes and classic black milk teas. Their boba pearls are also really well cooked, they have the right amount of bounce and chew to them that you’d expect any good bubble tea house to have. Give Tbaar a try if you’re in Delaware, we highly recommend it! 


Tastea boba cafe in Newark, Delaware is like any other boba shop that you’ll find in other cities. There’s nothing quite special that separates this boba cafe from others, but that isn’t a bad thing either. The familiarity and simplicity is the reason why Tastea boba cafe in Newark, Delaware made it to this best boba places in Delaware list. When you come here, you’ll be greet with great service and friendly people and you won’t be disappointed because they have exactly what you’d expect. From the classical boba flavors to the more unique boba flavors, there’s something for everyone. And of course, you can customize your bubble tea exactly how you like it! 

Bubble Shack

If you’re from the Delaware area (specifically Wilmington) you might have noticed that there’s a boba cafe that has a pig with a bamboo hat on its head as their logo. If you’ve seen that around, that’s this place! Don’t be fooled by the unique logo though, the boba or bubble tea is actually really good here. With a solid 4.5 stars across many review sites, you’ll know you’re safe to come here to satisfy your boba craving. Try out their taro milk tea (it looks very rich and tasty) and maybe their peach green bubble tea as well. By the way, if you’re hungry you can definitely grab a bite here too, they have delicious Vietnamese hoagies (banh mi) here! 

Are there More Boba Places in Delaware?


Now here’s where you come into play and help us out. Join the conversation below and let us know the other boba places that you think deserve a spot in the best boba places in Delaware from Talk Boba. We’re always open to adding more boba places to this list. We’re positive there’s a lot of hole in the wall type of boba spots that we’ve missed too! Don’t be shy and let us know below. 

Thanks for reading best boba places in Delaware with us. If you’re curious about what the best boba places are in the 50 states of the United States, be sure to check them out here. There’s a lot to read so be prepared, maybe get comfy with a boba cup in your hand while you read! 

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