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Best Boba Places in Florida

What’s Florida known for? 

We guess it’s known for its very bright days, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows here as you may think! With those really bright days comes very humid (almost sticky) weather and sometimes scorching high temperatures during the summer. Which only makes the humidity worse. Also they have really random rain showers if you hadn’t already known about this. It could be bright and sunny 1 minute and then the next minute a dark cloud of rain just comes pouring down for 5 minutes and clears back up, talk about change! 

Despite the really hot weather and bright skies, this might be a good thing for boba. With a refreshing bubble tea in one hand and sunscreen in the other (or umbrella), you’ll have yourself a beautiful day refreshed and sunburn free! Can you tell we might’ve gotten sunburn here recently? 

Anyways, enough of the weather talk, let’s dive into the best boba places in Florida. Continue reading below!

The Tea Spot

Before we get to the boba we just have to say that the interior decor of this place is amazing! It’s so aesthetic, white and clean. If you ever been here before you know what we’re talking about. Plus, with over 100 positive reviews it’s more than likely people that come here are quite satisfied with their beverages. Established in 2017, The Tea Spot offers bubble tea using premium quality teas and they also offer quick bites like takoyaki! Give this place a try and let us know your opinion! 

Chewy Boba Company

Can we just appreciate the simple name of this boba cafe or business? What’s more to love than great tasting chewy boba? Chew Boba Company has a long history starting way back in 2001. Four siblings were inspired and ultimately brought the very 1st boba cafe to Florida. Talk about early birds! If you’re ever in Florida you’ll have to give Chewy Boba Company a taste, with their award winning customer service and award winning menu offerings you’ll definitely leave satisfied! 


Royaltea has to be one of the few boba franchises that really stand out to us. With their keen vision on details, high quality product and intentional service we think they should be highly respected within this industry. Plus, they have over 130 franchises in total from Asia and the United States, so they must be doing something right. They even mention that each boba or bubble tea drink is made to order, which is why their boba “takes an average of 5-10 minutes from ordered.” If this isn’t completely fresh we don’t know what is! 

Quickly Boba Cafe by UCF

Located right in Orlando, you’ll find Quickly Boba Cafe. Nothing too special about this place besides the fact that they are a staple around the community. Serving the local area for quite some time now, especially the college students it’s loved by many! It’s even planning to expand to more locations very soon too. What we really like about this place is that it has a wide variety of food that is nicely portioned for a quick bite washed down with sweet boba tea. Such a great combination. 

Bubble and Co Tea Bar

We have to say this is one of the more upscale and very nice looking boba cafes we found so far. With its pristine and clean look inside, you’ll feel like you want to come more often just to admire the aesthetics. But of course, their bubble tea and boba are just as great as the eye candy. With great care using all natural ingredients and premium teas, you’ll guarantee a boba craving to be satisfied. They also have really delicious bubble waffles that are made to order. So if you’re in for something like a waffle be sure to order that too, we didn’t regret it! 

Mius Tea 

Yet another very aesthetic bubble tea cafe, but located in Miami! This boba cafe offers all sorts of different flavors like golden oolong crema that is topped off with sea salt cream. Say what? Yep, sea salt cream to counter balance the sweetness from the oolong tea base, talk about the best of both worlds! You’ll have to give that flavor a try if you haven’t had it before. If not, you’re definitely safe with the classic boba flavors like Thai milk tea, matcha milk tea and black milk tea if you want to be safe. To be honest, we think all the flavors here are just as good as the next, don’t be afraid to try something new! 

We’re Shocked

We didn’t think we’d find such amazing places to drink bubble tea or boba but we were so wrong! With our research and previous trips we found these places to be the best around town, Florida. If you think there’s some hidden gems for bubble tea cafes that we didn’t list here, by all means join the conversation below and let us know to add your suggestions! 

There’s got to be more than these 6 awesome boba places in Florida right? What about some franchise places? Or maybe there’s some special mom and pop places that we didn’t find. 

Anyways, if you’re still here why not read one of the most popular articles too, how to make oolong milk tea at home. Sometimes you just can’t get yourself to go out for some boba but the next best step is to make it at home. This recipe is the go-to for us and many other people, be sure to learn it! Thanks again, like always just talk about boba, duh! 

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