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Best Boba Places in Kansas

We got a lot of boba and bubble tea to talk about. Let’s just get started right away! 

Headrush Roasters Coffee and Tea

Alright so what’s so different about this coffee and tea house that you can expect from Kansas? Well first off (this should be a good one), they claim that they’re the only shop in Kansas that makes “authentic made-from-scratch bubble tea” according to their website. That’s a pretty bold claim if you ask us! However we do believe they have some great bubble tea nonetheless.

With over 400+ reviews (positive of course), they have bridged coffee and tea together in one shop. So if you ever want to mix some espressos into your bubble tea, this is the place to do it at! Some of the most popular bubble tea flavors they have are our go-to boba favorites. You know, the matcha lattes with boba pearls and even a Vietnamese coffee cold brew (this is really good)! If that sounds pretty delicious to you, what are you waiting for get up and go try some of their bubble tea now!

Dragonfly Tea Zone 

You know you’ve found a great tasting bubble tea shop around the corner when their website is filled with premium teas and tea supplies. Dragonfly Tea Zone in Kansas continue to use the highest premium quality tea in their tea blends (just like us and in our boba flavor recipes) and bubble tea for its customers. You’ll be able to taste the robust tea flavor while experiencing the smooth texture their teas have to offer. Every sip of their milk tea makes us want more and more!

Check them out in the Kansas City area if you’re visiting.

Kung Fu Tea

We’ve reviewed Kung Fu Tea from before (in case you’re wondering) but seriously, is there anything more to say about Kung Fu Tea? With hundreds of locations across the United States there is definitely a reason why this boba shop stands for quality and great tasting boba. Some of our favorite drinks to get here is the traditional Thai milk tea but another new flavor we have liked very much is their honey oolong milk tea. It’s almost like our how to make oolong milk tea recipe but with a twist! 

In case you don’t want to go out for some oolong milk tea, just go to our full recipe guide here and you can make it right at home. No need to put on presentable clothes and struggle to put on your shoes, just stay at home with a a great bubble tea recipe from Talk Boba, thank us later!

Fat Bee Drinks 

The first time you step into this boba shop you’ll begin to realize “wow there’s so many different options.”

If you ever visit Fat Bee Drinks you’ll be presented with a big black and yellow board (we’re talking huge) of all their milk tea selections and more! Don’t be overwhelmed though it’s very easy to follow along, which is nice. Plus, if you already know what your go-to boba flavor is, more than likely they already have that for you. Don’t know your go-to boba flavor? We have a full list of popular boba flavors to help you sort out the best one for you, just read the flavors here.

If you’re around the Overland Park area be sure to give this place a try, they won’t disappoint! 

Boba Zone 

A small little spot that makes you happy with every sip!

When you visit Boba Zone in Wichita, it’ll be hard for you to be disappointed, here’s why. Whether you’re order boba, bubble tea or some other type of drink you will most likely enjoy the whole drink. Not only does Boba Zone’s milk tea and tapioca pearls taste really great, the friendly service and very cheap prices brings the whole experience full circle.

It’ll feel very well worth it! 

Which Boba Place Will You Try in Kansas Now?

If you’re having trouble choosing which boba place to go to we definitely understand, boba can be stressful sometimes. If we were to choose we’d simply go with Kung Fu Tea. Go ahead, grab your friends and visit that place it’s always a safe alternative if you don’t want to try something new.

Join the conversation down below and let us know what boba place you’d think of visiting in and let us know your favorite boba flavor too! If you didn’t know already, Talk Boba is the most engaged boba community on the internet. We write articles (like this one), have fun boba inspired games on our social medias, offer giveaways and so much more! Feel free to learn more about our community here

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Bubble Bee

Your classic bubble tea shop. Made by friendly baristas and delicious ingredients. Avocado Milk Tea Honeydew Milk Tea Vanilla Milk Tea


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