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Best Boba Places in Kentucky

There’s nothing like finding the best of something in a town that has very little supply. We’re talking about boba here…

Kentucky isn’t quite known for bubble tea or boba but we’re hoping we can help some people out. So if you’re visiting or struggling to find the best boba places, stay tuned. This list of best boba places is short compared to other lists we’ve done but it packs a punch! Feel free to let us know of any other boba places in Kentucky that deserves to be in this list too, we’re always open to adding more. Just reach out to us here or join the conversation down below and comment for us. 

Here to talk about the best boba places in Kentucky, Talk Boba presents 3 places to grab boba on your next visit into the state of Kentucky. This is for all the people struggling to find the best boba places in Kentucky.

Mt. Fuji

Not often do you find bubble tea or boba with Japanese cuisine. Usually you’d only find milk tea served in Chinese cafes or Chinese bakeries but this is an exception of course! While you’re eating your Japanese foods like sushi, you can also order a delicious bubble tea to wash everything down. We’d stick to the classic flavors here because they do those ones right, and of course add boba pearl!

We’re curious though, what sushi do you like to eat if you enjoy a good sushi plate? We don’t like anything too specific but we do like our sashimi cuts, fresh and delicious! Another great sushi place in Kentucky is Miyako Steakhouse and Sushi in case you’re wondering.

Tea Station Asian Bistro

Owned by some of the most genuine and nice people there is! Here at Tea Station Asian Bistro you’ll be able to have a full sit down meal of Thai food with a side of your favorite boba flavor. (Read more about different boba flavors here if you need help finding a great flavor). The overall environment from this place is very nice and friendly, you won’t leave with a frown you can trust us on that!

Whether it’s the delicious food or the outstanding boba tea here, you’ll be filled with happiness. 

Cha Time 

Claimed to be the number 1 bubble tea in the world. And honestly, we might agree with them too!

With over 800 stores worldwide these boba lovers sell over 100 million milk tea cups every year! Isn’t that crazy? We can’t even imagine how much high quality loose leaf teas it takes to make that much bubble tea. What do you think, how much pounds of loose leaf tea is that? Anyways, if you’re debating on whether Cha Time is a boba spot you should be going too or not, you’ll have to just go and give it a try, trust us.

Here’s some flavors that you can try for your first time; Cha Time milk tea, lychee milk tea, honey oolong milk tea or honeydew milk tea. 

Ready for Some Boba Now?

We hope so!

Let us know by joining the conversation down below which one you’d go too. Personally we’d go to Cha Time simply because they really do have great boba that doesn’t seem to disappoint us at all. 

Also, if you didn’t know already, Talk Boba is the largest boba community serving the bubble tea and milk tea community in hopes to push forward the idea of boba and the culture it has brought us. After all, it’s delicious and bubble tea serves as a great way to gather conversations with friends and/or family! Read our most popular articles here.

Just talk about boba, duh! 

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  1. Hi there 🙂
    I wanted to let you know about a wonderful boba business that is here in Kentucky….she doesn’t have a store front just yet but she does festivals and events and pop ups! You can keep up with her on instagram to see where she is going to be, but her boba is amazing and her flavors are great!! She has the traditional flavors we all love but has some new ones that are just as tasty!! 🙂 you can follow her on insta at @bumblebites….hope you can check her out! 🙂

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