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Best Boba Places Louisiana

You know that feeling when you’re craving some boba?

We’re talking about that feeling where you’re laying down in your bed mindlessly scrolling through your phone meme after meme when you suddenly realize you want some boba. “Boba sounds really good right now…” Then you start asking your boba friends and boba squad whether they’re down for boba, bubble tea, milk tea or however you like to call it.

5 minutes later you’re in the car and on your way for some great boba. 

Yeah… we get that feeling a lot with our team here at Talk Boba, you can call us addicted. After all, being the most engaged boba community comes at a cost right? The cost of boba everyday! That isn’t so bad is it? 

Anyways, see the best boba places in Louisiana down below! If you’re visiting and you still have boba cravings, this is the right place for you. If you live here in Louisiana you might already know about these places. Check ‘em out! 

Vivi Bubble Tea 

We’ve mentioned Vivi Bubble Tea before. With it’s “cutting edge” technology they’ve been able to make way for themselves in the boba industry. They’re able to make fast but very authentic Taiwanese bubble tea so that you’re not waiting forever to get that delicious sip. Some popular boba flavors we find really great tasting here are green tea yakult, taro milk tea, tiramisu milk tea and mango slush. Thinking about trying one of these out? Let us know down below in the comments! 

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Best Boba Places Louisiana
Vivi Bubble Tea

Teatery Tea and Tapioca 

With a very clean and welcoming atmosphere (we’re not exaggerating), Teatery Tea and Tapioca brings you delicious bubble tea! The milk tea here is creamy and delicious with the right amount of sweetness and authentic tea flavor. Just like any other great bubble tea shop, they use premium loose leaf teas to make their great tasting bubble teas. Try out some of our favorite teas to get from here like their taro coconut milk tea or their matcha thai tea. 

If you want to be inspired by other boba flavors, fall in love with more flavors here.

Kung Fu Tea in Baton Rouge 

Some of the best milk tea you’ll find, although some of their drinks can be a bit sweet. Consider yourself warned in case you don’t like too much sweetness. So what we like to do is order everything with 50% sweetness, we think this is the sweet spot (no pun intended). Some of the flavors we like ordering are the classic taro milk tea or kung fu milk green tea.

What do you like about Kung Fu Tea? 

Share Tea 

Another great place and what better way to round off this best boba places Louisiana article with a bang! With over 450 stores of course this milk tea shop is delicious, it has some of the best customer service in the boba industry too! We recommend getting coffee milk tea or their winter melon milk tea. They’re so good! 

If we had to make a toss up between Share Tea and Kung Fu Tea, we might have to choose Share Tea on this one. We think their tapioca pearls are spot on! Both flavor and texture wise.

Now What Should I Do?

Let us know in the comments below and join the conversation by recommending your favorite flavor! We’re curious to know what you boba lovers like to drink. Also if you have anything to suggest me let us know, maybe you have an idea for a new article topic, we’re always looking for more content ideas. 

Lastly, if you’re still reading this we just want to say thank you for the support! By the way did you find the 15% OFF code in this article? If you’re skimming through and didn’t find it but you’re reading this, go ahead and look again! You can grab 15% off at our store if you find the code. Hint, it’s in the section where we mentioned Vivi Bubble Tea.

And like always, just talk about boba, duh!  

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