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Best Boba Places in Sioux Falls

Searching for boba or bubble tea in Sioux Falls right? No problem, we’ve got the answer and suggestions for you. As you continue reading you’ll find the best boba places in Sioux Falls for you. Bubble tea in Sioux Falls is kind of difficult to come by. With its lack of diversity in ethnic foods and beverages (especially Asian), you’ll more often than not have a hard time finding milk tea with boba pearls around the area. 

However, we hope to change that. We think you’ll be able to find the place for you as you read this article for best bubble tea in Sioux Falls. By the end of this we hope that you can find the best boba place that you want to try while walking in Falls Park or even the visiting the Arc of Dreams with a bubble tea cup in one hand. 


If you’re from the Sioux Falls area in South Dakota you might already recognize this name. It’s one of the few bubble tea spots in town that many frequent. The reviews are great too! 

However, if you’re not from the area be sure to give this a try. Here in Sioux Falls Tasteas offers many of your classic or traditional bubble tea flavors that you might find in bigger franchises. Boba flavors you might recognize like Thai milk tea, taro milk tea and green milk tea. There are also other tasty flavors too! 

The ever popular brown sugar milk tea of course. 

Aside from bubble tea or milk tea, you’ll find that you can order some delicious rolled ice cream as well. Since South Dakota gets extremely hot in the summer days, popping into Tasteas for a tasty dessert doesn’t hurt too. 

You might’ve noticed a lack of bubble tea or boba places in this article compared to some of our other articles like best boba places in NYC. But we plan to add more soon. 

Unfortunately not many boba places mark their territory in South Dakota let alone Sioux Falls. The demographic is still developing to be a culture rich place to live but until then we’ll continue scouring to find the milk tea shops you’re looking for. 

In the meantime, maybe read up on our other articles to get some inspiration on how to make bubble tea at home! 

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