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Best Boba Places in Birmingham

If you’re looking for boba or bubble tea in Birmingham, chances are you won’t find much. The city and the state of Alabama aren’t quite as diverse when it comes to ethnic foods and drinks like bubble tea or boba. That’s okay though! There are still some boba places that you can try (we found them for you). 

So stay tuned and read through the rest of the article to find out the best boba places in Birmingham. There may be some boba shops that you aren’t aware of or never found too!

Also here’s a fun fact before we get started. Did you know Birmingham was the birthplace for Veterans Day? How amazing is that? It also has the biggest or largest celebrations for Veterans Day too. We’re talking about great food, events, and parades! 

Anywho, let’s get back into the best boba places in Birmingham. 

Thirstea Cafe 

How clever is that play on words? 

Thirstea cafe is probably one of the better bubble tea shops you’ll find around the city. It has a little over 100+ reviews so it only makes sense that for the majority, it’s quite delicious. A few of the most popular boba flavors here include: almond milk tea, Thai iced milk tea and taro milk tea… all with boba pearls added

Another neat aspect about Thirstea Cafe is that they have board games too. The environment is family friendly and is very open to people ordering their delicious milk tea and hanging around for a bit. Visitors sip on their milk tea and play some board games. They have a selection of games like Jenga or card games with a regular playing deck of cards. 

Pho Sizzle – Rolled Ice Cream and Bubble Tea 

There’s a lot to take in here especially with the name of this cafe or restaurant. If you’re wondering… yes they serve Vietnamese dishes, rolled ice cream and bubble tea. Some may think it’s a bit much but when you’re around a city that doesn’t offer much cuisine like this, it makes sense. 

For Vietnamese dishes you can always order your go-tos like pho or beef noodle soups, rice dishes, etc. As far as rolled ice cream goes, you can order a wide selection of treats ranging from flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and even trendy flavors like matcha. When it comes to bubble tea or boba, they usually have the traditional flavors. You won’t find the trendy flavors you’d find in Boba Guys in the west coast or Kung Fu Tea in the north east of the US. 

Overall this place is an okay spot that covers many different things that you might be craving. Vietnamese food, delicious treats and ice cream and of course the bubble tea. There’s not much more you can ask for in a place like this, give it a try and let us know what you think. 

Momotaro Cafe 

Although this is the last boba place we’re mentioning in this article, we believe this to be the best one of the list. Momotaro Cafe is the closest thing to a trendy or more “hip” boba shop. This boba shop is similar to what you’d find in the west coast or in places like New York City, where there’s more of a food scene and culture

Momotaro Cafe has quite the reputation as well. With more than 100+ positive reviews, you know they’re doing something right. From the pictures online and the store itself you can see how well kept and delicious their boba drinks look. From what we know, the most popular drinks tend to be rose milk tea with boba pearls, traditional milk tea with boba pearls and a few other original flavors. Not much trendy flavors here like Pho Sizzle above but we do think this cafe is more of a true boba spot than the other two above. However, you’ll still find that they have ice cream treats and other food selections too! 

Overall, the food is great, the boba looks delicious and Instagram worthy and ultimately the vibe or service is always inviting. Have a peak at Momotaro and grab yourself a boba tea with a poke bowl on the side and let us know what you think! 

Like we mentioned before, Birmingham isn’t known to have much of a food scene or culture let alone an Asian one. However, we tried our best finding the best boba places in Birmingham for you. Give the places a try and comment back on what you think, especially if anyone has been to Momotaro Cafe! 

And of course, just talk about boba, duh! Want to stick around for more articles? Read our most popular down below.

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