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Best Boba Places in Alaska

Alaska is one of those places that everyone needs to visit at least once in their lifetime. No seriously! There’s just so many amazing sights to see and activities to do in Alaska that is worth the trip. The extreme cold has its benefits too! 

We’re curious, have you gone? 

If not, here’s a few things that should convince you! 

Many of the popular activities or things to do in Alaska are nature related and we can understand why. The purpose of Alaskan cruises around this geographical beauty is to see some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and glaciers, it’s quite a sight! When can you be in the comfort of a warm cruise ship while glancing at one of the most amazing sights the world has to offer by nature? 

Another great thing to do in Alaska (that is also nature related) is to book tours or trips around national parks in Alaska. Who doesn’t like a great hike with friends and family? Depending on what season you vacation here, you’ll see vast greenery or vast (but beautiful) ice scapes. 

Okay, enough of the Alaskan activities, what about their boba? Let’s get right into it, here are the best boba places in Alaska. By the way, if you know of anymore boba places that should make this list of “best boba places in Alaska” be sure to comment down below or let us know @talkboba. 

Best Boba Places in Alaska

Boba Tree Cafe

You might not be familiar if you’re a traveler or visiting in Alaska but during the summer the highs can get up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s just enough heat to encourage an ice cold bubble tea if you ask us! Boba Tree Cafe located in Anchorage serves up some of the best boba in town. With their wide selection of milk teas, smoothies and classic teas, you’ll want to keep on sipping. Add their tapioca pearls and you’ve got yourself a great tasting boba tea in Alaska.  

LiLi’s Bubble Tea

Best Boba Places in Alaska
Lilis Bubble Tea

If you end up going to this bubble tea place located in Ketchikan, you might not think they will have good boba tea, but you’ll regret not giving them a try. Once you arrive, you’ll see this bright and vibrant blue looking small house or shed. This blue tiny house serves up amazing boba or bubble tea with tapioca pearls that’ll make you come back for more! Try their house milk tea if you’re around, many will say this is their go-to flavor. 

Charlie’s Bakery & Chinese Restaurant 

Also located in Anchorage, you’ll find this Chinese restaurant if you ever search up boba around Alaska. Obviously this place serves up some amazing Chinese food (you’ll have to try some if you haven’t) but what about their boba? Their boba or bubble tea is just as good! Do what many people do and grab a rice or noodle dish and pair it with your favorite boba flavor. They’ve got the classics like Thai milk tea, taro milk tea and Hong Kong style milk tea so don’t worry! 

Thinking About Getting Alaskan Bubble Tea?

If you’re hopping off the cruise or roaming the cities of Alaska, be sure to drop by any of these places for your boba fix. Alaska isn’t as popular for boba tea like New York or Los Angeles but we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with these spots. 

Let us know if you know of any spots that we haven’t highlighted here in Alaska, we’re curious for more! Just comment it down below. 

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