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Best Boba Places in Utah

Before we get into the boba part of this article, we know…you just can’t wait! We were wondering if there are any film or independent movie buffs here? We’re curious because we just recently learned that Utah is home to the very famous Sundance Film Festival.

We know what you’re thinking, how can you have just known that? 

Well to be blunt, we always thought it was around the LA area after being popularized in Utah. Little did we knew it was always in Utah, Park City to be exact. Anywho, everyone can learn something new everyday right? 

Let’s get back to boba now. What do you think? Is the boba or bubble tea in Utah worth mentioning? It may be too late though, we’ve already written the article. Here are the best boba places in Utah that we’ve found and you should discover too (if you haven’t already of course)! 

Tea Bar

Found in Salt Lake City, Utah is the one and only Tea Bar. With over 400+ reviews, this place brings everyone together for a delicious cup of boba or bubble tea.

It even brought Post Malone into the store before.

Yep, if you’re familiar with his famous songs like Rockstar, Sunflower, or his latest rhythmic beauty, Circles… then you know who we’re talking about. We wonder what his favorite boba tea flavor is actually, does anyone know? 

If famous artists like Post Malone came by here, that means the boba place is really good right?

Here are some of their most popular flavors of bubble tea if you’re thinking about visiting soon. 

  • Brown sugar milk tea
  • Caramel milk tea
  • Black milk tea

Watchtower Coffee & Comics

We know you’re a bubble tea and milk tea fanatic (since you’re reading this right now) but are you also a comic book fan too? If your someone who loves to read comics Watchtower Coffee and Comics is the boba place for you.

In fact, one of our team members decided to visit this store when he was in town. He was drawn to the comic book concept of this place. It’s a comic book shop and cafe combined! So if you want to sit down for a cup of delicious boba and read a comic, you’re invited! 

Check out these awesome comic inspired boba flavors!

  • BB-8 – blended Thai iced tea, Tongan caramel, and beep boop.
  • Lumpy Space Princess – blueberry, taro, and lavender.
  • Super Saiyan – pineapple, li-hing, and fresh-squeezed lemon. 

The Orange Peel

If you’re looking for some bubble tea smoothies around the area in Utah, then you’ve found the right place. No more looking!

Here at The Orange Peel, you’ll find all kinds of smoothies like detox smoothies, fruit smoothies, and of course the bubble tea smoothies.

If you’re interested in bubble tea smoothies we highly suggest trying some of these. Flavors like banana, avocado, matcha green tea, honeydew, and a few others are all great tasting! Don’t forget to ask for the boba pearls or tapioca pearls too.

With fresh ingredients from a true smoothie boba shop, you’ll be satisfied and happily refreshed

Caffe D’bolla

Here are Utah’s first artisan micro-roaster and siphon bar. Not sure what a micro-roaster is or a siphon bar? You might just have to look it up until we write an article about it haha!

In short, it’s a small cafe focusing on brewing each and every cup from scratch. Which makes for delicious and fresh drinks every time. And of course, they brew their tea for their bubble teas just the same. 

Some popular flavors we’ve found were coconut milk tea with coffee cubes, coffee milk tea with boba pearls, or regular black milk tea with boba pearls or coffee jelly cubes

If you ever decide to come here for your bubble tea, you’ll also get to see siphon coffee brewing in action. It’s quite interesting actually. It’s almost like a science experiment! We’re positive they get that a lot haha. Check out Caffe D’bolla soon, located in Salt Lake City, Utah! 

Gossip Tapioca

If we weren’t named Talk Boba, Gossip Tapioca might be the second closest thing to it! How funny is that? Gossip Tapioca serves up some great boba flavors that are enjoyed by many. They have convinced more than 300+ people to give positive reviews and the reviews are still growing. Talk about a great boba shop! 

Try some of these flavors below!

  • Original milk tea 
  • Jasmine green milk tea
  • Honeydew milk tea
  • Almond milk tea
  • Taro milk tea

Oh, and before we forget, this place is also a Vietnamese restaurant! Yes, you can order up your favorite boba flavor like Thai milk tea and your favorite Vietnamese dish (both noodles and rice plates). Yum! 

Quickly Boba

Nothing has the taste of Taiwan like Quickly Boba. If you’re looking for authenticity and affordability, don’t look any further. 

Quickly Boba serves up premium quality tea brewed to perfect with each order. If you’re ordering a matcha milk tea or a taro milk tea, you’ll be satisfied with every sip. Oh, and don’t think twice about the black milk tea with boba pearls, it’s probably one of the best we’ve had! 

Still not satisfied?

Order up some delicious snacks to pair with your boba too, they’re just as affordable! We’re talking about food like chicken tenders, fries, popcorn chicken, takoyaki, wings, and more! All made to order (so you know it’s fresh!) and boasts hundreds of great reviews.

Let us know if you come by here with your favorite boba flavor, we haven’t tried them all but we’d love new suggestions! 

Kung Fu Tea

You know we can’t talk about boba places without included famous franchises right? Kung Fu Tea is one of the most known bubble tea shops across the nation and they deserve it!

With over 100+ flavors on their menu, they’re constantly innovating the way people drink boba. Plus their boba memes on their social platforms are quite funny. 

Here are three of the flavors that we get every time we come here. All ordered at 50% sweetness levels because we don’t like that much sweetness in our bobas. 

  • Kung Fu milk tea 
  • Winter melon milk green tea
  • Taro milk tea 


Here’s another great franchise as well, which has been around for quite some time now. Lollicup Coffee and Tea has been around since 2000… now that’s a long time! But, being in business for so long they’ve been able to perfect every cup since then. They might not be the largest boba shop in the game but don’t be fooled, they have some delicious drinks. 

Our favorite boba flavors to get here is their classic black milk tea with boba pearls and honeydew milk latte. Thinking about it just makes us want to order some right away! 

If you want history and perfected boba flavors, come to Lollicup. Experience the years of boba making in your freshly brewed bubble teas. And grab some delicious snacks along the way (see our go-to’s below).

  • Fried calamari
  • Popcorn chicken and rice 
  • Crispy tofu 

How About that for a Boba Place Film? 

Okay, maybe it wasn’t a film exactly. And it sure won’t make it into the Sundance Film Festival. But we hope we talked enough about boba so that you grab your boba squad and try one of these places out. 

Let us know which boba cafe or shop you end up trying, and if it’s new to you! We want to hear all the boba stories and flavors you love the most. If you haven’t already, be sure to join our Facebook group here. Boba lovers like yourself share their experiences with boba, different boba recipes, and even how to cook tapioca pearls.

Learn all about boba in the private group that you never imagined, maybe share a meme or two as well!

We’ll catch you on the next article. If you’re interested in reading more, check out some of these interesting topics below.

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