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Best Boba Places in Oklahoma

What are the best boba places in Oklahoma?

  • Tao Cha Cafe
  • Sip Boba and Desserts
  • Teapioca Lounge
  • Bambu Desserts and Drinks 
  • Cafe Bella
  • Koala Tea 
  • Babble 
  • Kung Fu Tea 

Let’s go into more detail about why these are the best boba places in Oklahoma below! 

Tao Cha Cafe 

If you live in the Edmond area of Oklahoma and you’re wondering to yourself “where on earth can I find a good boba place?” You’re in luck, here at Tao Cha Cafe they serve your very classic boba flavors as delicious as the next boba cafe. In addition to the amazing classic flavors you might find some unique flavors from time to time, something like sea salt milk foam tea (which is actually really amazing).

Oh and don’t forget, if you’re hungry this boba spot will also serve you up some delicious Chinese cuisine and satisfy your cravings. You can order fried chicken, dumplings, shrimp and more from the friendliest people in town. No seriously, with over 200+ reviews more than half of them talk about how friendly and inviting the service is here, if you account for great customer service in your boba experience, this might be your next go-to boba spot! 

Sip Boba and Desserts 

Do you want to play Jenga and sip on your favorite boba flavor? Come to Sip Boba and Desserts!

With over hundreds of reviews that range from talking about how delicious the bubble tea is to the great service, you’ll know you can trust this place for some of the best boba you’ll have. You can order some of our favorite boba flavors like taro milk tea with boba pearls, matcha milk tea with tapioca pearls or mango smoothie with jelly. No matter which one you’re in for a treat! 

They even have shaved ice or crepes for you and your friends to snack on too. 

Teapioca Lounge 

Another great boba spot that you can find and visit in Oklahoma is Teapioca Lounge. This boba cafe has been a franchise for quite some time now (mainly in Texas) but it has its own place in the boba industry. It may not compare to the bigger boba franchises in the industry like Kung Fu Tea or Cha Time, but you can be sure that their quality of tea and toppings are at par, if not better than other franchises. 

If you’re looking for an affordable bubble tea shop without sacrificing the quality, you’ll definitely need to visit Teapioca Lounge. They strive for the utmost premium quality brewed tea and use of toppings and other ingredients. You’ll be able to taste the premium factor of their teas and boba flavors more so than most cafes you’ll find elsewhere. 

Stop by Teapioca Lounge and order some of their most popular flavors like the ones below. 

  • Oolong milk tea 
  • Red bean matcha milk tea 
  • Jasmine milk tea 


This desserts and drinks spot is located in many states around the east coast of the United States. This place might not be your typical boba spot though, they don’t quite serve the flavors of boba you’re used too. Which isn’t a bad thing! 

Here at Bambu desserts and drinks, you’ll find very unique Vietnamese inspired beverages and treats. You might not be familiar with some of the drinks but here’s some of the most popular ones. (Some of these you might recognize though). 

  • Bambu special – fresh coconut, pandan jelly, longan basil seed, coconut water. 
  • Longan sunrise – basic seed longan with juice. 
  • Bambu favorite – red tapioca, grass jelly, pandan jelly, coconut milk. 
  • Oolong sea salt tea – includes homemade sea salt foam and egg pudding. 
  • Hazelnut mocha – Vietnamese coffee (cafe sua da) with hazelnut mocha ingredients. 

Cafe Bella

This cafe is definitely more of your traditional cafe and what you’d expect from any ordinary cafe. However they don’t just serve coffee, they serve brewed tea and bubble tea as well! Having 200+ reviews speaking on behalf of the quality and freshness of the beverages, you can’t help but stop and read more about what customers are saying about this place! 

“…the service was amazing— so friendly and welcoming. I’ll definitely be back the next time I’m in town.” 

“Trust me when I say this place will have you coming back for more.” 

You don’t get comments or customer feedback like these by being horrible at customer service whilst serving really bad drinks or food. Cafe Bella has something up their sleeves and we like it! 

Koala Tea 

Did you know if you say Koala Tea 10 times fast you’ll end up saying quality. How neat is that? 

If you’re looking for a spot that you and your friends can wind down after exams or a hard day of work, come to Koala Tea. Inside you’ll find couches, tables and more that fit perfectly for large groups, perfect for a hangout spot. Plus they have a huge wall of board games you can pull from. We’re talking about being competitive in things like Connect Four, Taboo, Catan (our favorite board game ever) and many more! 

Sip on some taro milk tea with tapioca pearls and conquer settlements in Catan, it’s a great time! 


This boba cafe encourages you to B.Y.O.B. 

Don’t jump to conclusions though, we’re talking about building your own boba! Like any other boba cafe, you can customize your boba flavors to your liking with sweetness levels and what not but here at Babble, you can go further! Pick every single detail of your boba flavor down to the tea (no pun intended, just kidding… full intention there). 

At Babble you can customize iced milk teas, hot milk teas, flavored iced teas, slushies, smoothies, hot teas, coffee latte smoothies, brewed coffee, espressos and more! 

Kung Fu Tea 

If you’ve read some of our other best boba places articles, you’ll find a lot of the times we mention Kung Fu Tea. Not because they’re the best boba but because they’re truly everywhere (and they’re actually pretty good). Kung Fu Tea has hundreds of locations around the United States and many people love the unique flavors and drinks they have. 

If you’re questioning on any of these best boba places in this article, don’t question Kung Fu Tea. Order your favorite boba flavor like us (usually we order any drink with 50% less sugar) and you’ll be very satisfied with your purchase. We promise! 

What Boba Place Are You Going to Try in Oklahoma? 

Now that we have mentioned a few boba places that are highly rated around Oklahoma, which one will you try? Personally as I’m writing this article, I’d go for Bambu again simply because I love their unique flavors.

However, the team here at Talk Boba might think otherwise. Our team, being the biggest and most engaging boba community, truly think that Teapioca Lounge might have to be the winner here. At least very close to the top compared to other boba places we’ve mentioned. Either way, these are all great boba places and you should definitely try them all if you have a chance! (Not all at once though, unless you’re that brave!)

We hope you enjoyed this read with us at Talk Boba about the best boba places in Oklahoma. If you want to suggest more boba places free free to comment down below and let us know! If you’re still reading this to the very end here’s some of the most popular best boba places articles that we’ve written previously. 

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