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Best Boba Places in Oregon

Did you know that Oregon is the only other state aside from New Jersey that doesn’t have self serve gas? Bet you didn’t know that.

Unless you live in Oregon or visited before… We still think that’s pretty interesting and a fun fact for sure! What other interesting facts does Oregon have? Let us know some fun facts you know about Oregon. 

Aside from fun facts, you might be here wondering what are the best boba places in Oregon? Afterall you probably typed that in your Google search bar. Well, if you’re here to learn about the best boba places in Oregon then you’ve found the right place.

Here are the best boba places in Oregon below. 

Tea Bar 

The story behind Tea Bar is like no other!

Tea Bar in Oregon is Founded by Erica. She traveled to China for 2 years on a mission to learn about the culture and of course a little bit of mandarin. Learning a new language wouldn’t hurt right? Realizing that Portland had many coffee shops but very few premium tea bars or shops, Erica was set on a new mission

Years later, Tea Bar is recognized as being one of the premier tea shops in Portland. Tea Bar serves high quality teas and bubble teas that you may not be very familiar with. On top of the quality of their bubble tea, the aesthetics of Erica’s Tea Bar has won many accolades as being one of the best places to drink tea. The aesthetic and feel of this place are like no other. It’s light and very inspirational as you walk in the doors. 

Give Tea Bar in Oregon a try. If anything you’ll be amused by the architecture of the place.

Bubble n Tea 

You might’ve seen the cups on Instagram before, Bubble n Tea use bigger bowl-like cups for their bubble. But we’re not complaining! More boba the better right?

With their use of different cups, it makes them stand out a lot more than other boba cafes. Which is part of the reason why we included them in our best boba places in Oregon list.

But of course, their handcrafted bubble tea is actually delicious too.

We’ll keep it simple here. They have hundreds of reviews and apparently these are some of the most popular flavors you can order from Bubble n Tea. Also here’s a tip, order 50% sweetness if you’re the person that likes a stronger tea flavor. Here are our favorites from Bubble n Tea in Beaverton, Oregon.

  • Lavender milk tea
  • Strawberry rose milk tea
  • Matcha milk tea 

5 Flavor Cafe 

This boba cafe is truly a beautiful spot to visit. It’s filled with light blue accents, white interior, and some washed wooden pallets. The whole aesthetic of this boba spot is very inviting.

Walking into this boba cafe just makes you want to smile and of course, order that amazing boba flavor. 

When you walk in, there are 3 whiteboards showcasing 5 Flavor Cafe’s menu behind the cashier’s counter. There are so many boba flavor choices on these menus it’s hard to choose just one.

Don’t be overwhelmed though. Usually, they’ll have exactly what you want if you have your go-to boba flavor in mind. Ours is a classic Thai milk tea or taro milk tea if you’re wondering.

If you have visited this place yet, make it soon! We highly suggest trying out their jasmine green milk tea, there’s something about it that’s so addicting! 

Tiki Tea 

There’s nothing like really tasty bubble tea to satisfy your night. Where can you find that great tasting bubble tea you might ask? Right here at Tiki Tea in Portland, Oregon.

After visiting the shop once, we decided to check what the consensus was around the internet and we weren’t shocked one bit. Many of the reviews, more than average, have mentioned how great tasting the boba tea is here.

Some say it’s the best they’ve had too, compared to big boba franchises and other popular places. 

We couldn’t agree more though. That old saying quality over quantity holds very true here at Tiki Tea. You can find some of the best tasting black milk teas, Thai milk teas, and even fruit smoothies here. It seems like whatever we order, there’s a good balance of tea flavor, milkiness, and sweetness. Now that’s a home run! 

Fat Straw 

Here’s a little fun fact, this boba store or shop was opened on Halloween day 2005. How spooky is that? At the time we write this article it’s October 9th, which means Halloween is coming soon! We can’t wait to be boba pearls or boba cups for Halloween (only joking, unless)! 

Here at Fat Straw in Portland Oregon, you’ll find a huge list of milk teas available. Here are just a few of them.

  • Almond milk tea
  • Coffee milk tea
  • Taro milk tea
  • Pineapple milk tea
  • Coconut milk tea
  • Honey milk tea 

Ding Tea 

Ding Tea, who doesn’t know this bubble tea brand.? They originated in Taiwan but has since opened up many locations around the US.

Highlighted flavors of Ding Tea include their signature milk tea, hazelnut milk tea, vanilla milk tea, Hokkaido black milk tea, and many more! They even have some Yakult inspired drinks too like green tea Yakult and mango Yakult.

We haven’t tried the mango Yakult yet but judging from the green tea Yakult and how tasty it was, we can imagine the mango flavor being 10x better

Next time we find a Ding Tea around us we’ll have to visit and get some mango Yakult! 


You most definitely saw their drinks with scoops of ice cream in glass jars if you’re an avid bubble tea lover. We actually didn’t even realize they have a location here in Oregon. We always thought they only had a location in Southern California, the more you know! 

Founded by two amazing ladies that started their boba journey with the very first boba truck, they’ve made a name for themselves in and out of the bubble tea industry. Helping with the local community and serving very delicious boba, what more can you ask for?

Some amazing flavors we’ve tried already are the classic milk tea, Thai tea, and black tea ala mode (it’s their black milk tea with a scoop of vanilla ice cream)

Come by Milk+T and get your boba fix with a scoop of ice cream on top too.


Here’s another very popular franchise that is known just as much as any other franchise is. Sharetea began its boba journey in 1992, how crazy is that. They’ve been able to serve boba all these years and continue to be at the forefront of the bubble tea industry. Sharetea pushes the tasty limits of boba, innovates the technology behind boba cafes, and bridge cultures one cup at a time

If you’re particular about having a strong tea flavor in your boba tea, you won’t have to worry about that with Sharetea. Serving regular brewed tea, milk tea, and fruit tea; there’s something for everyone here. 

Here are their top 10 drinks if you’re interested in ordering any one of these. (These are in no particular order). 

  1. Pearl milk tea
  2. Lime mojito 
  3. Coffee milk tea
  4. Matcha with fresh milk
  5. Winter Melon lemonade
  6. Hawaii fruit tea with aiyu jelly
  7. QQ happy family milk tea
  8. Strawberry ice blended
  9. Thai tea ice blended with pearl 
  10. Peach kiwi tea with aiyu jelly 

Bubble Tea in Oregon is Pretty Tasty 

With these 8 best boba places in Oregon, we’re sure you will be satisfied with all or at least one! We’re hoping we did a good job of sourcing only the best boba places. If not, please let us know below. Also, if you live in Oregon and know of any hidden boba gems that we haven’t listed, please share that.

Unless you want to keep your go-to boba shop a secret, we totally understand! 

Before you click off, join our Facebook group and post up your own pics of bubble tea. If you create any recipes at home we’d love to see what you made and how you possibly made it differently. If you want to know more about how to make milk tea or boba at home, check out some of our most popular articles here. 

And like always, just talk about boba, duh! We appreciate everyone reading on the best bubble tea in Oregon.

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