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Best Boba Places in New Hampshire

We’ll be honest here at Talk Boba it was difficult to find a lot of boba places for this article. However we narrowed it down to the 3 best boba places in New Hampshire. We’re happy with how this article turned out, it might be a small list but it’s very unique and delicious! The boba places below have their own unique offerings and that’s what we like about it. See the best boba places in New Hampshire below. 

Kung Fu Tea 

Known for its innovative and fearless tea blends, Kung Fu Tea is always a great boba cafe to drink from. With over hundreds of locations across the United States there’s no way there isn’t a Kung Fu Tea near you somehow. They’re literally everywhere, they might even be the biggest boba franchise in the United States (it’s quite incredible actually). 

The bubble tea here ranges from milk teas, fruit infused teas, smoothies and more! Some of our go-to boba flavors include…

  • Oolong milk tea
  • Coffee milk tea
  • Winter melon milk tea 
  • Matcha milk cap 
  • Sesame matcha 


First opened in 2011, Teatotaller Tea House offers delicious tea, coffee, pastries, breakfast and lunch items. We believe all of their offerings are very delicious. In fact, their tea specifically is brewed in house with premium teas, if that doesn’t say something we don’t know what does! The team here is friendly and skilled in perfecting their drinks and foods, plus the prices here are unbeatable.

If you stop by here be sure you try one of these flavors Thai iced tea or their green tea lemonade, they’re both so delicious. Pair that with a breakfast sandwich like their Jonathan Seagull (baked egg, bacon, greens, tomatoes and aioli sauce on a house-made sourdough bread). Yum!

Also, you can buy their premium tea blends online or in store too, in case you want to brew up some of your own bubble tea blends. 

Mr Wish 

Mr wish brings you all the wishes you want about natural and fresh ingredients. Their beverages and bubble tea are made with the freshest ingredients you can find. After all, that’s what they strive to perfect! Originating from Taiwan in 2006, really quickly Mr Wish became the number 1 fresh fruit tea business around town. 

Here are some fruit tea blends you have to try. 

  • Lemon green tea – the perfect balance of fresh lemon juice and premium green tea 
  • Passionfruit green tea – real passion fruit juice and green tea. 
  • Colorful fruit tea – 6 different fruits in one drink (apple, pineapple, kiwi, orange, passionfruit and kumquat). 

Mr Wish also has some great milk tea too, here’s 2 flavors we love. 

  • Red bean sago milk – coconut milk with red beans and sago. 
  • 3Q milk tea – their classic milk tea with 3 toppings (boba pearls, pudding and coconut jelly). 

Try Some Amazing Boba Places in New Hampshire

We only highlighted 3 boba places here in this article but don’t be fooled, these are 3 boba places you can’t pass up. With the unique flavors of Mr Wish and Teatotaller or the franchise experience like Kung Fu Tea, all 3 of these boba places are a must try. If you haven’t already we suggest you start with Mr wish, their unique flavors are quite memorable. We hope to try Mr Wish very soon! 

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