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Best Boba Places in Massachusetts

Massachusetts reigns supreme when it comes to classic attractions, museums and even schools! Like c’mon, who doesn’t know about Harvard? It’s a college that’s known all around the world for its prestige! You have very famous people and alumni that come out of Harvard like Natalie Portman, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeremy Lin and even Barack Obama. 

We wonder if any of these amazing people like bubble tea…

Besides the notoriety and history that Massachusetts holds, what does the food and beverage industry look like here? Specifically the bubble tea and milk tea. Let’s find out about the best boba places in Massachusetts shall we? It’s what Talk Boba does best! 

Tea Do

We spoke about this place before but quite frankly we didn’t know they had one in Massachusetts too, more specifically in Boston. Just like we mentioned in previous posts about Tea Do, they have some of the best tasting bubble tea around! You’ll be able to enjoy milk tea classics like Thai milk tea or you can go more bold and try some of their specials like their tropical twister drink (includes mango, pineapple, passion fruit and lychee jelly).

Besides amazing flavors you can also have yourself some onigiri or other snacks like takoyaki with some friends. Overall, this place is a great place to hang out and have some boba, it’s the perfect place for a boba trip with friends! It’s one of the best spots to go to after a study session during the semester too.


Another Boston bubble tea or boba place, you have to try is Teamoji! Here’s the motto of Teamoji, “to create a new bubble tea and dessert experience in a chilled environment.” We don’t know about you but we think that’s pretty cool! This place is founded by 2 sisters (how incredible is that) who were inspired by the authentic flavors of home and new way of thinking from California.

Some of their amazing boba flavors include taro milk tea and mango milk tea. While you’re here, grab yourself a bubble waffle too! They’re so good! 

Kung Fu Tea 

Many of you already know who Kung Fu Tea is what they’re all about. With so many locations around the United States it’s almost like they’re in every state! If you still haven’t tried Kung Fu Tea yet (why and how haven’t you?), be sure to go to your closest Kung Fu Tea boba cafe and grab yourself some of their amazing drinks. There’s so much on the menu for boba and milk tea it’s hard for us to recommend the best boba flavor here. You’ll just have to go and order for yourself! 

Happy Lemon Boston 

Have you ever seen a plastic cup with a lemon head as the logo? If so, you might’ve already seen Happy Lemon in action! This specific place is located in Boston obviously so be sure to visit here soon if you’re in town (or if you live here too). Some great bubble tea flavors include the classic Hong Kong style milk tea, mango lemon slushy and green tea with salted cheese on top! By the way, we’re just curious, anyone like the salted cheese on top of your drinks? We have some people on the team that aren’t big fans of it, personally (the one who is writing this article) I like it a lot but I guess everyone has their own tastes! 

LimeRed Tea House 

Of all boba places you need to try, we think this might be the one you need to try here on this list if you can’t decide. They’re taking boba to another level, giving bubble tea a “refresh” from traditional Taiwanese milk tea. Taiwan is where milk tea originated if you were wondering. 

LimeRed Tea House uses all organic milks locally sourced and has a selection of 8 different premium teas used in their robust bubble tea. What’s interesting about this place is that they have their very own espresso bar too! We’re talking about freshly brewed beans added into traditional boba flavors like Thai iced milk tea or green tea matcha! Enough talking about them, just go try it! 

Gong Cha 

Just as popular as Kung Fu Tea, Gong Cha has a very similar profile to other highly franchised bubble tea cafes. They all use premium loose leaf teas for their brewed tea and they all know how to give the best service. With the technology used in creating their boba you’ll be able to order a drink and have it to you within 2-5 minutes! If you’re someone who is in a rush or needs your boba fix with the right amount of convenience then this boba cafe is the right one for you! 

Monkey King Tea 

Who here loved monkey king movies when they were young, some people still watch them today! They were so fun to watch, full of action and fun ridiculousness! Here at Monkey King Tea you’ll find typical boba flavors and your standard bubble tea. If you want an overall well rounded place for boba around Malden, Massachusetts then this is your place! With very positive reviews you cannot go wrong with this choice.

Boston Tea Shop 

Not to be mistaken with anything we have learned from the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Tea Shop is very similar to the Monkey King Tea boba cafe. Here you’ll find your standard bubble milk tea with well cooked tapioca pearls as a side or topping. They have over 200 reviews, all positive, of course, that’ll convince you to try this place out. With so many positive reviews we might just have to come back soon! Stick with your traditional flavors and you’ve got yourself a delicious bubble tea filled day! 

Where Will You Go in Massachusetts? 

If you’re visiting Massachusetts anytime soon please let us know we’d love to learn more about your trip! Maybe we can write about it and feature it as a story, but it has to involve something with boba of course! 

Here at Talk Boba, the most engaged boba community on the internet, we strive to bridge cultures, build community and ultimately share the mysterious world of boba, bubble tea or milk tea. Yes they’re all the same things but everyone says it differently so why not include all the names! 

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Thanks for reading with us share with a friend and remember, just talk about boba! 

Here’s more best boba places too:

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