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Best Earl Grey Tea for Milk Tea, Boba, and Bubble Tea

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Davidson's Tea - Loose Leaf Early Grey

Talk Boba's Favorite


Stash Tea - Double Bergamot Earl Grey

Best Flavor


Loose Leaf Earl Grey with Bergamot

Are you searching for the “best earl grey tea” on the internet right now but you’re not having any luck? You might be able to get some luck with us here at Talk Boba.

We know a thing or tea about tea and milk tea!

In this article, you’ll find our go-to favorites for a very tasty earl grey tea. Our team drinks earl grey milk tea quite often in the office. We think these are the best ones we’ve tried over the last couple of months. See them for yourselves and let us know what you think of them!

Continue reading to see the best earl grey tea for milk tea. Good luck finding your next best earl grey tea!

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Davidson's Tea - Loose Leaf Early Grey


Ahmad Tea - Aromatic Earl Grey


Harney and Sons - Earl Grey Tea


Loose Leaf Earl Grey with Bergamot


Stash Tea - Double Bergamot Earl Grey


The Tao of Tea - Earl Grey Loose Leaf


Davidson's Tea - Loose Leaf Early Grey

  • Most reviewed earl grey tea 
  • Aromatic and fragrant 

The simple care and attention to detail for Davidson’s tea blends carry out through all their teas. This earl grey tea blend is infused with natural oils of bergamot giving a great sense of aroma when brewed. We can almost smell it already!

If you’re looking for something a bit different than your traditional loose leaf black tea, give earl grey tea a try. It’s typically similar to black tea as it has the same base but the oils like bergamot give it a very unique spin. The overall flavor profile is more delicate than a strong black tea.

Ahmad Tea - Aromatic Earl Grey Tea

  • Very high quality tea 
  • Part of the United Kingdom Tea Council

We haven’t heard of Ahmad Tea company until recently but we believe it deserves more attention. The quality of this London based tea company offers great tasting loose leaf tea in tin cans that are perfect for storing. No need to find your own container to safely store your tea!

Plus, every time you open Ahmad Tea’s tin cans you get a big whiff of what their tea smells like. All of their tea blends are super fragrant and aromatic. You’ve been warned when you open one of their tea cans.

On top of that, this tea company is part of the United Kingdom Tea Council. Sounds prestigious right? If you’re a connoisseur of tea, you know what that entails. Quality and premium fine tea! Give it a try soon.

Harney and Sons - Loose Leaf Earl Grey Tea

  • Family owned tea company 
  • Very high quality tea 

Harney & Sons apparently has been around for over 30 years harvesting, picking and producing some of the highest quality teas. And we can totally agree with that! We’ve tried this recently as a friend recommended it and we were shocked at how different it was in terms of the texture. It’s quite smooth compared to other teas we’ve had. The full-bodied earl grey tea paired with its fragrant bergamot oils makes for a great mid-afternoon tea drinking experience. We’ve tried some of our milk tea recipes with this as a tea base and we’re very pleased with the results so far. 

Loose Leaf Earl Grey with Bergamot

  • More fragrant than most earl grey teas 
  • Bergamot can be experienced more than usual 

We found this earl grey tea to be a bit more fragrant than most earl grey teas. The bergamot oil used in this packaging must be a bit more than usual but we’re not complaining! A great infusion of bergamot oil is quite soothing to the throat and fragrance. If you like a more pungent taste of bergamot in your earl grey tea, this might be the best option for you! 

Stash Tea - Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea

  • Double bergamot for more flavor 
  • Our favorite earl grey tea 

This earl grey tea from Stash Tea has to be one of our favorite ones. And of course, one of the best earl grey teas.

Here’s a little fun fact, Stash loose leaf teas use double the amount of bergamot in their recipe. This makes it more fragrant than the other earl grey teas we’ve listed. And if you’re wondering… yes, it is tasty!

We usually drink this during the day or mid-afternoon. It’s amazing by itself or with your preferred milk and creamer.

The Tao of Tea - Earl Grey Loose Leaf

  • Most consistent earl grey tea flavor profile 
  • Hand blended to perfection

Not only is the packaging of The Tao of Tea very nice but the tea quality itself matches that quality too!

Rather than using machines in processing their tea leaves, The Tea of Tao uses more traditional methods. Doing so allows for an even flavor profile across the board. So if you’re looking for consistency, this is the best earl grey tea you must try. 

Nothing beats the best handcrafted tea and the love that goes into it.

Is Earl Grey Tea Good as a Base for Milk Tea?

Absolutely! Earl grey tea is essentially a blend of black tea like assam or ceylon. The addition of bergamot oil makes all the difference. Bergamot oil gives earl grey tea a citrus element that can break up the strong flavor of black tea.

You may only be able to have a few cups of strong black tea before you’ve had enough. Depending on how long you brew black tea and how dense your tea leaves are of course.

However, if there’s a significant amount of bergamot oil that breaks up the heaviness of black tea, you might just be able to drink one cup more! If you’re already a fan of traditional black milk tea, you’ll love black milk tea with a hint of citrus. 

Choose one of the earl grey teas we mentioned above and give it a shot yourself! Thanks for reading with us here at Talk Boba, please give this a share to your tea friends. If you’d like to suggest anything to us or want another tea brand added to this list, just let us know. We’d be happy to include it here.

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