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Best Boba Places in Michigan

Are you from Michigan looking for some bubble tea to taste? Maybe you’re just visiting a friend that lives in the car capital of the world (isn’t it crazy to think this was the car capital of the world before). If you’re someone who wants to satisfy their bubble tea or boba craving, who is also located in Michigan at this very moment, this is your lucky 5 minutes

You’ll have to continue reading to learn exactly what are the best boba places in Michigan (there’s a lot in this list). 

Before we get started we need to ask you a really important question. What boba flavor do you usually get at your go-to boba shop? We ask this because we want to gather some information to provide our readers with the best flavors to try if they’re boba beginners. Yes, there are still a majority of people who haven’t tried boba or bubble tea for themselves, and we’re here to decrease that number at Talk Boba. Just email us or join the conversation down below and let us know! 

Now, let’s read about 10 of the best boba places in Michigan! 

The Detroit Bubble Tea Company 

What better way to start off an article than with a boba cafe that is named after the car capital of the world, how fitting! The Detroit Bubble Tea Company is definitely a must try here in Michigan whether you’re a resident or visitor. With over 300 positive reviews you can bet that you’ll find yourself some great tasting boba. Some popular flavors you can find here include mango taro smoothie with boba pearls or rose milk tea. Us personally, we like the rose milk tea! 

If you’d like to read about how Detroit declined after the car industry starting falling to the wayside, you can read it here. We thought some people might still be interested in learning about this.

Kawaii Bubble Tea

How kawaii! If you didn’t know, kawaii translated in Japanese is “cute!” We’re sure you knew of that though… What do you think, is bubble tea kawaii? 

Kawaii Bubble Tea is a family-owned boba cafe that is inspired by the Japanese culture of cuteness. With many of the aesthetics here, the owners strive to make things feel like you’re immersed Japanese culture. Here at this boba cafe you’ll find yourself some great bubble tea drinks and snacks like macarons! Who doesn’t like a great tasting boba tea paired with a macaron anyways

In fact, here are 10+ popular bakery buns that you can pair with boba. Our favorite is definitely the pineapple bun in case you’re curious!

Yogurt Blast 

This boba cafe is the best of so many worlds. Here’s why Yogurt Blast offers 3 awesome menu items that are to die for when you’re craving for some late-night treats. This boba cafe offers frozen yogurt and bubble tea! 

What is frozen yogurt? Frozen yogurt is very similar to ice cream in the fact that they’re similar in taste and texture. However, frozen yogurt has lower fat content than most ice cream. Ice cream is generally made with cream (heavy fat content) whereas frozen yogurt is made with milk or cultured milk (lower in fat content). You might find that many frozen yogurts have more sugar in them than what you’d expect though. We really think the biggest difference between the two is that one is creamier (ice cream) and the other is the opposite (frozen yogurt).

What’s better than pairing your favorite bubble tea flavor (ours is a toss-up between taro and Thai milk tea) with your favorite frozen yogurt flavor (cookies and cream are delicious)? We don’t think it can get better than that honestly, maybe it gets better with toppings but that’s about it. Bring your family, friends, and the little ones here for a really tasty treat! 

Kung Fu Tea 

You most definitely know exactly who Kung Fu Tea is. They only have hundreds of boba cafes around the United States, no big deal! We won’t say much here but the fact that they kill it in this boba game. 

We definitely recommend trying Kung Fu Tea if you haven’t already. You these flavors can convince you to go!

Eli Tea Bar

From serving students, aficionados, experts, and beginners of tea, Eli Tea Bar brings a modern tea cafe to Michigan. They source over 100 different kinds of premium loose leaf teas and use these great tasting blends in their tea offerings. If you order a bubble tea here and you really like it, you can even order the raw tea leaves itself. If it’s on their tea wall, you’re more than welcome to buy it right up! 

Some of the popular flavors we noticed are Assam milk tea and mango matcha milk tea. We’ll have to try the mango matcha milk tea sometime, we wonder if it’s similar to the recipe we created!

Blossom Cafe and Bakery 

Being both a bubble tea cafe and bakery in itself, this place offers some of the most amazing tea blends and bakery items combined. Their boba is made with great tea leaves giving the best premium tasting boba you’ll find. But don’t stop at bubble tea, you have to grab yourself some of their bakery items too like the macarons! 

Blossom Cafe and Bakery seems like they bloom with new flavors of macarons daily, they have over 50 different flavors! We don’t know about you but that’s a lot of choices for macarons. Some amazing flavors are tiramisu macarons, thin mint macarons, pistachio macarons, lychee rose macarons, and a few others (more than 50 others)

If boba and macarons aren’t enough, we’ll be the first to let you know that they also have mochi ice cream. Yeah, amazing, we know! For mochi ice cream they have over 18 different flavors to choose from, not quite as many macarons but they definitely have a great selection of mochi ice cream nonetheless. Some amazing flavors include salted caramel mochi, matcha mochi, and mango Thai basil mochi. What’re you waiting for, finish this article and head over to Blossom Cafe and Bakery soon! 

Macarons from Blossom Cafe & Bakery

QQ Bakery

If more than 100 highly positive reviews don’t convince you to come here for your next boba trip with friends than we don’t know what will. At QQ Bakery you’ll find so many great boba flavors but more importantly, the service here is amazing. This isn’t going to be your modern boba cafe but there’s something about these older boba cafes that is nostalgic. If you grew up drinking boba from these types of mom and pop boba cafes then you know what we’re talking about! 

Support your local mom and pops sometimes! 

Coco Fresh Tea and Juice

Here’s another great overall boba cafe that you can find in Michigan. This place is known quite a bit and made a name for itself in Los Angeles. It’s rapidly expanding as more and more people enjoy their great tasting boba tea. Serving up the classics and a few specialty drinks, you’ll want to give this place a try without any expectations, they’re going to blow it away anyways

Bubble Island

A place called Bubble Island sounds so inviting, doesn’t it? If you’re wondering, it actually is quite inviting. The service is great here and on top of that, it’s a great place to hang out with some friends and get some boba. You’ll find that the classics here are better than some specials but that’s okay! Sometimes sticking to the roots is better than branching out into the unknown right? Grab your traditional black milk tea, oolong milk tea, or matcha milk tea with boba pearls here and you’ll be very satisfied for the rest of your day

Cha Time

Just like Kung Fu Tea, Cha Time is very competitive in the bubble tea or boba industry as well. With hundreds of boba places, you’ll find a lot of Cha Time boba cafes. A lot of them are located in Toronto if you don’t already know this. 

Who’s from Toronto by the way, let us know in the conversation below! 

You’ll find amazing traditional bubble teas here like Thai milk tea, taro milk tea, oolong milk tea, jasmine milk tea, and few others but you’ll also find some great specialty drinks as well. Specialty drinks can range from banana milk tea, honeydew milk tea, and winter melon milk tea.

Cha Time Black Milk Tea

The Boba Capital of the World? 

What do you think, instead of the car capital of the world do you think Michigan has the chance to be the boba capital of the world? Or should that stay with the originators overseas in Taiwan? 

If you didn’t know already, Talk Boba is the most engaging boba community on the internet. The whole goal of this platform is to continue bringing light to boba but more importantly, just embracing the culture has brought many of us. We just want to give boba lovers something to read and curious people to learn something new! 

Here are more best boba places:

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