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How to Make Mango Bubble Tea (Easy to Make)

How to make mango bubble tea and mango boba. That’s what you’re here for right?
Without a doubt, mangoes are one of the most popular fruits in the Asian community. Rightfully so too! It has an amazingly soft texture and it’s sweet with each bite.
It only makes sense why so many people enjoy mangoes (and mango bubble tea). Heck, no wonder there’s mango snacks everywhere. Dried mango, mango flavored candies, and mango-flavored drinks
What better idea than to make it into a very refreshing mango bubble tea? The recipe below is made with fresh mangoes mixed with the right amount of milk and tea.
The best part, mango bubble tea is perfect for the hot summer days. It’s definitely one of the best fruit-flavored bubble tea and boba flavors there are.
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Prep Time

8 Minutes

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Cook Time

15 Minutes

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Total Time

23 Minutes

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2-4 Servings

Ingredients you'll need
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Mango Bubble Tea

How to Make Mango Bubble Tea

Step 1

To start let’s get a pot of water boiling for our how to make mango bubble tea recipe. Typically we like to use fresh green tea leaves for our tea blend. We believe it adds a nice aroma to the mango bubble tea.
While we wait for the water to boil, let’s begin chopping up some mango.
If you want this process to go a bit faster you can also use an electric water kettle if you have one. We tend to use this at the office majority of the time.
Plus it’s safer than an open flame to boil water.


Step 2

Next, grab your favorite cutting board and go-to kitchen knife, and let’s get to chopping!
Begin slicing your mango long ways so that you make 2 identical slices. Remember there’s a pit within mangoes so be careful! 
Once you have your two slices for our mango milk tea, you can begin scooping out the fruity flesh with a spoon. Place the mango flesh into a kitchen blender or food processor.
Now the fun part, blend it all up! This should only wake about 20-30 seconds to get a good puree. 
Remember! By this time your water should be boiling.
If it’s at a rumbling boil, turn down the heat to medium and add your fresh green tea leaves. Let the green tea steep for 3-5 minutes before taking it off the heat to cool. 


Step 3

Once your green tea is finished taking a bath in the hot water, take it off the heat. Let it cool off to the side.
While that cools we’re going to begin cooking our delicious tapioca pearls. 
Bring a pot of water to a rumbling boil again and cook your tapioca pearls for 15-20 minutes. You can also follow the directions on the package if you buy your tapioca pearls from your local Asian supermarket
Once you’ve finished cooking your tapioca pearls you may strain the excess water. And then place your tapioca pearls in a bowl of simple syrup.
Strainers like this work the best. Those with big holes will make your boba pearls slip right through, we don’t want that now do we?
Typically the syrup can be a mixture of brown sugar and water but you can get creative with it too! Some people like to use other sweeteners like maple syrup and honey. 


Step 4

Now the final steps, putting it all together for our final mango milk tea or mango bubble tea.
First, we need to mix or blend the mango puree, freshly brewed and cooled green tea, creamer (we love using almond milk), and your handful of ice together.
The consistency we want is like a slightly runny slushy. Typically a few pulses with your blender will do the trick. Ultimately, we want the ice to be shredded enough so it’s easy to consume.
A powerful smoothie blender from Ninja or Hamilton Beach will work just fine. 

Step 5

Once you’ve blended the mango bubble tea mixture, grab your favorite glass for bubble tea.
Add your cooked boba pearls to your glass. Pour the rest of the mango green tea mixture into your glass.
And… top it off with a large boba straw and you’re ready to go!
How was that for a delicious how to make mango bubble tea recipe? Simple right? Let us know how yours tastes like! 
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  1. Ty! I’m a kid myself but I absolutely loved this! It tasted amazing and boiling boba in juice is definitely the move, thank you so so much for the delicious recipe!

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