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How to Make Brown Sugar Syrup

Brown sugar pearl milk tea has been one of the most successful and trendy flavors in boba cafes around the world. Some say it’s the most popular boba or bubble tea flavor right now! The delicious flavor from the tea and the sweet malty flavor of the brown sugar won over many boba lovers’ hearts. And we can see why. 

You might be wondering how has such simple flavor become so delicious? It really comes down to the right consistency and ratios for brown sugar syrup. Let’s get sticky with how to make some brown sugar syrup below! 

What Do You Need to Make Brown Sugar Syrup 

In its most basic form, brown sugar syrup can be made with two simple ingredients. Dark brown sugar and water. Yeah, seriously, that’s it! But here’s the catch, the ratios in which you use these two ingredients matter a lot! If you have more water, the less flavorful or concentrated your syrup actually is. It might even lose its consistency too! 

On the other hand, if you use too much dark brown sugar without enough water, you can have a very sweet and less syrupy texture, more of a caramel elasticity if you will. Though sometimes that isn’t all that bad either! 

Some boba cafes that make in house brown sugar syrup may even use other ingredients to spice it up a bit and make it more unique too! For example there’s a boba shop in Asia that will add a touch of cinnamon to their brown sugar syrup, giving it more of a unique and distinguishable flavor profile. Other ingredients you can throw or experiment with can be vanilla, nutmeg and other popular dessert combinations. If you’re thinking about other popular additions, let us know! 

How to Make Brown Sugar Syrup

With our recipe guide here, we’re going to stick (pun intended) with dark brown sugar and water as our ingredients, just to keep it simple! Gather your two ingredients and the tools you’ll need to make your brown sugar syrup at home. This recipe will yield about 2 to 2 ½ cups of brown sugar syrup. 

To start, you’ll need 4 cups of dark brown sugar, any supermarket or grocery store with dark brown sugar will work just fine. If you want to find something online, we’ve done the work for you, check out our recommended dark brown sugar here! You’ll also need 2 cups of water for this. Once you have your 2 ingredients go ahead and grab your favorite pot so we can start the cooking process. You might need some measuring cups if you don’t have them already just to get your exact measurements.

Add in your 2 ingredients that we specified above and bring your stainless steel pot filled with the mixture to a medium heat. Mix thoroughly as your mixture heats up so that everything is incorporated nicely. Continue to watch your brown sugar and water mixture carefully (you can burn this quickly if you don’t pay attention). Once your mixture starts to bubble, continue mixing it for another minute or so. After this, bring the heat down to low and let it cook slowly. The consistency or texture you’re looking for is the same with any other syrup. The texture should be like a maple syrup consistency, not like honey! Honey is a bit thicker and harder to mix completely in a cold cup of boba with ice. 

After you obtain the right consistency turn off the heat and you’re ready to serve or store. Yes, it is actually this easy! 

How to Make Brown Sugar Syrup

How to Store Syrup Correctly 

The best way to store any syrup that you make at home is with a glass jar.

Storing your simple syrups (brown sugar syrup in this case) with a glass jar will do a couple of things. First and more importantly it will keep your syrup fresh to serve whenever opened. And secondly, glass jars make it easier for clean up in case of spillage over the edges, with other containers it can be a sticky situation!

We usually make about a mason jar full of brown sugar syrup for the team every month here at Talk Boba. Here’s 3 different glass jars that will work well with storing your deliciously made brown sugar syrup: airtight glass, fido jar and mason jar

When storing in a glass jar, your simple syrup or brown sugar syrup should last about 1 to 3 months depending on the conditions of where you’re storing it (refrigerated or non-refrigerated). Typically once the brown sugar syrup has cooled completely, we will place the filled jar into the refrigerator. After the first open, be sure to place your jar back into the refrigerator, we don’t want the syrup to go bad quickly after our hard work. 

That’s All there is to Making Brown Sugar Syrup at Home

If you enjoyed this read and it helped you a lot, let us know! Maybe share it with your favorite person in the world too. If you end up wanting to learn how to make brown sugar pearl milk tea, be sure to check out our recipe here. It’s so delicious we make it quite often actually! 

That’s it for us, remember, just talk about boba duh! 

How to Make Brown Sugar Syrup

Make delicious milk tea with brown sugar syrup!

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