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Best Boba Places in New Mexico

Before we get started on reading about the best boba places in New Mexico, did you know that New Mexico is mainly known for their contribution as wine country. Not only do they serve some pretty delicious boba and milk tea, they also have a wide selection of wines. Many countries, restaurants and connoisseurs import their wine from New Mexico.

There’s a fun little fact for you before we get started! 

If you didn’t know though, Talk Boba is the most engaging boba community on the internet. We drive conversations around boba or bubble tea but we take it a step further and tie it with culture and how it has helped break stereotypes all around the world. Many cultures have been shared with the idea of milk tea or boba and we just want to continue that conversation. 

Now where were we, let’s get back to the best boba places in New Mexico shall we? 

Rustic Bubble Tea Cafe 

Here’s a small Vietnamese cafe that opened its doors in 2015 by the owner, Huy Nguyen. You can expect everything served here like any other Vietnamese restaurant or cafe. From the noodles (pho), rice bowls, spring rolls, banh mi sandwiches and of course boba. It’s all delicious! 

You can find any classic or typical boba flavor like taro milk tea, Thai tea and even cafe sua da or Vietnamese coffee. These flavors are definitely some of the better ones here at this Vietnamese cafe so go ahead and give these a try! The best combo in our opinion is a Thai tea with boba pearls and a bowl of Pho Dac Biet, or house special pho (Vietnamese noodles). 

Hmm, maybe we should write an article with the best boba pairings with different Vietnamese foods, let us know if this is something you’d like to read! In the mean time, here’s a full recipe on how to make Vietnamese coffee if you’re interested.

Kung Fu Tea 

Bet you didn’t know Kung Fu Tea was in New Mexico! Or maybe you did, they’re practically everywhere you can imagine in the United States. You can’t stop the fearless boba tea company Kung Fu Tea claims to be! 

With over 50 different flavors and variations of bubble tea, fruit tea, milk tea, boba, boba pearls, tapioca pearls and more, they will cater to anyone’s specific tastes. Some days you might be feeling a fruit tea with grass jelly and other days you want a refreshing almond milk tea with tapioca pearls (one of their most popular). Don’t you worry they have both! 

Here’s a few of our favorite bubble tea flavors from Kung Fu Tea in case you’re wondering. 

  • Ginger milk
  • Matcha milk
  • Winter melon tea milk cap
  • Honey Oolong milk tea

Kawaii Boba 

With over 200+ reviews and located in Albuquerque, New Mexico…without hesitation this boba cafe deserves to be in the best boba places in New Mexico. We think it deserves its spot at least. 

This kawaii (“cute” in Japanese) boba cafe definitely lives up to its name. When you first walk into the bubble tea shop you’ll be presented with bright green and blue walls, definitely adding to the anime/kawaii vibes of the place. The best part about this place is that it has an amazing atmosphere with delicious bubble tea in New Mexico. You can even play some UNO here if you’d like! Better yet, bring your own card game here and enjoy your favorite (we personally love Exploding Kittens the card game, it’s simple and really fun)!

Some popular flavors here include taro milk tea, Thai milk tea, watermelon fruit tea and lavender milk tea. Lavender milk tea is a bit different than waht you’d normally get. It has floral hints and after tastes but it’s quite addicting when you get used to it! Try out the flavor if you haven’t yet, we promise it’s delicious. 

Hi Boba 

First we just want to say that the logo you see on these boba cups here at Hi Boba are just too funny! It’s a face with it’s tongue sticking out like he or she wants to sip on some boba, and the hair is created with the words “Hi Boba,” how clever! Totally getting some great vibes from this bubble tea shop here in Albuquerque. 

Here at Hi Boba you can order some of your favorite fruit teas, cheese teas, smoothies, brewed teas and milk teas. (See Hi Boba Albuquerque menu for full flavors and more). We highly suggest if you haven’t tried cheese tea to give it a try. It’s pretty much any tea ordinary brewed tea with a milk cap or milk foam on top. The milk foam is generally made with some sort of cream cheese mixture frothed up and tastes a bit salty but not overwhelmingly salty! The tea and the milk cap help balance each other’s extreme flavors which calls for a great drink. 

If you want to learn more about cheese tea or milk foam, read our article here. 

Best Boba Places in New Mexico


Hi Boba

Lotus Boba Tea 

Finally, a bubble tea shop not in Albuquerque but in Alamogordo, New Mexico! 

Here at Lotus Boba Tea you can expect nothing but delicious boba tea and the perfect chew with each tapioca pearl. This place has over 150+ reviews and we totally understand why. You don’t get positive reviews by making mediocre menu items! 

Once you walk into this place, right away you’re greeted with a wall full of the menu and bubble tea drinks. This boba menu on the wall of their guest favorites also tell you a bit about the business and why it’s able to stay so fresh compared to other shops around. For one, they use no powdered teas only freshly brewed teas and they use pure cane sugar not processed sugar. All ingredients here are kept natural and fresh daily! 

If you want a fresh bubble tea in the morning or during your lunch break, stop by here you won’t be disappointed. Some guest favorites according to their menu include mango pineapple slushie (with boba pearls), green tea smoothie (with boba pearls) and honey lemon fusion tea with boba pearls. 

Boba Tea Company 

Founded in 2005 (wow that’s a long time ago) Vi and Hoa Luong created the Boba Tea Company. It is a boba chain that is privately owned in New Mexico, where you can find about 3 locations spread across Neighboring towns and cities. Their motto is “suck it up” and we definitely understand why. Boba pearls can be stubborn sometimes right? 

With fresh cooked boba pearls daily you can be sure that you’ll find a chewy bite with each tapioca pearl you suck up. Pair those delicious boba pearls with some of their most popular drinks too!

  • French kiss boba – brewed black tea with French vanilla, strawberry and chocolate cream.
  • Eskimo boba – freshly brewed black tea with vanilla bean cream and almond milk. 
  • Geisha boba – delicious green tea mixed with matcha, vanilla bean and half and half for more texture. 

Boba Cafe 

If you have an appetite, be sure you’re visiting the Boba Cafe in Las Cruces, New Mexico. When you come here not only will you find delicious boba tea but you’ll find a lot more foods as well. Some things you won’t normally expect from a bubble tea shop too…

Pair your house made boba milk tea or boba smoothies with foods like chicken sandwiches, Philly cheese steaks, Thai chicken wraps, or fish and chips. Yep, you read that correctly, this place has fish and chips! Talk about a diverse range of foods and drinks to bridge cultures together. 

You Didn’t Expect New Mexico to Have So Many Boba Places Did You?

Now that you know New Mexico has it’s fair share of really great boba places to drink from…what do you say? Will you try some boba places in New Mexico when you visit? Or maybe you’re a resident here and you are just craving some boba because you had it when you visited some other state or country, either way we’re glad to have taught you a bit about the best boba places in New Mexico.

Before we let you go, if you want to write for us or contribute to our blog be sure to let us know here. Simply fill out the form and we’ll reach out to you very shortly, we love bringing on new contributors the blog, it’s fun to allow people to express themselves here on Talk Boba. 

And lastly, if you’re interested in learning more about boba or the best boba places in the United States have a read at some of the most popular articles. 

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