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Best Boba Places in Minnesota

Best bubble tea, boba, and milk tea in Minnesota coming right up! Below you’ll find the best boba places we found in Minnesota. If there are any boba cafes we left out that you think deserve to be on this list, please comment below! We’ll be sure to add it right away.

Now, let’s find the best boba places in Minnesota.

Boba and Tea  

First, when you enter this place you’ll see a big chalkboard wall. Who doesn’t like big chalkboard walls? Maybe those who cringe at the idea of hearing the sound of nails on the chalkboard. We apologize ahead of time if we made any one of our boba lovers cringe just now. 

Along with the huge chalkboard wall, they have these really aesthetic reusable bottles. They’re almost like capsules! Their reusable bottles might be the star of the show at first, but Boba and Tea have a lot of boba flavors to offer too. Lots of variety!

People usually order their traditional flavors like taro milk tea or black milk tea but obviously there’s more than that. Two adventurous bubble tea flavors Boba and Tea offers are their moonlight or sunrise boba flavors.

Find Boba and Tea in the Saint Paul area if you visit! 

Sencha Tea Bar 

When we take a look at Sencha Tea Bar’s website we immediately think premium loose leaf tea. After all, the front home page is full of their best loose leaf tea such as sencha tea and green tea. Plus, we only want the best of the best right? 

Sencha Tea Bar serves nothing short of excellence. They partner and sourc from the “finest international growers”. This enables them to provide their customers with the best tea drinking experience. Whether you’re drinking bubble tea or regular steeped tea, you’ll be pleasantly satisfied.

We highly recommend ordering their royal tea latte with boba pearls. It’s delicious, creamy, and full of flavor!

Boba King 

We’ll be honest, it’s really nice stepping into a place like this. The ordering experience is quick and simple. When you step up to the plate and order your boba cup, it’s very clear what their best boba flavors are.

Seamless and easy to follow. 

Boba King, being the self proclaimed king themselves, have a lot of variety when it comes to boba drinks. They offer milk teas, smoothies, tea infusions and specialty drinks. Popular favorites include oolong milk tea, avocado smoothie with boba pearls and mango passion tea infusion

Thinking about trying out the self proclaimed king of boba? 

Cha Yes 

With a friendly team serving you and answering any questions you might have, you can’t complain one bit. 

Here at Cha Yes you can relax in the perfect vibe with friends and family while drinking the best boba around town. They offer your classic milk teas along with shaved ice and smoothies. So if you’re down for some milk tea and boba pearls with a side of a cold satisfying smoothie, this is the place to be. 

Grab a friend (or two) that you haven’t seen in a while and chat it up here while you sip on something delicious. 

Feng Cha 

This boba cafe is another very popular franchise that is around the US and the whole world. In fact, they have over 1000+ locations globally! Talk about making a name for yourself in the boba industry (we’ve got a long ways to go). Please subscribe to our newsletter to help out haha! 

Oh and one important thing to note is that they started all this in 2016! Isn’t that crazy fast growth? 

Here at Feng Cha you can grab yourself some of their delicious specialty drinks like Feng Cha milk tea or their matcha red bean milk tea. They’re both very delicious! 

Tasty Pot 

This place isn’t your typical boba cafe that you’re thinking of. It’s not a place where you’d expect to have great tea, after all, it’s a hot pot restaurant not a boba cafe. However, they serve some really delicious and memorable milk teas. What a bonus! 

If you’ve never had hot pot before it’s essentially an assortment of food that you pick on a menu with a soup base (generally in the middle of your table). And you cook the food right in front of you. You’ll typically have spicy broths and non-spicy broths to choose from, both are great! 

As for the bubble tea here, we have to let you know the secret and most popular drinks! Hokkaido milk tea with boba pearls, rose matcha latte with boba, and milk cream green tea are some go-to flavors that you should try. Come by Tasty Pot in Minnesota if you’re visiting, you won’t regret it! 

Cha Time 

Everyone knows Cha Time right? If you don’t, it’s okay but be sure to try them when you get a chance. The experience you get in any Cha Time franchise is unbeatable! 

They’ve been the forefront of boba for a while with their innovative technology. With the help of technology in the cafe industry, they’re able to serve you a drink within minutes of paying. We’re talking about having your drink ready before you put your money away sometimes (it’s happened to one of us before)

5 great boba flavors we recommend trying in this boba cafe are coffee milk tea, earl grey latte, matcha tea latte, honeydew smoothie,, and roasted milk tea. Of course, all flavors must have boba pearls in them too! 

Are You Excited for Some Boba Tea Now?

We are!

Thanks for reading with us here at Talk Boba, we hope you learned a lot of about the boba tea and best boba places in Minnesota in this article. Let us know, are you going to grab some boba now? Comment what boba shop you’ll be going too below! 

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