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Best Boba Places in Mississippi

Remember when you were younger and you compete with your friends on who can spell Mississippi the fastest in the correct way? Or was that only us? Some of the team still do it from time to time.

In fact, we would be lying if we didn’t just do it as we write this article! 

We’re not here to compete to see how fast someone can spell Mississippi though, we’re here to talk about boba, the boba place among the best of Mississippi to be exact. Maybe we can have a competition about who can name the most boba flavors in 10 seconds. Think we should do something like that, let us know in the comments maybe we’ll put something together! 

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To start, let’s read on the best boba places in Mississippi below. 

Coffee Fusion Bubble Tea Cafe

Founded in 2003 Coffee Fusion Bubble Tea Cafe changed the local landscape bringing both the offerings of a typical coffee shop with the offerings of a boba cafe. They combined the idea of the two to make a fusion cafe that serves anyone from the western culture to eastern culture.

Here at Coffee Fusion Bubble Tea Cafe you’ll be able to find people sipping on their favorite espresso based drink or enjoying a frothy milk tea with tapioca pearls. If you don’t know what tapioca pearls are, click here to read more about them, they’re delicious! 

Not only can you be served great beverages or drinks, you can also order delicious sandwiches! We’re sandwich lovers here at Talk Boba just as much as we like bubble tea so it only made sense that this place was a great spot to check out. Some popular sandwiches include their grilled roma tomato paninis, cordon bleu croissants and their fajita wraps! 

Stop by this place for your next lunch break when you have boba cravings. 

Quickly Asian Fusion Cafe 

What’s not to love about a boba cafe that serves delicious food and bubble tea that also has over 100 positive reviews. Those reviews average out to be 4+ stars across the board too! 

There’s definitely a majority of people that enjoy what Quickly Asian Fusion Cafe has to offer.

Their house milk teas are so good! Some popular milk tea flavors they offer are taro milk tea, jasmine green milk tea, coffee milk tea, Thai milk tea and of course black milk tea. These are practically on the classic boba flavors too! Maybe they have more flavors like ours here, we just haven’t found out yet! 

Stop by Quickly Asian Fusion Cafe in D’Iberville area. 

Why Does Mississippi Lack Bubble Tea Places?

Maybe it doesn’t or maybe it does. However we at Talk Boba we’re only able to find 2 really great boba places in Mississippi. Maybe you know more! If the boba place that you frequently go to is not on this list of best bubble tea in Mississippi, please let us know and we’ll add more. 

If you know some great boba places that aren’t on the map feel free to let us know down below in the comments or through the newsletter signup. By the way, if you sign up for the newsletter you’ll get first dibs on discounts for our shop plus exclusive content that only our subscribers know about. Have you ever wondered how the big boba brands in the industry make their boba exactly, yeah that’s the type of stuff you’ll receive in our newsletter!

Hope you come and join the conversation! 

With that said, just talk about boba, duh! If you’re still reading this and want to learn more about boba, maybe reading our most popular article will make you crave for some boba. Read the top boba toppings for milk tea here.

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