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Best Boba Places in Missouri

Good ol’ Missouri, the gateway to the west! (That’s what they say right?) 

Surprisingly when we continued our search for best boba places across the United States (yes, all 50 states) we were surprised at how much great boba cafes there were in Missouri. This list alone has about 8 very delicious boba places that you’ll have to try. It’s definitely bigger than some of our previous lists! 

We know you’re excited but before we get started in reading the best boba places in Missouri, let us introduce ourselves

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Onwards to the best boba places in Missouri! Grab a cup of your favorite boba flavor, sit back, and read on. 

St Louis Bubble Tea 

You know how people say sweet and savory are the best combo (or is that just us)? With over 500+ combined reviews (positive of course), St Louis Bubble Tea serves up the best crispy chicken and boba around.

We can imagine it now, biting on some crispy chicken and pairing it with one of our favorite boba flavors, like taro milk tea. This sounds go yummy! You’ll have to try this place out, the reviews alone will convince you to come. 

We recommend getting exactly what we just envisioned (and craving now). But feel free to order some other popular items like drunken noodles, fried rice, or even their chicken wings!

Cube Tea Studio 

This bubble tea cafe is very cute inside! We can tell they were very intentional with their branding and aesthetic. When you first walk in you’ll realize the placed is very mute or greyed out. No literally, the walls and even counter are a light charcoal grey. 

But that’s not a bad thing, this makes their very bright cube logo stand out! 

Here at Cube Tea Studio you can find very delicious boba flavors right here in University City. The workers behind the counter are friendly and help with any questions you have. And the best part, their boba is deliciously good. They have slushies, milk tea, cheese foam, coffee, great tapioca pearls and more! We recommend getting a drink that has cheese foam in it, it’s quite lovely.

Share Sweet 

If you want sweets, be sure to share the good news with your friends too. This place is the best to bring your boba squad and dig in to some sweet treats. 

At Share Sweet Missouri you can definitely order your favorite boba flavor but we’ll be honest, we can’t stop looking at the treats too. They have waffles, classic sweet french toast, fresh fruits, drizzles of chocolate syrups, tapioca pearls, grass jelly, red bean…the list just goes on

If you’re ever had Asian desserts you’ll love this place! 


Don’t you love it when businesses have a play on words, very clever Societea! 

Located in Springfield Missouri, Societea brings bubble tea, roll cakes and more for the locals. This boba cafe brings back nostalgic memories. This boba cafe isn’t quite like your franchise owned boba spots you find popping up more and more. Here, you’ll get the same feeling you did when you were a child having your first sip of boba in that Chinese cafe. 

This place has all those delicious bakery items that you’re used too like those delicious roll cakes (see more bakery items here), but it also serves up great tasting boba flavors. We recommend getting some traditional flavors here like black milk tea with tapioca pearls or Thai iced milk tea. Heck, support the local cafe even more and get yourself and your family a Swiss roll cake to go as well! 

Kung Fu Tea 

What’s there to say about Kung Fu Tea?

If you’ve never heard of Kung Fu Tea in the USA you might be living under a rock or you’re just not interested in bubble tea. If you’re not interested in bubble tea, let us convince you why you should be here with what is bubble tea?

With hundreds of stores across the USA, if you find a Kung Fu Tea spot you know you can have above par bubble tea. Sometimes their drinks can be on the sweeter side but a great trick is to order your boba flavors at 50% sweetness. We think the best thing about Kung Fu Tea is that they have a huge variety of boba flavors but you’re able to customize exactly how you like your boba tea too! This is like the Starbucks of bubble tea, you can come and order very customized boba drinks like no other place. 

La Boba Cafe 

Here’s another great boba place in Missouri if you’re looking for some sweet treats. Here at La Boba Cafe you’ll find bubble tea, rolled ice cream and great toppings! Not only do you have traditional toppings like candies, tapioca pearls and some mochi balls…you can also order some wafers

We love wafers in our ice creams, it brings back great memories as children here at the office. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, it’s these wafers from Loacker.

Bubble tea, ice cream and delicious toppings, what’s more to love?

Dragonfly Tea Zone 

Dragonfly Tea Zone has a few other locations in Kansas City along with the one in Missouri, in Independence, Missouri to be exact. With multiple locations you know they have something good to serve! 

Like many other bubble tea cafes we have mentioned above this boba place is no different. It serves many of the traditional flavors like strawberry milk tea, taro milk tea, honeydew milk tea, oolong milk tea, coffee milk tea— the list goes on

The best thing about this place is that they’re very keen on using high quality premium loose leaf teas. Similar to these from Solstice Tea Traders

Read more on why it’s so important to use loose leaf tea rather than tea bags in your milk tea or bubble tea.

U Knead Sweets 

Here at U Knead Sweets in Columbia, Missouri you’ll find artists for bubble tea. We’re not talking about people who paint or draw about bubble tea, we’re talking about passionate people working in the boba industry. The amazing people here take making each cup of bubble tea with artistry craftsmanship

You’ll know your bubble tea will be taken care of here for sure!  

Not only do they serve you the most delicious tea in Columbia, Missouri they have other sweets too! We’re sure you can make that our from the business’ name. They serve up whole cakes like popular dutch apple cheese cakes, ganache cakes, chocolate mousse cakes, strawberry black forest cakes and more

Come order a birthday cake for a friend or family member and grab a cup of your favorite bubble tea flavor to go too! 

Ready to Choose a Boba Place in Missouri Now? 

We hope we didn’t make it too difficult for you to choose the best boba place in Missouri to go too! We just wanted to highlight the best ones we found thus far. If you think there are even better ones, all you have to do is comment down below and we’ll be sure to add it to the list. 

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