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Best Boba Places in Montana

So we’re going to be honest, we couldn’t find that many boba places here in Montana. Trust us, it’s really hard! However we did find some, and we’re here to highlight them for you. 

Fair warning, they’re not your traditional bubble tea or boba cafes that you’ll find in popular cities like New York City or San Francisco. These are somewhat hidden gems if you will…but still great tasting nonetheless. You can never go wrong with the classic bubble tea flavors if you’re afraid to venture out! 

Help us out here.

If you know of any really great tasting boba places that we couldn’t find let us know in the comments below. We will definitely add it to the list if it’s another hidden gem that you know of and we don’t! With that said, let’s scroll a little further down so we can read the best boba places in Montana. 

Vietnam Grill 

This is definitely not your typical boba cafe you’d think of when reading about the best boba places. But don’t be fooled, their boba or bubble tea is as delicious as the Vietnamese food here.

What’s better than a bowl of pho (beef noodle soup) and bubble tea on the side anyways? Name a better combo in the comments! 

Here at Vietnam Grill located in Missoula, Montana we’d suggest you order an entree of your favorite Vietnamese food with a classic boba flavor. You know, something like Thai milk tea, black milk tea or even Vietnamese iced coffee with boba pearls. And if you’re curious what our favorite Vietnamese food is… it’s a big bowl of pho with a lot of bean sprouts. Another favorite is freshly grilled pork chops on a bed of warm rice.

We’re hungry just thinking about it! 

Iza Restaurant 

Similar to Vietnam Grill, this isn’t your typical boba cafe either. It’s a full on restaurant actually, Asian fusion to be exact. 

Here at Iza Restaurant you’ll definitely want to try their mongolian beef or pad Thai noodles. They’re some of the most popular dishes here. And of course be sure to pair that delicious entree with some sweet milk tea on the side. There’s jasmine milk tea, black milk tea, Thai iced milk tea and many more flavors! 

Get inspired with boba flavors here if you want more. 

Townshend’s Teahouse 

Townshend’s Teahouse has a really cool vibey and soothing atmosphere. Come here to do your procrastinated work, converse about your deepest concerns and of course drink high quality tea with friends

If you haven’t already gotten the memo Townshend’s Teahouse is a great place for all things tea. Plus, they’re all about bringing community together on a local level and more! 

They serve any type of tea from hot, iced to even bubble tea. The steeping of their premium loose leaf teas doubles as great aromatics for the teahouse and great tasting tea (bubble tea to be exact). Try their green tea or oolong tea, you won’t regret it! 

We’re thinking about getting some oolong tea for ourselves soon too. Vahdam is a great brand to get some loose leaf oolong tea if you’re curious.

Are There More Boba Places in Montana? 

Please let us know if there is! We must know, for our audience (also for the team at Talk Boba). 

Also, did you know we wrote about the best boba places in every single state in the United States? Yes, we researched and scoured only the best boba 50 times in 50 different states. You can just say we’re boba dedicated (or addicted)! 

Here are more best boba places:

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