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Best Boba Places in California

There’s no way we can miss the best boba places in California right? With our best boba places across all 50 states, this is sure to be one of the more popular cities to visit.

California. It’s known for many things.

Things like the film industry in Los Angeles. The absolutely delicious food and beverage scene of the West Coast (fusion foods for the win)! And of course the beachy breeze and sunshine.

What’s not to love about California? The bright and sunny vibes of the West Coast has so much to offer! 

With that said, what about their boba and bubble tea?

Is it delicious? Does it compare to boba places in New York City? Are the tapioca pearls better than other states? What are some of the best boba flavors that come out of California boba cafes? 

Let’s dive deeper into the best boba places in California! Continue reading below. You might just find a bubble tea place you never tried before. 

Bon Bon Tea House

Let’s start with the one and only Bon Bon Tea House in Northridge.
This boba cafe in California definitely has to be one of the most reviewed boba places on the planet. With over 1300+ reviews, you can only begin to ask yourself “what’s so special about this boba place?”
Well, let us tell you. 
First, there will always be a line whenever you come to this spot, no question. But the speed in which you get your boba is very reasonable. They turn around boba drinks very efficiently. Like clock work!
Second, boba tea here is made with very high-quality ingredients. If you want to taste the actual tea flavor used in their drinks, you’ll experience that here. They have perfected the balance of tea and milk to satisfy all customers.
Lastly, their service is amazing! Along with their quick turnaround time, they always strive to put a smile on your face too. After all… you’re drinking some delicious boba here. 

Best Boba Places in California
Bon Bon Tea House


This boba place in California is one of a kind compared to your traditional boba places.

Sure they serve your classic Thai milk tea or black milk tea but did you ever have a scoop of ice cream with it? Yep. Bubble tea floats!

MILK+T is founded by two amazing and fearless women by the names of Beyah and Stacey. They started their journey with the world’s first self serve boba truck and ran with it for over 18 months!

With the support of their amazing customers, MILK+T is now open in several brick and mortar locations. They stand ready to serve up something different with milk tea. If you love ice cream and bubble tea, this is exactly what you’ve been craving for! 

Best Boba Places in California
Milk and Tea

SD Boba Tea

Popular amongst many around the San Diego streets of California, SD Boba Tea serves up more than bubble tea. Not only can you sip on some boba you can have some really delicious treats on the side. Plus the interior of the boba shop is a very relaxed and open environment.

Some treats that you can get your hands on are macarons and Belgian liege waffles!

On top of all this, they’re simply a really amazing establishment to support. They go out of their way to support the local community. SD Boba Tea hosts local events with schools, organizations, and more.

If you ask us, they’ve definitely earned their spot in the community.

Best Boba Places in California
San Diego Boba Tea

Boba Guys Mission

What more can we say about Boba Guys? Their hyper transparency approach to bridging cultures across the world is admirable.

They’ve been a huge part of Asian culture today. And they’re not afraid to step out of their limits and take the world by storm (or cup). They partner and collaborate with impactful brands and companies to inspire the future generation.

On top of that, their boba drinks are just delicious! Hands down some of the most authentic boba brands there is. 

Best Boba Places in California
Boba Guys in Mission


Quick question, who doesn’t love a good sweet tea anyways? We love the play on words here at I LOVE SWEETEA!

With over 1000 reviews and growing every day, there’s so much to love about this boba spot in Los Angeles. Here you’ll enjoy some of the most premium milk teas you’ll find around California. And their food is quite delicious too!

One of our favorite snacks to order from them and share with our friends is the fried chicken on top of a bubble waffle. It’s so savory and delicious, we’re thinking about getting some very soon! 

Best boba places in California

What Boba Places Do You Like in California?

Join the conversation below and comment on what boba places from California you enjoy that’s not on this list!

Talk Boba is on a mission to finding the best boba places for our readers and what’s better than to have you suggest them yourself? Tell us your favorite and we’ll add it to this list, share the hidden boba spots! 

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  1. Jahanna Davenport

    If you guys are anywhere near Rancho Cucamonga, ca you guys have to try Boba Brake. It is my favorite place around I don’t go anywhere else.

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