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Best Boba Places in Oklahoma City

Have you been in a situation where you’ve been intensely craving for some comfort food or drink, yet have no idea where to buy the best one that would satisfy your craving? 

Yes, we feel the same way with boba, bubble tea, or milk tea. However, you like to name it. We randomly have those cravings, especially during the summer. Luckily, here at @talkboba we know where to find the best boba bubble tea in Oklahoma City, and we are going to share it with you, our readers. 

Here are the best boba places in Oklahoma City that you can find right outside your doorstep. 

Koala Tea

Say this fast: koala Tea, koala tea, koala tea, koala tea, koala tea. Right? QUALITY. 

That’s what they are most proud of and we couldn’t help but think that the name is so cute! They serve premium quality boba teas and delicious desserts. The staff here are super friendly and nice, plus they have very comfy couches that you might want to lounge in, and they have board games you can play with your friends and family while drinking your favorite bubble tea. The best boba tea we have tasted here so far was the kumquat. It has a creamy, citrusy flavor.

P.S don’t forget to order the macaroons with your bubble, it’s also very tasty. 

Teapioca Lounge

Teapioca Lounge was established in 2010. With the idea of bringing Asia’s most popular drink to the other side of the world, combining the advance technology from the west and turning it into a blockbuster just a few weeks within its opening. Teapioca doesn’t just sell premium teas, they also sell coffee and of course Taiwanese’ famous shaved ice. Making it a fun-loving place not just for adults to enjoy but for all-ages. 

With more than a hundred drinks to choose from, make that an excuse to keep coming back. Give Teapioca Lounge’s bubble tea a try.   

Boba Café 

According to Yelp, this one is listed as the number 1 café in Oklahoma. Let’s find out why. First, the ambiance, from the outside it looks like an ordinary coffee shop, except for the cute boba signage. 

Second, the interior design, it’s modern, yet simple. 

Third, comfortability, they have plenty of seats available, plus the armchair is really comfy. 

Fourth, the staff, they are all extra nice and friendly. 

Fifth, and of course the TASTE, it’s so delicious. The cotton candy with strawberry popping, it’s like eating candy and drinking at the same time. But some might dislike the sweetness, so you can always go for coffee boba, taro or butterbeer, just like an Asian Harry Potter.

Any Harry Potter fans here?  


Babble coffee and boba started last 2017. building from ideas, research, to trial and errors, until they perfected the recipe for boba tea. Now, they are a well-established boba house that serves no less than a hundred customers a day. Aside from their daily service, they also offer catering for small or large parties. 

They also encourage BYOB (Build Your Own Boba), where you buy your cup, add toppings, add ice, fill up the cup with the flavor you want and seal it, and I mean BYOB, do it yourself. Fun isn’t it? You can be creative, mix and match or do half and half of each flavor if you are that adventurous type. 

Mr. Pan

Mr. Pan, with that sad/angry face looking panda, but it’s just a façade though, their bubble is one of the top-rated boba shops in OKC. I’ve seen so many good reviews about this tea house that we decided to do a taste test and see what the rave is all about. 

So as we tried to order, there was a long line queuing, it did take a while for us, and for them to make our drinks, I had lavender, I love edible flowers or anything that is supposed to be decorative but edible otherwise. And my friend had a black grape oolong tea both with boba. We loved both our drinks, it was tasty, creamy, the boba balls were chewy, not overcooked or raw, and the tea had just the right amount of sweetness in it. Thumbs up to Mr. Pan. 


Spacious, check. Comfortable chairs and couch to lounge in, check. Adequate seating, check. Cozy atmosphere, check. Friendly and nice staff, check. Delicious desserts, check. Tasty bubble tea, check. A variety of milk tea flavors, check. They have a poker table, check. 

Say what? 

They do have it, and other fun stuff you and your friends can play with if you decide to hang-out here. So on a Friday night, instead of hanging out at a bar, or friend’s home with a beer, why not hang-out here and play poker with a glass or two of boba tea.

Apparently the passion fruit, taro and mint green are delicious!  

Cafe Bella

OKC local, independently owned, Café Bella is known for its aromatic coffee and delicious bubble tea. Being in the beverage industry for a long time, they have made a name that people will never forget. They always made sure that the coffee and tea that each customer gets are always new, fresh and always the top-quality product in the market. No wonder why customers keep coming back to this place despite having many other highly competitive coffee and tea shops around OKC. 

Kung Fu Tea

Okay, come on! Who does not know Kung Fu tea? I’ve heard of this name several times. Top best bubble tea in OKC? Kung fu tea pops out, best bubble tea in the state, Kung Fu tea again. Best boba shop in America? Yeah, you got that right Kung Fu tea, top best milk tea shops in the world? Haha Kung Fu tea again. Kung Fu tea is a worldwide chain of milk tea shop, with more than a hundred stores located in the United States alone, plus several dozen others spread across other continents, Asia, Australia, and Europe. With a big company like Kung Fu tea and a massive market they deal with, what more do you expect? 

But only the best of the best.

Urban Boba Teahouse

Oh my god! They have Taiyaki goldfish waffle ice cream, like yum! Honestly, we came here for that, it’s something you can only see on Instagram or when you travel around in Asian countries like Hongkong or Japan. 

We had an earl grey boba tea in a lightbulb container with less sugar and it was electrifying, heavenly. They also have other drinks they’re proud of, and they should. Hibiscus tea with rainbow jelly and Taro boba tea.  

So, we’ve highlighted every best bubble milk tea house in Oklahoma City. Get your buds ready cause these teas will knock you off. Join our bubble tea community by replying to the comment section. Thanks for reading the best boba places in Oklahoma City with us. 

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Braganza Tea

Located in Portland, Seattle and Olympia metro areas, Braganza is there. They’re the next level bubble tea you’ve been looking for. Milk tea, fruit tea,


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