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Best Boba Places in Colorado

Who here is from Colorado? We assume that if you’ve landed here, you’re either visiting colorado and have a boba craving or you’re living here and have a boba craving. 

Either way, you have a boba craving let’s be honest! (Not a bad thing though). Our 20,000+ boba lovers have cravings all the time! 

Colorado, known for it’s very cold weather, enormous winter storms and some of the best athletes in the world we hope to think that they also have delicious boba. With our search in finding the best boba places in Colorado, we were pleasantly surprised in the selection of boba places there are. 

Read further for the 8 best boba places in colorado. Oh and before you go ahead and read the first one, if you’re looking to contribute to Talk Boba with your own articles and ideas, be sure to let us know what you want to submit by clicking here. 


Lollicup Denver

Located in Denver, Colorado this boba place has some of the best bubble tea around. With over 600 reviews averaging 4 stars and counting, you can bet that you’ll be satisfied here. They also have a lot of anime books on their shelves that you can read through while you sip your boba. Or if you’re the type of person, you can play things like connect four with your boba squad! One of the most popular boba flavors here is their royal milpk tea so be sure you give this a try if you ever stop by! 

Meet Fresh

Not so well known for their bubble tea (although the boba is really delicious), but rather very well known for their freshest ingredients and one of a kind snacks! Meet Fresh founded by sister and brother Fu, mastered the art of making the most delicious taro balls and jelly desserts. They use nothing but fresh ingredients (new taro is delivered daily), they’re able to get the best flavors out of their desserts that keep customers happy and craving more! You’ll have to try their masterful taro balls, the texture is so delicate and the taste is so unique.

Kung Fu Tea

Best Boba Places in Colorado

Everyone knows this boba place right? Kung Fu Tea is only one of the most known and highly franchised boba cafes in the United States. With over 500+ locations all around the states, there has to be a reason why this boba cafe is so successful. Is it their boba flavors? Are their delicious tapioca pearls? Is it their customer service? Well… we hate to break it to you, it’s all of the above. This boba cafe has perfected innovative boba flavors paired with excellent customer service that is remembered, which brings in customers everyday! 

Boba Zone

This boba cafe is really cool aesthetic and modern (if that’s what you’re into nowadays). Boba Zone serves up a vast menu of really delicious boba flavors. You can find some of the most popular flavors like the classic black milk tea or something sweeter like taro milk tea. The environment here is so friendly, sometimes you’ll find people here studying or doing work on their lap top too! Also, one more thing before we forget, they have this really amazing decor that says “let’s all get oolong.” Talk about a beautiful and pun worthy sign! 

Boba and Crepes

While you’re sipping on your favorite boba flavor like thai milk tea or matcha milk tea, you can add a delicious crepes with it too! Here at Boba and crepes you’ll find a huge (we’re talking massive) menu full of drinks like boba and smoothies and then you’ll find the crepe menu. As for the delicious crepes, we’re thinking everyone needs to get the nutella fruit supreme to brighten up their day! Nothing beats a delicious boba with a warm crepe filled with fresh fruit! 


Sourcing from the highest of quality whole leaf teas you better believe you’ll be satisfied! Starting in 2008 In Tea has grown its business to the likes of many. Serving delicious teas, coffee, cocktails, sandwiches, paninis and more! Seriously, they have everything. Don’t be fooled by the quantity of their selection though, each menu item is served up with care and detail for your happiness! 

Colorado Isn’t that Bad 

Now that we’ve highlighted some amazing boba cafes in Colorado, it’s not so bad right? You’ll be able to satisfy your boba craving with any of these delicious boba places! 

Are you a native here in Colorado and know of a better spot? Please let us know by joining the conversation below. Simply comment your suggestions about the best boba places in Colorado and we’ll add it in! 

Oh and if you’re still here, be sure to check out the most common questions about boba. We cover some of the myths and facts about boba that are asked daily! 

Also, here’s more best boba places: 

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