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Best Boba Places in West Virginia

There isn’t much boba places in West Virginia, at least to our knowledge but we’re here to talk about the best boba places we know in West Virginia! We’ll try our best in recommending only the best that we think is worth the try. If you know of any boba places around West Virginia (you know, the whole in the wall places) let us know! 

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Onwards with West Virginia boba places! 

The Green Pineapple 

This might definitely be one of the best boba places you can find in West Virginia that isn’t a big franchise or boba chain! Located in Shepherdstown, West Virginia you’ll find a beautiful green pineapple logo. In this boba cafe and asian fusion restaurant you’ll find amazing treats and beverages to pair with those treats! 

Some of the most favorite bubble tea flavors here at The Green Pineapple include flavors like the peach panther (vanilla and peach with mango popping boba) and the sweet morning (matcha and sea salt cream with coffee jelly). 

Let us know if you end up trying this place out, we would love to know how the raspberry cheesecake factory flavor tastes like! 

TK’s Fruit Produce & Bubble Tea

The boba cafe here is mainly known to be serving their amazing foods (they have vegan options too) and lunch specials. As people come in to dine for their lunch break after a hard day’s work, people will chow down and have a sip of boba here to relax! Some of their go-to favorite flavors include classic strawberry boba smoothies and avocado boba smoothies. Try some for yourself and let us know what you think. 

If you’re ever in Morgantown, West Virginia and you’re craving some delicious boba smoothies or boba teas, this is your spot to go to for sure! 

Kung Fu Tea

You can’t talk about the best boba places to go to in areas like West Virginia without talking about one major boba chain or franchise right? 

Kung Fu Tea, being all over the map, is also located in West Virginia. The best part about Kung Fu Tea being everywhere in almost every state of the United States is that flavors you’ll find in another state are also at your local location. If there’s a strawberry yogurt offering in NYC, you bet you’ll see that in West Virginia too! That’s the beauty of being such a large boba company, maybe too large sometimes. 

If you can find any other bubble tea spot in West Virginia, don’t hesitate to get your classic at Kung Fu Tea. They have plenty of flavors to choose from and they also allow for full customizability. This is what allows them to cater to anyone that steps into their boba shop! 

That’s all we have for West Virginia… we know it’s only 3 best boba places in West Virginia but we’re sure these won’t disappoint. If you need your boba craving fixed, try these places out first! We hope this helped you in someway, be sure to share it with your friends and family, we’re sure they’d love to learn more about the best boba places in West Virginia too!

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