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Best Boba Places in South Carolina

South Carolina bubble tea vs North Caroline bubble tea, what do you think is better? You’ll just have to read more to find out right? (If you haven’t read the Best Boba Places in North Carolina, do yourself a favor and read that after this one, it’s bubblicious)

You might’ve searched what is the best boba place in SC or something similar to that and landed right here. You clicked on our link and it brought you to this wonderful article. We’re going to answer exactly what you searched for down to the tea (pun heavily intended). And if you didn’t know, Talk Boba is the most engaging boba community on the internet, we don’t lie. 

Read more to find out the best Boba Places in South Carolina. 

Good Day Cafe 

Have you been to a place where the motto is “where every day is a good day?” How lovely is that by the way? Good Day Cafe represents the idea of “fun, friendly and affordable” exactly what we’d like in any restaurant or boba cafe. Located in Myrtle Beach (anyone visiting here soon?), Good Day Cafe serves up many delicious flavors of boba for its visitors.

Favorites here are usually black milk tea or taro milk tea. They don’t have much unique flavors as you’d expect from bigger franchises like Sharetea or Vivi Bubble Tea. But if you still need that boba fix, this is a great place to start. 

They even have amazing food here too! Grab some boba and pair it with delicious lobster rolls, salads or even grilled cheese sandwiches. YUM!

Ocha Tea Bar 

Are you residing or visiting Greenville, SC anytime soon? Be sure to take a detour and try out Ocha Tea Bar if you have a chance! The biggest thing you’ll notice here is their vibrant green decor. Try not to get distracted away from their bubble tea though. With a fair amount of great reviews from many people around the area, Ocha Tea Bar remains one of the best in the area.

Some flavors people highly recommend trying are jasmine milk tea and Thai milk tea. And of course, we had to try the Thai milk tea, one of our favorites. And we were happy we made that choice! The Thai milk tea is of course very milky, smooth, and full of flavor! It’s not too sweet like many other boba cafes make their Thai milk tea. At Ocha Tea Bar you’ll be able to taste the strength of the black tea they use. 

Oh and we didn’t forget, the tapioca pearls are cooked correctly here too! It has the right amount of bounce and chew with every bite, exactly what we look for in a great boba pearl texture. 

The Corner Blend 

You’ll like this one! If you’re a big fan of bubble tea (which we’re sure you are as you are here reading this article right now) and also a big fan of some acai bowls or fruits, you’re in luck! Here at The Corner Blend you’ll find a big variety of delicious boba flavors and smoothie bowls to choose from. 

Here’s some of the best bubble tea flavors here: 

  • Almond milk tea
  • Lychee milk tea
  • Taro milk tea
  • Thai milk tea
And if you’re curious, we’ll let you know about their smoothie bowls too, just in case you wanted to see what they have on their menu. We’re here to help you as much as possible anyways right? Some popular acai bowls or smoothie bowls are brazilian crush, blue de ba dee and pretty in pitaya! See their full menu on their site if you want the full descriptions of the flavor profile. 

Sweet Ice 

You can’t pass up rolled ice cream and bubble tea right? Great, then you’ll have to visit this place called Sweet Ice in Myrtle Beach, SC. They’re known for serving up really delicious rolled ice cream such as s’mores flavors, key lime pie, cookies and cream and more! As for their boba or bubble tea you can find some deliciousness in their honeydew bubble tea, Thai bubble tea or strawberry bubble tea… with boba pearls of course! 

So, if you’ve had a long day on the beach in the hot summer day (we know you definitely did) come by here to cool down with ice cream. And then leave with a bubble tea to keep you cool as you walk back outside in the scorching heat. 

This is off topic but, for those that are from South Carolina, this place tends to get really hot in the summer doesn’t it? Let us know in the comments below, let’s start a conversation! 

Cuppa Manna

If you’re looking for a huge selection of boba customization this is the place for you. With over 500+ positive reviews and still going strong, Cuppa Manna will serve you deliciously customizable bubble tea and coffee.

At Cuppa Manna (located in Summerville, SC) you can order delicious bubble tea flavors like matcha milk tea, avocado milk tea, Thai milk tea and more. But before you go, we also have to let you know about all the boba pearls they have too. 

Boba pearl flavors that you can order at Cuppa Manna that aren’t anywhere else in South Carolina. 

  • Coffee jelly
  • Mochi
  • Yogurt pearls
  • Peach pearls
  • Strawberry pearls and more!

Poke Tea House 

Anyone here a fan of sushi? Anyone a fan of rice? That’s a yes from our whole team (in case you’re wondering). If you’re in the same boat then this place is just right for you. Order up some of your favorite poke dishes or entrees like salmon poke bowls or tuna poke bowls (our favorite) with your favorite boba drink

Here at Poke Tea House we’ve tried flavors such as Thai milk tea (of course) and their honeydew milk tea and we must say they’re both really delicious! Here’s some other flavors you can try out too! 

  • Winter melon milk tea 
  • Coffee milk tea 
  • Coconut milk tea 

We also want to add that they have two locations too! One in downtown Charleston and the other one in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina. Go ahead, if you’re around the area give them a try!

Tea Fusion 

A fusion of tea sounds pretty good right? Like many of our best boba places articles (see more here) we save the best for last. And of course, Tea Fusion is the next one up! Serving up delicious boba, milk tea or bubble tea… you’ll leave this place very satisfied. Why? Because they also serve up some really delicious snacks and food that go perfectly with your boba tea

We’re talking foods that pair with boba like banh mi sandwiches, popcorn chicken, popcorn shrimp, fried calamari, fried tofu, fries, edamames you name it! We think the best pairing would have to be a banh mi with a side of popcorn chicken and one of these flavors of boba.

  • Taro bubble tea
  • Oreo cookie bubble tea
  • Mango bubble tea
  • Avocado bubble tea 

Anyone of those flavors and a banh mi sandwich sounds like a great afternoon. If you’re not convinced yet, let us add that they have over 600 really positive reviews. Seriously, the more you read them the more you want to just go and grab some food and boba. #guilty

Is the Boba in South Carolina Better than North Carolina? 

What do you think? Let us know below if you’ve read both of these articles. And if you haven’t, why not? Read the Best Boba Places in North Carolina here and let us know what you think afterwards! Also, please suggest more boba tea cafes for us to add, we’re always updating and adding (sometimes removing) boba places to stay up to date with the consensus

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