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Best Boba Places in North Carolina

We’re going to cut to the chase here and get you started with the best boba places in North Carolina right away! Below you’ll find a list of 5 of the best boba places in North Carolina, and trust us, the more you read down the list the better it gets! 

Kung Fu Tea

This boba cafe (that many of you know about already) can’t be stopped. The motive and fearless expansion of Kung Fu Tea is nothing to be joking about. They aim to be the forefront of the boba industry and they’re definitely achieving that goal. With over hundreds of locations spread globally there’s not a chance they don’t have one near you! 

Here are some flavors to get you started from Kung Fu Tea if you’re unsure of what to order. 

  • Winter melon green tea 
  • Black milk tea 
  • Jujube tea milk cap
  • Honey oolong milk tea 
  • Coconut milk tea  

Quickly Bubble Tea 

Located right near the campus of the University of North Carolina you’ll find Quickly Bubble Tea. As you can imagine, many boba lovers will stop by here and grab themselves their favorite boba tea or bubble tea flavors! With over 100+ reviews and 20+ locations across the United States, Quickly Bubble Tea has become somewhat of a household name in some parts of the country. 

At Quickly Bubble Tea you can find your bubble tea classics like taro milk tea, Thai iced milk tea, black milk tea, matcha milk tea and plenty more! Just like any other boba place, you’ll feel right at home at Quickly Bubble Tea. While you’re visiting your college friends at the University of North Carolina, come visit this boba cafe too! 

Also, let us know what we can do around University of North Carolina, we might visit soon!


This boba cafe might just be the best boba cafe in terms of the reviews we’ve ever seen. The boba place has over 900+ reviews across the board! This makes us wonder how many customers they get per day. This is definitely an achievement in itself…

Founded by two college best friends from North Carolina State University, Bin and Sandy started their interest for Asian cuisine specifically desserts. Milklab not only offers some of the most aesthetic and eye-catching bubble teas you can find around North Carolina, they also serve up Thai rolled ice cream (yum). You’ll find similar flavors in both the bubble teas they offer and the Thai rolled ice cream. 

If you’re not convinced that this is the boba place to go, how else can we convince you? To repeat, they have 900+ reviews, that in itself makes us want to go back! 

Yaya Tea

We’re realizing this best boba places of North Carolina gets better and better as we go down the list. This boba cafe, Yaya Tea, is also one of the great boba cafes around the state of North Carolina. Specializing in freshly brewed premium tea and the highest quality of ingredients, you’ll find a very delicious and satisfying cup of boba here. You’ll also find a lot of Japanese snacks or foods here too! 

We’re talking about Japanese foods like onigiri rice balls and rice/noodle dishes too! Our favorite combos here are the following…

  • Shrimp onigiri with black milk tea. 
  • Spam onigiri with matcha milk tea.
  • Chicken onigiri with Thai milk tea. 

Rena Marie’s Coffee and Bubble Tea 

If you’re in the mood for a local mom and pop type of style boba cafe, this is the one for you. No need to look any further for a boba cafe that reminds you of your childhood, we found it for you! Rena Marie’s Coffee and Bubble Tea will most definitely feel nostalgic and give you the memorable taste of your childhood.

Serving up the classics like housemade black milk tea or oolong milk tea, you can be sure they have the exact bubble tea flavor you had as a kid. You can also expect to have coffee like espressos or lattes here too, they do it all! 

Some of the best drinks here are cafe lattes, matcha green teas and Vietnamese iced coffees.

Sir Walter Coffee 

If you’re looking for a place that has a lot of variety not just the boba but in the cafe alone, this is what you’re looking for. Here at Sir Walter Coffee Teafusion you can find a few boba flavors that you’re familiar with but there’s more to this cafe than bubble tea. They serve up a lot of coffee and brewed tea here as well! 

And of course, there’s plenty of food to go around here. You can find yourself burritos, sandwiches and grab and go style foods like oatmeal or cups of parfaits! Honestly, this is a very great place to have your lunch break at if that’s what you’re looking for! Don’t hesitate to stop by Sir Walter Coffee if you’re around the Raleigh area. 

What Boba Place Do You Want to Try Now? 

We’ve listed some amazing boba cafes above with a lot of reviews…if you’re visiting North Carolina and haven’t read this list of boba places, what are you even doing? Send this list to a friend of yours in North Carolina or someone who is going to move here soon! We’re positive that this list of the best boba places will help your friend a lot to fulfill his cravings. Plus, you know the milk tea is good in North Carolina when the official state beverage is milk, go figure! 

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