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Best Boba Places in Manchester

If you are planning a trip or living in Manchester, New Hampshire, we have the inside scoop on the best boba in your area. To be clear these boba shops are in and surrounding the Manchester area. Unfortunately, Manchester New Hampshire doesn’t have that many boba shops.

But we tried our best. Here are the best boba places in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Bubble Bee Milk Tea

The first place we found is Bubble Bee Milk Tea. This spot is located outside of Manchester, but they offer a variety of milk teas, juices, and coffees. Perfect for any cafe goer.

In case you’re wondering, their house favorite is the classic bubble milk tea. Which explains why their store name is named so similarly.

They also offer sweet snacks and delicious foods. You’ll find some treats like macarons and cotton candy while sipping your boba. You can also order some delicious sushi. Yes, sushi. They started serving trays of sushi not too long ago. Come visit and try their newly added menu items!

Kung Fu Tea

Next, we have Kung Fu Tea. We’re sure many of you know this, Kung Fu Tea is a popular boba chain located in many states in the US (and outside of the US).

Like any other Kung Fu Tea chain, you’ll find the same flavors and foods at each location. The Kung Fu Tea in Manchester offers delicious slushes, fruit teas, and milk teas.

Personally we’d recommend trying their milk cap bubble teas. Fair warning, you may leave craving more. If you can’t make it to the Kung Fu Tea in Manchester, don’t fret. TTK fried chicken, a Kung Fu Tea partner, also sells all of their teas right outside of Manchester!

Rincha Bubble Tea

Lastly, Manchester New Hampshire has a lot of great restaurants and one in particular that stands out is @Rincha. All of their boba teas are made in house and come from the finest tea estates. We love that @Rincha wants to unlock your boba creativity by allowing you to mix and match your own flavors, toppings, etc. Not to mention, their sushi and poke bowls look delicious!

Well, there you have it for what we think the best boba in Manchester, New Hampshire is. I hope we could help you with your pursuit of the best boba around you. Remember this list does not cover every boba store and café in the area. New boba places are popping up all the time, so stay posted with our newsletter to stay up to date!

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