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Best Boba Places in New York City

Let us guess, you’re craving some boba or bubble tea right now so you’ve searched up the “best boba places in new york city” to see what you can find. 

And now you’re here… welcome to Talk Boba! We write short reviews about the best boba places, give some amazing bubble tea or boba recipes and even sell some really cute clothes and accessories. You won’t want to miss out on what’s next for us.

Now that we got the short introduction out of the way, we were talking about bubble tea in NYC right?

Below you’ll find some of the places that our team frequently goes to, whether it’s in NYC or another location. Many of these bubble tea spots below have multiple locations. Without stalling to much, let’s get into the best boba places in New York City. 

Boba Guys

Starting off with one bubble tea cafe that is pushing Asian culture to new heights (88 Rising anyone?), Boba Guys. Some boba connoisseurs believe this place to be overrated but we truly think they have some great boba selections. We tend to like drinking our go-to Thai tea or black sesame latte. 

Aside from their highest quality bubble milk teas, the vibe and atmosphere of their stores are amazing too. Fun fact, you actually won’t find one Boba Guys location to be the same as another. They strive to make each one unique based on the culture and environment of the city itself. Talk about attention to detail! The San Francisco location is different from the New York location and vice versa. 


Raving with reviews, PaTea bubble tea has been quite the staple here in NYC. There’s many people who love this spot and choose this as their go-to bubble tea cafe or shop. Their tea is made really well (hence the hundreds of reviews about it) and the service is always up to par. You can expect each visit to be consistent as well. Nothing’s worse than loving a boba drink from one spot but the next time you go, it isn’t quite the same. 

Some of our favorite flavors are their oolong matcha tea, brown sugar oolong tea and black milk tea. Of course with boba pearls (make it extra actually). 

Vivi Bubble Tea

We’ve mentioned this boba places multiple times in our blog (if you’ve been reading our other articles you might’ve stumbled upon it). Though this is a huge franchise for boba or bubble tea (over 100 locations), it has great tasting bubble tea. Plus, you can’t have bad tasting bubble tea or boba and reach 100+ stores right? There has to be something good about them. 

If you haven’t seen this place before, be on the look up for pink colors and cartoon skull figures. Their branding is interestingly eye catching. Try some of their popular flavors too traditional milk tea, taro milk tea, and taro creme brulee milk tea (fair warning, not for those that like boba less sweet). 

Gong Cha

Gong Cha is another similar milk tea shop compared to Vivi Bubble Tea. It’s also a franchise with many locations around the US. Sometimes people think franchises are a bit too much of the norm and want something more on the novelty side but you can’t beat the consistency. These franchises provide quality and consistent service and drinks for you every time you come into their stores. 

With tons of flavor selections, there’s a drink for every taste bud here. 

Kung Fu Tea

If you’re from the North East, you’ll know this boba or bubble tea brand. We’re sure you’ve seen all the memes that they produce about boba and bubble tea. We believe they’re the only ones tackling meme marketing on their socials as well. You might’ve even seen some of their memes in Subtle Asian Traits too, talk about that SAT life. 

Come try their best sellers! 

  • Kung Fu Milk Tea
  • Coconut Milk Tea
  • Winter Melon Milk Green Tea 

Ten Ren’s Tea Time

If you’re looking for a spot with both great milk tea and food, you’ve already found it. Ten Ren’s Tea Time (depending on the location) will have things like ramen, rice bowls, other noodle soups and more. 

How awesome would it be to pair a ramen bowl with a refreshing Thai Tea with boba? Very awesome if you ask us. With hundreds of great reviews, you’ll be convinced this will be your go-to lunch or boba spot in the future. Bring some friends and enjoy some laughs with a great meal and bubble tea. 

Tea Do

There aren’t many locations of Tea Do like Kung Fu Tea or the other bubble tea spots we’ve mentioned already but don’t be fooled. Tea Do is a great spot for a quick lunch if you’re on break from work. We like to grab an onigiri (Japanese rice ball) to go with bubble tea sometimes. Some days can get very busy…

Overall this place is satisfaction guaranteed. It may not have really abstract flavors but you can bet the traditional flavors are great to order. 

Tea and Milk

Hand crafted with quality tea and all natural ingredients, Tea and Milk strives for perfection when it comes to tea. It’s good to have a goal for perfection right? Their consistent flavors and service are hard to come by sometimes. 

They’ve even been the pioneers of boba tea catering. If you have an event or party, have a look at their service and order some boba for everyone in your party. Their bubble tea can be all the difference in having an amazing gathering! 

Did we give you a hard time on picking the right boba cafe or bubble tea shop for you in New York City? We hope not, we just wanted to talk about the best boba places! Comment below if you think we should add another one that might’ve not made the list, we love adding newer ones! 

Thanks for reading with us, feel free to check out more of our blog here or view our most popular articles below.

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