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Best Boba Places in South Dakota

Before you begin reading we just want to give you a fair warning that there really isn’t that much boba places here in South Dakota, which is unfortunate! Bubble tea is such a delicious beverage and drink how could a place lack this type of drink so much? Maybe this is our chance to bring some light to boba around the South Dakota area with the best boba places in South Dakota, what do you think? 

Below you’ll read two of the best boba places in South Dakota that we can find for you. We scoured all around to find the best and we’re happy to come up with 2 bubble tea shops. That’s better than nothing right? 

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Tasteas Natural Teas and Rolled Ice Cream

Located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, you’ll find this amazing bubble tea or boba shop named Tasteas. How fitting! This boba shop recently opened in 2017 to bring the area the highest premium bubble tea around. 

Some delicious flavors that they offer include almond milk tea, blueberry milk tea, taro milk tea and even mango milk tea! And in case you’re wondering, of course they have their own boba pearls. A bubble tea isn’t complete without its tapioca pearls right? 

By the way, Tasteas did not limit their menu only to bubble tea, they also offer Thai rolled ice cream! Not sure what that is? It’s ice cream that is first in liquid form poured on top of a really cold surface that quickly freezes the liquid that makes it into an ice cream. It is then scraped or rolled into perfect to fit perfectly into a paper cup, topped off with anything from boba pearls, mochi to gummy bears and more! 

If you have a sweet tooth craving when you’re visiting South Dakota, be sure to come here with your boba friends and family. 

Alternative Fuel Coffee House 

Another great boba place that you will find in South Dakota is Alternative Fuel Coffee House. They have the vibe of serving more coffee like espresso based drinks but don’t get the wrong idea, they’ll serve you up some delicious boba too! 

With their fruit smoothies like the Nutella Takeover (nutella, frozen yogurt, chocolate etc) and boba pearls as an add on, you’ll be very pleased! 

If you come here during a visit to Rapid City in South Dakota, you’ll need to 100% give this a try. Their green monster smoothie with boba pearls is also another great choice too. Honestly, any of their smoothies with added tapioca pearls is a must! 

Alternative Fuel Coffee House

Is Two Boba Places Enough? 

Definitely not.

At least it’s not enough for the best boba places in South Dakota. So, if you have any hidden gems that you know of about boba or bubble tea please let us know! You can let us know through the comments below, or just let us know here at our exclusive boba group. 

Either way, we definitely need to bring more attention to the boba scene here in South Dakota. It’s just not enough and we need to change that! More boba and bubble tea shops is awesome! 

That’ll be it for us this time around on the best boba places in South Dakota. With that said, just talk about boba, duh! 

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