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Best Boba Places in Tennessee

Have you been drinking bubble tea, boba or milk tea in Tennessee but wondering why it isn’t as great tasting as it once was when you had it in another major city? Don’t worry, we’ve all been here before. Finding great boba places locally isn’t hard but sometimes you visit those places that just don’t satisfy that craving very well.

Here at Talk Boba we’ve been hard at work writing the best boba places in the United States, for every single state. Yep, you read that correctly, we have the best boba places for every state in the US. You might’ve searched for the best boba places in Tennessee and landed here, don’t worry, you’re in the right place.

As you read more we’ll highlight the best boba places in Tennessee for you. Here’s a snippet of the boba places we’ll mention though. Dive in deeper to find out why! 

  • Royal Boba 
  • Sweet Dreams Bakery and Bubble Tea 
  • Top Cold Grill Ice Cream 
  • Billy Goat Coffee and Tea 
  • Tai Chi Bubble Tea 

Royal Boba 

What makes this place so royal? Does it have purple colored boba pearls that make it so royal? Maybe they’re well known for their taro bubble tea and that’s why they’re named Royal Boba! Let’s find out. 

Here at Royal Boba, located in Nashville, TN you’ll find that this place has an overwhelming amount of great reviews. WIth over 300+ positive reviews, now we know why this place is called Royal Boba. Some great boba flavors served from this place include classic royal milk tea (obviously), taro milk tea, peach green tea and a few others. 

On top of the really great tasting boba here, we really like the decor inside. You’ll find a huge wall with polygon patterns that is quite amazing! The art is a lot different than your normal boba places you see and we definitely appreciate the uniqueness. Have a look for yourself! 

Sweet Dreams Bakery and Bubble Tea 

This is where sweet dreams are made of! Focused on the highest of expectations from the staff here, you can only expect the best of the best. From the quality ingredients, quality service, to the quality flavors you’ll want to come back sooner than later! (And maybe bring some friends the next time around). 

Here’s a few of their best or most popular milk teas.

  • Classic milk tea
  • Honeydew milk tea
  • Almond milk tea
  • Coffee milk tea

In addition to those boba flavors (yep there’s more!), Sweet Dreams Bakery and Bubble Tea located in Franklin, TN also serves some really delicious treats. Our favorites are their egg tarts and Japanese light cheese cakes! If you aren’t familiar with treats like these, you might want to check out our article about the best Chinese Bakery Buns to Pair with Boba.  

Billy Goat Coffee and Tea 

If you’re thinking that this is a great name for a cafe, then we’re on the same wavelength! Who doesn’t like goats anyways, especially those that are the true G.O.A.T.s! (Anyone know what that is by the way, comment below what that acronym stands for if you know). 

Here at Billy Goat Coffee and Tea, they serve all kinds of wonderful drinks. Yes both coffee and tea. For coffee some of their popular drinks are freshly brewed lattes, cappuccinos and more, you’ll be able to find your most traditional coffee drinks here. On top of that, they don’t skimp on the boba flavors. If you’re looking for your favorite boba flavor you might just find that here and then some. 

Some popular boba flavors here include: 

  • Salted caramel
  • Traditional
  • Brown sugar
  • Cheese cake
  • Almond

Top Cold Grill Ice Cream 

With plenty of seating and delicious flavors of ice cream and boba, bringing your friends here is the best thing in the world! Nothing beats a night out with friends and some cold treats like ice cream and boba. To make the experience even better, there’s a HUGE statue of a bubble tea cup in the middle of the cafe too, it’s perfect for some insta worthy pictures! 

If you’re curious about how great this place is, we’ll just leave it for you to judge by saying it has over 400+ positive reviews that convince you about how tasty everything is here. We highly recommend trying their Thai tea, honeydew or taro milk tea boba flavors! 

Tai Chi Bubble Tea 

Once again, we save the best for last. Anyone live or visiting Chattanooga, TN? Because that’s exactly where you’ll find this great bubble tea place. First and foremost, they have delicious boba, duh! Find classic flavors like taro milk tea or Thai milk tea with cooked to perfect boba pearls. No seriously, the boba pearls are quite remarkable! The chew and bounce of each bite is noticeably fantastic. 

Other great boba flavors for you to try at this 100+ positive reviews boba cafe is…

  • Brown sugar pearl milk tea
  • Watermelon milk tea
  • Strawberry milk tea 

And while you’re at it, be sure to order some delicious food too. That’s right, they have a wide variety of really tasty foods and entrees. We’re talking about ramen noodles, sushi burritos, bento boxes and more! Our favorite food to get here is a bowl of their spicy tonkatsu ramen noodles with extra pork belly. 

What’s better than slurping noodles and washing it down with sweet Thai tea? 

Do You Have Any Other Suggestions of Bubble Tea Places in Tennessee?

Here in this list of best boba places in Tennessee we only added 5 boba places but these are what we believe to be the best around after doing heavy research! If you think you know of some hole in the wall boba place in Tennessee that we have not stumbled upon, please add it in the comments below. We’ll always be open to adding more to the list as we find better ones! 

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