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Best Boba Places in Texas

What’s that one saying that everyone says when they refer to Texas but they’re not from there? Something like “everything is bigger in Texas?”

How many people actually say this? We know it’s a stereotype or just a thing to poke fun but how true is it? Are the steaks here bigger? Are the burritos here bigger? Are tapioca pearls and boba cups bigger?

We’re quite curious how this came about, if you know please inform us! 

But anyway, you’re here because you’re searching for the best boba places in Texas. And that’s exactly what you’ll find, the best bubble tea or boba in Texas. We have some good ones here, continue below.

Fat Straws Bubble Tea 

Starting off strong, Fat Straws bubble tea in Texas has over 800+ reviews. And of course…these reviews are highly positive and talk all about how much people love Fat Straws. The name is so appropriate, isn’t it?

Seriously, have you ever tried sucking up some tapioca pearls in a normal straw? It just doesn’t work! 

Founded by a husband and wife with the passion to bring “happiness in a cup,” Terry and Jennifer have grown their establishment since 2002! How incredible is that? It’s been over 15 years of consistent service and delicious boba in Texas.

Here are some of our favorite bubble tea or milk teas to consume from Fat Straws Bubble Tea. Honeydew milk tea, Thai milk tea, and horchata milk tea (although this one is seasonal).

Fruitealicious Bubble Tea 

Another great boba place located in all parts of Texas is Fruitealicious Bubble Tea. You’ll find nothing but delicious milk teas here, lemonade, and other fruit-based teas.

According to the 300+ reviews, the best milk tea flavors seem to be taro and their classic black milk tea. You can’t go wrong with the traditional boba flavors, right? 

Here are more traditional boba flavors if you’re curious about what other boba flavors they have. 

Whether you’re visiting or living in the towns where Fruitealicious operate (they have multiple locations) you must find a way to stop by. Not only are their freshly made boba teas really delicious, but the founders also strive for a customer’s experience to be the best every single time.

You’d hardly find someone leaving Fruitealicious Bubble Tea unsatisfied. It’s just not in their DNA! 

I Heart Boba

Who doesn’t heart boba?

I Heart Boba brings modern boba and milk tea to Texas. Every day they do their best at serving the best boba flavors and customer service around Houston, Dallas, Ontario, and even Vietnam! You can’t be more dedicated to the craft of your business than opening shops in multiple countries. 

With over 300 reviews and liked by many, here are some of the boba flavors we recommend you try here at I Heart Boba. 

  • Chai boba tea
  • Mango boba tea 
  • Strawberry boba tea 
  • Longan boba tea
  • Raspberry boba tea
  • Passion fruit boba tea 


Dottea is a very small but very nice boba cafe in Dallas Texas.

When you walk in you’ll be greeted with very modern and clean looking furniture (I’m sure this is well appreciated). This place can get busy sometimes so if you’re looking to bring some friends, don’t be shocked that there are no seats available! But, if you do get to grab a seat or the couch to hang out with your friends, it will be a delicious fun time.

Some popular boba flavors at Dottea in Texas are almond milk tea, coconut milk tea, and taro milk tea. They even have seafoam black coffee! Let us know if you tried this before, we’re curious about it and might try it next time we’re in town. 

Panda Tea 

If you want to talk about boba tea and all its glory, talk about Panda Tea Shop. They have a lot of premium teas brewed fresh to use in their fruit teas, smoothies, milk teas, and more! If you’re someone who doesn’t want a boba cup, but rather want a blend of hot tea, you can definitely order that here!

Sometimes people in your group just want something warm to drink, especially in the wintertime

Here’s a variety of popular drinks served here at Panda Tea Shop located in Dallas, TX. 

  • Panda milk tea (their original)
  • Chocolate milk tea
  • Matcha strawberry
  • Matcha mango
  • Blood orange herbal tea blend 

Oh, did we mention they serve poke bowls too? If you’re that person that loves a good poke bowl with fresh fish and other ingredients/toppings, you’ll definitely want to stop by here. You can order up a chef special poke bowl or create your own. What’s better than your own customized poke bowl?

Boba Latte 

Brace yourself, this one is a good one. With over 700 reviews that are positively convincing, you’ll just want to stop by to see it (or taste) for yourself. Here are just some of the things people say about this place, we can’t put all 700 reviews here, that’d be crazy! 

“…the tea is delicious and the boba prices are a full dollar less than other boba places!” 

“The price point is what first caught my eye…the jasmine tea is just delightful…”

If you ever come here just be warned, you might want to come back for more. Really great boba flavors here include durian boba tea, Hong Kong milk tea, sea salt jasmine tea, passion fruit tea, and more!

Also, if you like modern furniture or aesthetics, their newly opened location will satisfy that aesthetic appeal you love. It’s designed with white decor, countertops, and chairs paired with light wooden floors and orange accents. You may just want to design your home very similarly after visiting. 

Nu Cafe Houston 

Okay, this might just be one of the top places in terms of the reviews we’ve ever written about. Across all platforms, this place is boasting almost 1000 reviews! We can’t imagine just how busy this boba cafe is during the day here in Houston. If you’re visiting Houston or living in Houston but haven’t tried a boba cafe with this many reviews, what are you waiting for

Here at Nu Cafe Houston, you’ll find many treats like boba tea (duh), shaved ice and fresh fruit! This place was crowned the best shaved ice place in Houston at one point too! If you’re looking to satisfy both your boba craving and a sweet tooth, come here.

We highly recommend trying matcha shaved ice with fresh fruit or sea salt caramel…the team’s mouths are salivating just writing about it

Let us say it again, it was crowned the best shaved ice place in Houston. Don’t pass this up if you’re around the area! 

Magic Cup Cafe 

If you thought the previous boba cafe was good (which it really is), you might just have to check out this place too. Topping the 1000 mark for its positive reviews, Magic Cup Cafe is truly magical. They have it all here. Delicious bubble tea, special teas, handcrafted espressos, fruit smoothies, grapes, and more! 

Here at Magic Cup Cafe, they believe that with every cup made from the staff, it becomes more than just a “business transaction.” They mention that it’s a way to comfort and bring joy to people with every sip and interaction. From ordering the magical drink to sipping it at the table or on your way to work. Doesn’t this remind you of something, maybe like Disney? 

Here are some of the best drinks we found here at Magic Cup Cafe. Try some of these drinks below and let us know what you think. Tag us on Instagram and we’ll feature your awesome photography skills and boba of course! 

  • House milk tea with pudding or tapioca pearls
  • Thai green milk tea with boba 
  • Coffee milk tea with coffee jelly (yum!) 
  • Cold brew sea foam 
  • Oolong sea foam

9 Rabbits Bakery & Boba

If you have an appetite for food and a craving for boba you’ll want to stop by here for lunch sometime. It might get busy (this place is very popular) but you won’t be disappointed. Not only are their bubble teas really delicious but they serve up some really delicious food too. You can order a great tasting boba flavor like their traditional milk tea (their number 1 best seller), matcha milk tea, and even lavender milk tea. And the best part, pair it with a yummy sandwich! 

Here are some of their best sandwiches during lunch that you can try out or yourself. 

  • Chipotle chicken BLT sandwich – chicken breast with chipotle aioli, cheese, and veggies on a ciabatta roll.
  • Curry egg salad sandwich – traditional egg salad with a slight touch of curry and veggies on milk bread.
  • Crab and avocado sandwich – crab, with house made dijon mustard on milk bread topped with veggies. 

Teapresso Bar 

You’ve definitely heard of this place, right? If not, stick around, you’re almost to the end. Teapresso Bar in Houston (which also has many other locations), sticks to its roots about quality.

They first established in Honolulu (which is already amazing). Teapresso Bar has set the tone for healthy alternatives to coffee and boba tea drinkers. This doesn’t mean they don’t serve boba though. They just found a way to make it healthier than the traditional milk tea you may have used to drink as a child. 

You can customize your tea by choosing the drink type, types of tea leaves you want to brew up, flavors you want to add, milk and creamers, and sweetness levels to make your very own drink. Or you can try out their traditional drinks like Assam black milk tea, early grey milk tea, Hojicha milk tea, oolong milk tea, roasted oolong milk tea, and plenty more!

If you’re a coffee type of person or have a friend in your boba squad that wants coffee, there’s that too! 

Here’s a really unique thing about Teapresso Bar, they serve the world’s strongest coffee here as well (Death Wish Coffee). You can order it in 3 different ways for your convenience but be warned, there’s quite a lot of caffeine in these drinks. It’s not ranked the world’s strongest coffee for no reason! 

  • Death wish shot (one or double)
  • Death wish black (iced or hot)
  • Death wish latte (iced or hot)

How About that for Some Boba Cafes in Texas?

The saying that everything is bigger in Texas might just hold true because honestly…this was our biggest list of boba places from one state. Many of these places aren’t even spread out evenly through the state either. The majority of these boba places are actually in Dallas or Houston.

If you end up getting bubble tea in Texas, tag us on Instagram and we’ll feature you and your friends with your favorite boba cup

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