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Best Boba Places in Ohio

You searched in Google ‘best boba places in Ohio’ and the first result you found was this. How awesome is that! Don’t you worry, we’re going to talk all about the best boba places you can find in Ohio very soon. 

Before we begin though here’s a bit about us, Talk Boba is the most engaging boba community on the internet. We talk about the best boba places, how to make milk tea at home with recipes and even talk to celebrities and known social figures about their takes on boba. We hope you enjoy this read and find the right boba place for you and your friends! 

Continue reading for the best boba places in Ohio, you might just find your next go-to spot. And if you’re visiting, chances are you’ll recognize some of these places so it’s safe for you to give these shops a try if one of them is your favorite back at home. Let’s begin! 

Vivi Bubble Tea 

With the innovative use of technology and core values that Vivi Bubble Tea upholds, they’ve been able to expand to more than 50+ locations around the United States. Bringing the delicious drink concept from Taiwan, this boba cafe is proud to be apart of the bustling boba industry! 

Core Values include: 

  • Vision – to become the icon of heedful technologic tea drinking. 
  • Mission – to provide a relaxing yet enjoyable experience. 
  • Concept – customers above all, quality above all, effort from heart. 

You can find some of the most innovative flavors here as well. Some really unique flavors we found here that are hard to come by with other boba places are their jasmine float from their cream float series, their oreo creme brulee milk tea and their mango yakult drinks! There are plenty more flavors here that you might’ve never heard of, so be sure to visit them if you can! 

Cha Time 

This boba cafe is very similar to other industry giants in the boba space, however, this boba cafe might be one of the biggest. With over 2500 different stores across the world, Cha Time makes a huge name for themselves in the boba industry. With that much recognition there’s no way we can leave them out in the best boba places in Ohio. 

Everyday brewed fresh you’ll find signature milk teas, special mix teas, fresh tea/tea espressos, jelly infused tea and regular coffee beverages too. If you’ve never been to Cha Time here’s some of our favorite that we like to drink for your inspiration! 

  • Banana milk tea 
  • Chatime roasted milk tea
  • Lemon green tea/black tea 

Milk Jar Cafe

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, this isn’t your typical boba shop you find from when you were younger. This is a full on Chinese restaurant that also serves bubble tea! Tea n Bowl offers both American Chinese and authentic Chinese menus to serve everyone that loves the idea of Chinese food. Yes, there is a different between Americanized Chinese food vs authentic Chinese food. However, both are just as delicious in our opinion! 

As for boba, bubble tea, or milk tea (however you want to name it), this place is great for a quick boba craving. They have a huge laundry list of bubble tea flavors from your classics to move unique flavors like avocado milk tea, jackfruit milk tea, red bean milk tea, banana milk tea, honeydew milk tea and more! Let’s just say the selection is varied. 

The Brewed Leaf 

This bubble tea shop is a fun little boba cafe that you’ll find here in Columbus, Ohio. You know you’ll have some delicious boba when you come here if the reviews are upwards of 250+ positive reviews. Delicious boba and fun atmosphere, what more is there to love? 

Some delicious boba flavors we found here are the strawberry queen smoothie with sweet cream, matcha bubble tea with sweet cream and the mild tea with wild rice flavor! If you’re planning to come with friends don’t expect to be able to find a seat here. As a fair warning the place is definitely on the smaller side and is really best suited for those that want to come in and out of the boba cafe. If that’s the case, you won’t have any issues here! 

Koko Bakery 

Remember those times when you grew up going to your local China town and buying a box of baked goods from the Chinese bakery? Well, this is definitely a similar spot! Here you can get your delicious boba flavors like the classic black milk tea but you can also get some baked goods! 

We love places like this because it reminds us of our childhood! You can grab yourself some egg tarts, pineapple buns, vanilla cream buns and more Chinese baked classics. All while sippng on your favorite boba flavor of course. 

If you want to see a full list of the most popular Chinese baked buns to pair with boba, read our article here. 

Milk Jar Cafe 

Before we begin with this place, we have to compliment it on its style and aesthetics! When you first walk in this boba cafe you’ll realize it’s small but it has a very nice and modern look to it. With black, grey and white aesthetics it looks very modern here. At Milk Jar Cafe you’ll find delicious treats like Thai ice cream, a cereal bar and of course bubble tea! All here in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Grab your favorite ice cream after dinner, top it off with some cereal toppings and finish the night with a stroll and some boba tea. Sounds like a great night to us! Oh and bring friends, duh. 

Ohio Has Some Delicious Boba Places

Now that you know some of the top or best boba places that Ohio has to offer, which one do you think is best? Let us know down below how you would rank these boba places, maybe like a boba tier list in Ohio! 

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