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10 Boba Questions with Shahadi Wright Joseph

Shahadi Wright Joseph— Young Nala

What can we say about this amazing actress and talented individual? Having an incredible role in Jordan Peele’s popular movie, Us, Shahadi Wright Joseph stunned the crowd. With her intense but talented skill in being an actress she’s taking the world by storm with her charm and fierceness. Her talents has led her to her most recent role in Disney’s Lion King as Young Nala, how incredible is that? Oh and she apparently loves boba, drinking it almost weekly with her group of friends, read what else she had to say about boba below.

Favorite Boba flavor and why? 

My favorite boba flavor is Jasmine Milk Tea with boba, 50% sugar with non-dairy milk powder. I love it because it was the first flavor I had ever tried, and I still love it TO THIS DAY! 

What was your first reaction to boba that you can remember?

When I first tried boba, I was caught off guard by the bubbles, because I didn’t know how they would taste, but after many more attempts, I fell in love with it! 

If you were to name a boba flavor what would it be? 

If I were to name a boba flavor, I would name it “Unicorn Taro Milk Tea.” It would basically be  different colors of taro, but the orange can be Thai Iced Tea! 

How much sugar % do you usually get for boba?

I usually get 50% sugar, but if I’m celebrating, I get 80%… 

If you could choose anyone to go on a boba date with, who would it be?

For a boba date, I would choose my family to go with me. Nobody knows me like they do, so I think we would have a lot of fun! 

What toppings do you usually get for boba? 

Sometimes, I try to mix some flavors of boba. For example mango boba and strawberry boba. But lately, I’ve been enjoying tapioca jelly. It’s so satisfying and tastes amazing! 

Why do you think more people should try boba?

I think more people should try boba because it has a very expansive variety of flavors. It can be sweet or savory, so I think a lot of people can enjoy it if they give it a chance! 

How often do you drink boba?

I drink boba at least once a week. I love going to different boba shops after school with my friends. It’s one of my favorite activities!

Do you think boba can help bridge other cultures, why?

I definitely think boba can bridge other cultures. Before I tried boba, I didn’t know much about Taiwanese and Japanese culture. It helped me be more aware of so many different and beautiful cultures and traditions around me. 

If it’s one thing you want more people to pay attention to, what would it be? 

If there’s one thing I want more people to pay attention to, I would say self care. It’s always really important to take care of yourself in times of need. And, I don’t think a lot of people realize how important and valuable it really is to take time for yourself. 

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