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11 Questions with Amanda Suk

Amanda Suk— the talented Dancer, Actress & Author​

If you don’t know who Amanda Suk is, let us know tell you how incredibly talented this individual is. Before we get started though, can we just take a moment to say how great she rocks that hat above? 

Anyways, Amanda Suk is quite unique. She possesses a lot of creative talents that ultimately allow her to be an incredible story teller. From fluid movement on the dance floor, to immersing herself in a different world through acting and sparking inspiration through words, she wields the power of story telling like no other! 

Unfortunately we won’t get to see her dance here today, but continue reading below to dive a bit deeper into her creative world and what she deeply cares about! 

1. What makes you wake up in the morning?

My internal body clock, a morning workout, and an iced almond milk cappuccino—typically in that order. 

2. How often do you drink boba?

To be quite honest, I have boba very sparingly. My fave boba drink is the Strawberry Basil Ginger Lemonade from Bopomofo Cafe in San Gabriel Valley! I’ll usually get it without boba and no sweetener but once in a while I like to indulge.

3. We know you like fashion (we do too) what would be your go-to outfit for any adventure?

My go-to outfit for any adventure would have to be a comfy black midi dress with sneakers and a denim jacket. Perfect for day and night! I actually just wore a version of this outfit last week to work in during the day and then go to two birthday parties in the evening! 

11 Questions with Amanda Suk

4. What is one quote you live by everyday?

I’m not really a quotes person… everyday is something new and I enjoy being encouraged by something/someone new on the daily. If anything, I write down in my journal things my friends say in conversation that stand out to me. 

5. What requires more creative juices dancing or acting, how come?

Oh gosh… I think (and this will prob be different for everyone) for me acting requires more creative juices in regards to the imagination it takes for me to create specificity in a character. And I wouldn’t say I’m even there yet… I’m still very much learning how to be more specific in the choices I make. I do think I only feel this way because dancing sits in my body much more easily than acting does at this point, considering I’ve been dancing twice as long as I’ve been acting. 

6. When you drink boba, what’s your go-to flavor?

Strawberry Basil Ginger Lemonade, per question 2!

7. Boba pearls or no boba pearls?

No boba pearls , see question 2 again!

11 Questions with Amanda Suk

8. If you could help solve anything in the world what would it be?

Human trafficking and/or Global Warming. 

9. What’s the biggest lesson for you this year so far?

Wow. So many! I’ve picked up the discipline of setting aside time every day to reflect and journal so, as you can imagine, I’ve made many discoveries through this practice. The lesson I’m currently learning/understanding is what it looks like to surrender (i.e not idolize success/career as the means to my happiness) but also not giving up and walking away in unbelief. 

10. What boba brand would you recommend for those that haven’t tried it yet?

Bopomofo Cafe! (Question 2 again haha).

11. Is there something you’d like to share with the world, perhaps a weird quirk of yours?

I have social anxiety contrary to popular belief. When I take sips of water at a water fountain, I have to take an even number of sips! Oh and my current celebrity crush is Bill Hader. 

Thank You Amanda Suk

Life Lessons with Libra Ryan — Amanda Suk

Life Lessons with Libra Ryan — Amanda Suk

Amanda is such an amazing person isn’t she? If you’ve made it this far thanks for reading the questions we had in store for her, we got to know just a glimpse of what it’s like in the eyes of Amanda Suk! Now it’s the time to let you know where you can find her, maybe hire her for an acting gig or two, or see her dance her socks off (she’s got all the skills).

The best way to find her might be through her instagram here @sukiestyles (we love this handle by the way) or twitter, give her a follow! Also here’s another hidden secret about Amanda, she’s an author! What else is she hiding inside her talent treasure chest?

She’s written this amazing children’s book titled Life Lessons with Libra Ryan. It’s a short 38 paged children’s book detailing life lessons depicted by Amanda and illustrated by the wonderful Nazarina Power (you can find her here @naz.power). Interested in grabbing a copy for yourself and little ones? It’s available here on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Lulu!

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