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Best Boba Places in Wisconsin

Being near the great lakes in the United States we wonder, does Wisconsin also have great boba or bubble tea right in their backyard? We guess we have to find out! 

If you continue reading down below you’ll find the best boba places in Wisconsin. Some of these places you might already know (franchises) but there’s a few hidden gems that we included that we think you’d appreciate. 

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Now that you’ve joined our Facebook group, let’s continue on the best part of the article, the best boba places in Wisconsin. 

Fusion Cafe 

Before we talk about the bubble tea we have to say that this cafe has such a variety of great food selections! If you’re hungry and craving some Asian food during your lunch break, you’ll have to come to this spot. Fusion Cafe perfects delicious foods from noodle dishes (noodle soup and stir fried noodles), rice platters, sushi and more! 

As for the bubble tea here, it’s just as great. It’s normal to pair your lunch dish with some of their amazing bubble tea too. Popular flavors here include the Thai milk tea, strawberry milk tea and red bean milk tea. Come try it out for yourself, our favorite combo is Thai milk tea with boba pearls and a stir fried noodle dish. 

Best Boba Places in Wisconsin

Jade Mountain Cafe 

Jade Mountain Company came to life with friends from the United States and Taiwan. The group of friends had a passion for good quality tea so it was only natural to eventually make a tea shop here in Wisconsin. 

Here at Jade Mountain Cafe you can expect the highest quality of loose leaf teas. The team here visits the tea farms in Taiwan often to ensure they have the best working relationship with the farmers and growers. And as a result of fostering those crucial relationships, they’re able to source premium teas for the cafe. 

Customers seem to enjoy black milk tea and matcha milk tea with a side of dumplings, maybe you should try some too! We know we’re craving some dumplings or potstickers…maybe a team trip to the closest Din Tai Fung needs to happen again soon. 

Sencha Tea Bar

This boba cafe is one of the really unique boba cafes on this list and of course one of the good boba places in Wisconsin. Their all about community and bringing people together to drink premium tea. They source some of the highest quality teas around the world in order to provide the best tea drinking experience for its customers. 

Sencha Tea Bar is located both in Minnesota (where it’s first location is from) and of course in Wisconsin. 

Some unique flavors you’ll see Sencha Tea Bar have over others is hazelnut milk tea (how incredible is that?), dragon fruit matcha (say what?) and honey oat milk tea (wow). Of course if you’re not so adventurous you can have the classics like their royal milk tea (Taiwanese milk tea) or black milk tea. 

Bambu Desserts & Drinks 

This boba cafe isn’t like your ordinary boba cafe, Bambu serves of Vietnamese specific bubble tea or dessert drinks. You can find your traditional milk teas here like black milk tea or taro milk tea but that’s not what they’re known for. 

In fact, they’re known for their very extravagant drinks like oolong sea salt tea, avocado coffee, longan sunrise and more! Many of their drinks are focused on the use of Asian fruits like longan, lychee, dragon fruit and a few other famous Asian fruits. If you’re looking to try something very unique, Bambu is the place to give a try. 

We’re surprised how much different and unique drinks they actually have! 

Bubble Tea in Wisconsin 

After reading this list of the best boba places in Wisconsin we’re positive we’ve convinced you that Wisconsin also has some great boba places. You don’t have to travel to the big cities of New York of Los Angeles to get good boba, it’s right here in your backyard! 

If you think there’s an even better boba place that we haven’t listed here, you’re going to have to let us know. Don’t keep those boba secrets to yourself, share the secrets to us (and everyone else). Just let us know of another boba place down below through the comments or you can join our private FB group Talk Boba and suggest it there. 

If you’re only visiting Wisconsin and want to know where the best boba places are in your state, just search for your state here. We’ve got all 50 states written and ready for you to discover new boba places and good boba places! 

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