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Best Boba Places in Wyoming

To be honest, there’s not much boba places we can find in Wyoming but we’re going to try our best! With a state that lacks boba and bubble tea shops, we only hope that writing something like this will encourage more shops to plant their delicious bubble tea cafe in Wyoming. 

Without further adieu, here’s the best boba places in Wyoming! 

Paramount Cafe

This is not your traditional bubble tea or boba cafe like you might find in more popular locations for boba like New York City. Paramount Cafe offers coffee and more (bubble tea)! Located in a theater that was once known to be very popular back then. Although repurposed to be a cafe nowadays, the vibes and personality of the shop still hold true to that era. 

Paramount Cafe serves over 10 different selections of boba flavors such as traditional flavors like green tea or more adventurous flavors like banana split (we haven’t actually tried this but it sounds delicious). You’re also able to choose from a variety of different boba pearls or bubbles ranging from classic tapioca pearls to pomegranate bubbles! (We wonder how these taste too). 

If you’re from the Cheyenne area of Wyoming, let us know how you like Paramount Cafe, this could be an interesting spot to try. 

Boba Cafe

Obviously when a cafe is named Boba Cafe it has to make it to the best boba places list right? 

A cute little shop located in downtown Laramie of Wyoming, you’ll find this gem. Like most boba cafes in Wyoming it might not be your shiny and vibey boba shop like you find in the best boba places in California but this definitely does the job, well too! 

With traditional flavors like thai iced milk tea, taro milk tea and black milk tea, you can’t go wrong with this place. They have exceptional tapioca pearls with the right texture (this is very important) and not overly sweet milk teas (allowing you to actually enjoy it). Go ahead and give this place a try if you’re ever in town and let us know how your experience is! 

We know this list is very short (2 best boba places in Wyoming) but we plan on adding more to it as we find better boba places. Like many of our other best boba places lists, this will be updated from time to time. We’re in search of some new spots here in Wyoming so if you ever stumble upon a great find, please don’t hesitate to let us know here! 

If you’re interested in reading more, maybe about making some boba tea at home, be sure to check out our full in-depth recipes! Hundreds have tried our guides and enjoyed a delicious cup of boba right at home. That’ll be it for now, remember just talk about boba here with over 18,000 bubble tea fanatics! 

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